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  • Cruise Ship Complex, MF2J+9X4, Dock Rd, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
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  • 途经
    Port of Spain
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    Queen's Park Savannah
    停留: 60 分钟
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    The Market Place
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12 条点评

4 条分享
We were looking for something to familiarize us with Trinidad and this did the trick. we tasted delicious foods, explored a few different local markets, and learned about the history and culture of the country as we drove around. Highly recommend! Especially eating doubles :)
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Thank you so very much for taking the time to write this great review. I'm happy you guys enjoyed it. Stay awesome and happy travels.
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Alec D
1 条分享
We had an amazing time with Anthony on our tour this summer. Anthony was super friendly and offered some great insights into the local food scene and trini classics. The food was out of this world. Trini flavors and Anthony's stories are on a different level. Couldn't recommend more!
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Thank you so very much for this great review! I'll make sure and let the food vendors know that you all enjoyed the experience. Thank you, again and continue having amazing adventures!
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

Patty C
特立尼达和多巴哥1 条分享
2022年5月 • 独自旅游
Anthony was a wonderful guide! A great overall experience! The food and markets gave me a great sense of Trinidad.
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Thank you so very much! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the experience and enjoyed a little taste of Trinidad.
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10 条分享
If you want to learn about the history, culture and food of Trinidad and Tobago, this is the tour for you. Anthony did an excellent job. You will not find a better or more thoughtful local guide.
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We're happy that you enjoyed the experience and w thank you so very much for writing about it. These notes, especially at times like this, are so welcomed and appreciated. Thank you and continue having great travels and taking great photos!
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Nyree J
7 条分享
We had already been here a few days when we had a tour with Anthony, and he did NOT disappoint! He was super laid back and cool, we had tons of fun chatting it up with him about Trinidad and its history. Our trip to the green market allowed us to have the best breakfast I think I ever had!!! LOL!!!

We definitely recommend this tour to others, the food was amazing, the markets were authentic, and history was on TAP!

Thanks Anthony! And remember - "WITH RICE!!!!!" LOLOLOLOL
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On behalf of my friend who prepared that indigenous breakfast for you both, I thank you for your wonderful review of appreciation! I'm happy that you both enjoyed the experience and I wish you both happy travels, and stay awesome! "...with rice" would never be forgotten! LOL! Anthony
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

Roger M
佛罗里达Apollo Beach5 条分享
Fantastic tour given to us by Anthony. The organic market was closed because of the holidays so Anthony gave us an option to do a Port of Spain tour with the produce market tour which we agreed to and that actually worked out fantastic. Anthony brought us to three different food locations for breakfast and snacks which we never would have found on our own or with a big tour and it was great. His van is very clean and up to date, he is very knowledgeable about his island and easy to be around. We will recommend his tour to our friends coming in Feb. And we went where there were no other cruise passengers!!
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Thank you both for your wonderful review and I am really happy that you enjoyed the experience. I really had a lot of fun showing you my home city, the community market, as well as some of the great food which our island offers. I hope you both continue to have great travels and I wish you an awesome! Anthony
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Ralph R
1 条分享
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
I can't say enough about Anthony and the time we got to spend with him He is very knowledgeable of the the island and loves to share that with his guests after the brunch of local food we headed off to our first market which was beyond what we have ever experienced it was an open market where we saw everything from fresh fish,crabs, beautiful cuts of beef, chicken and a lot of other parts animals. they had all kinds of locally grown produce along with crafts
then he took us to another market which was similar to our upscale flea markets
we were able to taste fresh local wine and hot sauce that was a quite tasty
say some local crafts also.
would highly recommend this for a nice morning / half day outing
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Thank you for your wonderful review! I'm happy you enjoyed the market experience and remember a popular phrase to use when you're busy; "I'm tied up like a market crab!". Thank you again and happy travels! Anthony
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

Kourtney Witha ... B
密西西比州杰克逊31 条分享
Our tour guide Anthony was on time and very well knowledged about the food in Trinidad So I definitely enjoyed this food tour the trip started at the beautiful breakfast shack with an amazing view. we had the best plantins a eggplant and bake which is bread. it was delicious as well as some of the freshest juices made in Trinidad Our tour guide Anthony was on time and very well knowledged about the food in Trinidad after we ate breakfast we went to a fresh market will be got to see some amazing and mouthwatering meat being prepared as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. This market is where locals go every Saturday to purchase their food so they can have a fet with their family that Sunday. It was an amazing inside of look of local shopping to end the trip we went up to a more tourist market where we were able to do some shopping to bring some of the wonderful flavors of Trinidad food home Anthony is an amazing tour guide he has a great sense of taste and even let me use his phone for pictures when I left mines
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Markets are always fun to see local life and taste flavours which contribute to an area's charm. I am happy you had a wonderful experience. Thank you so very much for your great review!
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

1 条分享
2019年2月 • 独自旅游
I was visiting T&T for a 10-day ecotour but decided to go a couple days early, stay in Port of Spain, and check out the food and the city. I had never been to Trinidad. I am glad I did because on the ecotour we were fed the way they thought 'north americans' would want to eat. It was good. But so bland after what Anthony showed me. The cuisine here is amazing and if you don't get out of the resorts or hotels and get some real street food you are missing out. The flavors were incredible. The number of food choices surprised me. I ate on a full stomach for two days and could not get enough. Anthony took me out on the food tour the first evening. An all day general tour (and eating of course) the next day, customized to my interests. And the morning market tour (more eating!) the following day. I'm planning to go back just to eat what I didnt get to. I've done Addis Ababa and Reykjavek food tours. This is my favorite tour and food experience by far. Thank you Anthony!
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
I cannot find the words to say after reading this, especially the last couple of lines; my eyes began welling up when I read these words. Thank you for the awesome comments and I am very happy to read that your experience was a great one! Thank you so very much! Anthony
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

内布拉斯加州卡尼2 条分享
2018年12月 • 独自旅游
I was traveling alone in Trinidad and my hotel suggested I try this tour. Anthony was very knowledgeable and energetic! I was able to try a variety of local cuisine and see the diversity Trinidad embraces. While I am usually very timid about new food, I became adventurous on this tour and thoroughly enjoyed the offerings.
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Thank you so very much for sharing your experience and also for being adventurous! Continue having great and happy adventures!
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

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