Cap Cana的Scape Park Sunshine Cruise游轮

Cap Cana的Scape Park Sunshine Cruise游轮

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现场指南:英语, 西班牙语

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Scape Park at Cap Cana

蓬塔卡纳排名第 84 的游船&水上活动 (共 490 个)
  • TeriBravel
    在这里玩的时候去了这个公园,非常刺激。我们参加了几乎每一项游览。高空滑索,骑马,还有Las Ondas青年洞穴体验。每个人都很好,在远足之后还可以骑登山自行车。每个地方都会有“狗仔队”给你拍照,你也可以用自己的相机拍。我们都要了。我希望骑马活动可以在海滩上进行,因为在森林里骑马有点困难,但是我还是很喜欢。不错的!
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14 条点评

Bella h
2 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
My experience at Scape Park was awful! First and foremost don’t go here and don’t waste your money. The day got off to a rocky start as the bus we were supposed to board at 9:15 am didn't get going until 9:40 am. Upon arriving at the park, the lines were incredibly long, even for those who had purchased tickets online. I sympathized with those stuck under the scorching sun, as there were only 4 fans, and one of them was not working.
The wait to get our tickets was excruciatingly long, lasting about an hour.

Once inside the park, we decided to skip the photo line, but that decision was met with aggressive demands from employees, yelling at us that we must get our photos taken for "identification purposes." It was evident that this was more about selling photo packages than any legitimate identification needs.

To make matters worse, we had to stand in yet another line to pay for locker locks ($5), which also had a lengthy queue. By the time we were finally ready to enjoy the park, it was already 11:10 am, leaving us with limited time to experience the attractions.

We had heard from other guests that the zipline lines took around an hour each, some attractions were only open during certain times and we had already signed up for the shine cruise scheduled for 2:30 pm, with the requirement to be at the meeting spot by 1:30 pm. This left us with only two hours to wait in more lines. It became evident that the time constraints and excessive waiting would significantly limit our experience, leading us to decide to leave the park altogether.

Scape Park fell very short of living up to its advertised promises. The long waits, aggressive upselling tactics, and time constraints made for a frustrating and unfulfilling visit. I hope the management takes these issues seriously and improves the overall visitor experience to match the expectations they set in their advertisements. I strongly do not recommend this place. Save your money!
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John H
2 条分享
2023年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Save your money and do not go.

This was easily the worst experience of my vacation and I would tell everyone to avoid this place unless you enjoy spending money to stand in useless lines.

To start we were told to be in front of our hotel promptly at 9:15 am for transportation to the park. While we were on time the bus did not leave until 9:30 am. Once we got to the park we were told to stand in line to check in and sign waivers. However, the line was disorganized and slowly moving. While the area was shaded, there was minimal air flow and the hot humidity made the hour long wait nearly unbearable.

Finally, after waiting for an hour to get our wristbands, we were told that we had to be back at the entrance by 1:30pm in order to go to our sunshine cruise. This left not quite three hours for us to experience the park. However some of the biggest attractions, like the zip line, were only open for a couple hour blocks and we were already halfway through an open period.

We finally entered the turnstile and then had to wait for a photograph. We tried to avoid it, but then the employee stated it was mandatory for photos for “identification purposes.” We reluctantly agreed and the photographer proceeded to then lecture us about how he knew waiting in line was hard but it was part of the experience.

After the photo, we entered the the gift store where we had to wait in line to pay $5 for a lock to the locker. After continuing to wait we finally got the lock, but the locker area was disorganized and another line formed to access the locker.

At this point we decided the park was not what was advertised and was so disorganized that any chance to salvage the day at this park would be futile.

Do not go to the this park, it is a waste of time and money. The management is clearly disorganized and was not prepared for guests.
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Kristin M
1 条分享
2023年7月 • 好友
If I could give this experience negative stars, I would. First, they send you an email saying to be prompt at 9:15 AM. Then the bus doesn’t leave until 9:45 AM. Then you get there and you stand in line for another 30 minutes. We also booked the sunshine boat tour - which they said you had to leave before 1:30 PM! Which was going to give us less than 3 hours in the park. After you get in, they then demand you take a photo… so you spend time in another line. And finally, they make you stand in line to BUY a lock for the locker. At that point, we were all over heated and angry. So we left — and they refused to give us a refund.

All of these issues were 100% within their control and are logistics issues. It is completely unacceptable for the amount of money you spend to be queued in a hot line over and over again.
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Neil P
德克萨斯州休斯顿885 条分享
the place is very well done. it’s a zoo park ans adventure playground all in one. but for $129 it’s way to much. also the park organized transit will be at least 2x the time they tell you (90 min vs 35). if you get a. discount i would do again. you do need to be read ans able to walk on uneven paths but it’s well maintained. the sunset cruise is a party cruise with snorkel. very well done
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3 条分享
2022年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Everything was fantastic beside trying to go back home to our hotel. We are staying in the Hyatt Zilara and we were told to get on a specific bus to go back to our hotel. The bus passes our hotel and drops us off at a different resort 15 min from ours and has us get into a taxi that we have to pay for. Given the cost of the expenses I would like to be driven back to our resort instead of getting dropped off at a different resort and expected to have money for a taxi to get back. Very disappointed in the travel and care for the customer
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Frank Limones
西班牙巴塞罗那4 条分享
Mi experiencia se basa en el parque en la mañana y en la tarde el crucero.

