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        4 条点评

        Nicola C
        2 条分享
        2024年1月 • 夫妻情侣
        DO NOT GO! Terrible tour. Firstly, I
        Had no reply to my messages, I sent 2 over 2 separate days trying to confirm the pick-up time.
        When no- one arrived we asked our hotel to call the operator. He told us he thought the tour was at 2 pm the next day and it was too late to go now. I asked for a refund, but he said he would pick us up in 45 minutes. After over an hour, our hotel tried calling him 3 times, but he did not pick up. He eventually arrived at 4.20pm so we had been waiting for 2 hours.
        The tour was awful. His vehicle was NOT road worthy as the rear axle was broken. We spent the whole journey bobbing up and down. There was only 1 passenger seat at the front, so one of us sat on a filthy tiny pull-down seat in the rear, which was very cramped low and uncomfortable.
        The ox tour itself was very unpleasant. The oxs were whipped constantly, and my husband had to endure the whole journey on his knees, and he is 59 years old.
        Thankfully we were dropped off 90 mins after being collected. The tour is advertised as 2 1/2 to 3 hours. We unfortunately paid over £60 for this experience and because the trip went ahead, we are apparently not entitled to any compensation.
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        15 条分享
        2017年3月 • 夫妻情侣
        Our experience with Mr Ly and the Green Home was the highlight of our entire trip to Cambodia. We felt very fortunate that he was the first person we met arriving in Siem Reap and he instantly made us feel welcome and informed about his project and what the area can offer to tourists wanting to know more about the real Cambodian people and land.

        It is difficult to put into words just how much good is being done in this area to help the local farmers make a business with Agro - tourism. The concept rang clear in our hearts before we arrived and the things Mr Ly taught and showed us have made a lasting impression. He is extremely visionary and driven to help improve the lives of the families in the community. We took a tour of a local farm, a traditional ox & cart ride, bird watching at sunset and stayed 3 nights in the Green Home, all were wonderful and highly recommended.

        Having Mr Ly as a point of contact was invaluable and we have kept in touch over the last year since our trip. He continually shares his ideas with us and we love seeing the progress being made there. We have recommended him to numerous friends and family, some who have planned a trip to Cambodia especially to meet Mr Ly. We looking forward to visiting again one day in the future. Thank you and congratulations for a wonderful agro-tourism project.
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        Brendan R
        Eden23 条分享
        2017年7月 • 夫妻情侣
        This is a wonderful and engaging experience. Krouch Ly and his team have created a magnificent experience of rural Cambodia within easy distance of Siem Reap. There is intelligence and thoughtfulness in the facilities he has built, and its benefits are shared with the local community. A tour of the area and the money provided by his eco tours, ox cart rides, and accommodation directly benefit the people and environment of the area. I highly recommend this tour for the ecology, the people, and the fun.
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        Thanks so much Brendan for your very kind word and giving us a great review, Both of you are very great people. We love you all. We wish you with great luck and health All the best Ly
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        Don P
        6 条分享
        2017年12月 • 独自旅游
        I visited Mr. Krouch Ly's Agro Tourism Home Green Project just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. I was impressed and amazed at how Mr. Ly has been able to organize this community of poor rural people into producing vegetables and products for sale to sustain themselves. The whole area has been transformed into production. In addition, home stays are now available to provide a cultural experience of native living. There are opportunities to experience traditional Khmer food, bird watching in an area where many species of rare birds congregate, and to even take an ox cart ride. Very enjoyable, and a must to see.
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        Dear Don, Thanks so much so much for your giving us a great review, You are very great guest, Wish you with great luck and health, Many thanks Ly
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