从 Chiquila(Holbox Ferry)到坎昆的私人接送服务

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      • 77320 Chiquilá, Quintana Roo, Mexico

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        Giancarla P
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        2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
        The entire experience was a mess and completely shady from the booking to the very end. We received multiple very long calls from the driver telling us that we needed to pretend that we were family and that he would need photos of us and he would send us a photo of him. He was specific with where we needed to be and that we needed to act like we were family because otherwise he would get in trouble with the local union and police in Chiquila. He said to be on time and that he would leave early so that he would be there. We left our beautiful resort in plenary of time and arrived in Chiquila only to receive more calls from him that he was late and to wait for him and not leave like many others had in the past. We waited for one hour of our vacation time for him to arrive whilst he kept calling us telling us he was right around the corner. We were very patient as he reminded us to act like family. When he arrived, he was in a beat up vehicle that was in horrific condition and as we made our way to the car, we were surrounded by police and other locals who were clearly not happy. Because I can speak Spanish a bit but understand it, he told them that he was family and picking us up and as they were getting angry, he offered them money. My husband had to sit in the front seat to make it look like he was family. The bags barely fit in the trunk and the back seat was so torn up that a towel was used to cover the seat. He then went on to say that he needed to develop a relationship with them and not start trouble and stopped at the local coffee shop they were at, got out and went to talk to them, leaving us in the car. We had now wasted an hour and a half. Once we got in the road he drove at half the speed and decided to pull over after 40 minutes of driving half the speed and getting passed by literally everyone, bc he needed to make a call. We did not feel comfortable and a ride that should have taken 2 hours had already taken over 2 hours and we were still 2 hours away. After another 30 minutes, he stopped again to go to the bathroom. All of this was starting to get very uncomfortable and our vacation day was being wasted!
        He continued to drive extreme slow allowing g every single car to pass us. When we finally hit Cancún, we hit an area where you could view the ocean. By that point it had been 4 hours and we had said that we did not want to pull over and wanted to get to our hotel. He pulled over anyway with no regard for our day. We then hit a complete stop. Because he did not even have Google maps or any technology, he had no idea that there was a complete standstill in Cancún. We sat for one hour before finding out that there was a protest against the government and that we were never getting through. By then it was 3:30! We had left Holbox at 9 expecting to get to Cancun by 12. He started showing us photos of his grandchildren and talking to us with no plan of action as though we had all the time in the world! We decided to get out and walk 2 miles to our hotel. The experience ruined our vacation and it was horrible! I cannot believe trip advisor would even endorse such a shady business.
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        Hello, Giancarla. We are terribly sorry about your experience and we apologize for what you and your husband went through. Although some circumstances are out of our control like the union and Police in Chiquilá trying to intimidate every driver, and the protest in Cancún, we understand your comments and we know that Pepe didn't provide the service that was expected. We have talked to him about what you described on your review and we have already taken action with him. We won't work with him anymore. We don't like to be seen as a shady business because we are not. Please accept our apology and know that we work every day to avoid unacceptable experiences like this. Thank you.
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        从 Chiquila(Holbox Ferry)到坎昆的私人接送服务