Fui con mi novia asi que la pasamos increible. Nos recogieron donde habiamos indicado. El ingreso como en todos estos parques demora un poco por los demás turistas, pero si ya has pagado por internet tu turno sera super rapido. Compre la funda para proteger el cel del agua que sirvio excelente aparte que ahi puedes llevar algo de efectivo, la tarjeta de credito y las llaves del casillero, todo lo demas dejalo guardado. Excelente el hoyo azul, excelente las tirolinas, siempre con unas cervecitas para el sol. Debido a que compramos el paquete con crucero no pudimos ver todo el parque por falta de tiempo, aparte que cierran ciertas actividades en horario de comida aunq nunca lo super porq nos fuimos al barco. Compramos las fotos que salen impresionantes.

En el crucero nos fuimos a la parte de arriba, nos pusimos mucho bloqueador solar, excelente clima, vimos un manati, hicimos snorkling, vimos banco de peces, habia barra libre de ron y cervezas, las personas muy amables. Nos regresaron sin inconvenientes. 10/10

Algunos se quejan por cierran en la hora de comida pero si compras el crucero estaras sobre el tiempo que ni cuenta te das.

Recomiendo las fotos, el hoyo azul, las tirolinas y obvio el crucero. No se olviden comer 😬.
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15 декабря 2021 года мы посетили Skape park. Нас встретила русскоговорящий гид Яна, она рассказала нам подробно , как провести время в парке, что бы везде успеть и получить незабываемые впечатления. При возникающих вопросах, Яна была досягаема. Когда нам понадобилась некоторая помощь, Яна сразу нам её оказала, за что мы ей очень благодарны. Мы получили огромное удовольствие от парка, всем сотрудникам огромное спасибо. Мы туристы пожилого возраста и нам была приятна Янина опека. Всех сотрудников с Новым годом, здоровья и процветания. Володя и Наталья из санкт Петербурга.
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纽约州Forest Hills1 条分享
The park itself was fun. The natural pool in the cave was my favorite part. After the park, we elected to go on the sunset cruise. The package we selected said that snacks would be provided but no snacks were provided. The most concerning part was that although there are signs on the bus that face masks need to be on, this was not enforced so you are on a small bus with not ventilation with folks not wearing masks. We asked the bus driver to ask the passengers to put on their masks but he refused saying he didn’t want any issues with the passengers. Considering you need a negative Covid test to leave the island, I would avoid this cruise unless you have private transportation or you don’t care to run the risk of getting Covid and being stuck in Punta cana.
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13 条分享
2020年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Fue muy divertido y entretenido el trayecto, el personal muy amable. Servicio de bar muy completo e instalaciones limpias.
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Corey C
佛罗里达Wellington144 条分享
First the negative since it was the start of our day and kinda got it off in the wrong foot…. Our shuttle van got us there at 9 am when they opened but we had to wait for an hour in line to be checked in which really pissed us off. They could check guests in at their hotels before boarding the shuttles to save a serious amount of time and frustration.

With that being said, once we got in we only had 3 hours to explore since we did the sunset cruise which departs at 1:45 and had to build in time for lunch. We decided to skip waiting in another line to get a locker and that was a smart decision, everywhere we went there was a place to put our backpack and I never felt like something was going to happen to it.

Ok onto the good stuff, the zip lines are the first thing everyone seems and the line was insane so we opted to skip it, we had done a full zip lining excursion earlier in our trip. We chose to go to the Hoyo Azul (blue hole) first and it’s a hike to get there, I think 800-900 yards but it’s worth it! We enjoyed the hike through the forest and we’re rewarded with an amazing view of the blue hole and a great swim! When you get there drop your stuff and jump off the platform! It was such a cool experience, we made sure to take a lot of pictures and a few videos jumping in.

After the blue hole we hiked back and went to the cave swim which is a much smaller pool and colder water but still pretty neat. Be careful on the stairs going down and up!

After cave swim we walked to the back of the park for the hammock swing, waterfall and mabo rope. The rope was so much fun, you glide over the water and let go and fall 15-20’ into a deep pool. The hammock swing was like a hammock zip line into a pool and the massive waterfall was beautiful.

For lunch you can eat at their restaurant where it takes a long time to order and get your food, they only had two cashiers working and it took close to 30 minutes for a burger and chicken fingers.

We were disappointed that the cave hike is only in the afternoon and it conflicted with our sunset cruise, that was not advertised anywhere beforehand.

However, we thoroughly enjoyed our sunset cruise, Rene and the captain were fantastic, we had such a good time! They take you to a reef off Juanillo beach which is only a 10-15 minute ride from Scape park and then onto two catamarans. While snorkeling we saw a lot of wildlife including some huge yellowtail snappers! After snorkeling for about 45 minutes maybe they moved the boat to a sandbar where we got to relax for another 45 min?

All in all there were frustrations at the start of the day and lunch but we did enjoy ourselves. It’s a beautiful property but be prepared to do a lot of walking.
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