特别的!! 2 Tank Adventures Drift and Wreck 潜水

特别的!! 2 Tank Adventures Drift and Wreck 潜水

供应商/业主为:Aqua Adventures Eco Divers
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年龄限制:12-100,每个团体最多 10 人
用时: 4 小时 30 分
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  • Aqua Adventures Eco Divers, 5 Star Padi Dive Center, Av Benito Juárez 13 Centro across from Javi's Cantina, Centro, 77409 Isla Mujeres, Q.R., Mexico 我们的潜水店位于 Avenida Juarez 13,Javi's Cantina 对面。我们位于渡轮码头以北仅 3 个街区、以东 1 个街区(位于 Calle Abasolo)。请随时致电或 Whatsapp 我们寻求路线帮助。
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  • 此项体验设有最低出行人数限制。 如果行程由于未达到最低出行人数而取消,您可选择改期/不同体验或全额退款
  • 此次游览/活动出行人数不得超过 10 人

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特别的!! 2 Tank Adventures Drift and Wreck 潜水体验价格是多少?
特别的!! 2 Tank Adventures Drift and Wreck 潜水体验起始价为 US$125.00。 在 Tripadvisor 探索和预订特别的!! 2 Tank Adventures Drift and Wreck 潜水体验
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特别的!! 2 Tank Adventures Drift and Wreck 潜水由 Aqua Adventures Eco Divers 提供。 阅读点评,探索额外体验或在 Tripadvisor 上联系 Aqua Adventures Eco Divers在 Tripadvisor 探索和预订特别的!! 2 Tank Adventures Drift and Wreck 潜水体验
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29 条点评

纽约州纽约市10 条分享
Good and quick communication to get info and solve questions and doubts. Rental Diving gear in good shape. Good and easy going preps for the paper work and diving gear before the dives. Once on board the boat, the crew and guides were always very helpful and professional. Our guide in the water, Pedro, was simply awesome. Always focused on safety and making sure we didn't miss anything underwater.
Would repeat , no doubt!
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Sharon T
We sure hope you are able to come back!!! Thank you so much and we sure enjoyed having you with us...
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爱尔兰都柏林17 条分享
2023年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Fab dives, good guides, very professional and made our dives very enjoyable , I would recommend Sharon and her team every time
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Sharon T
Thank you!!!! Welcome to our Scuba Family and hope you can visit again!!!!
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英国伦敦7 条分享
We had the most amazing holiday in Isla Mujeres thanks to the team at Aqua adventures. Sharon, Jason, Ema , Gus and all the team helped us organising it and making a dream come true. We are a family of four and got in touch with Sharon before our holiday to organise our scuba diving. Little did we know that the team would end up helping with everything related to this holiday from transport from airport to whale shark expedition, from cooking class for my daughter birthday to even our excursion to Chichen Itza.
Communication was on point and there was not a single detail that went wrong. The diving was exciting and well catered for both more experienced level in the family and more junior divers. We did also the Cenotes: a must do. Rafa was our guide: professional and fun. We arrived first so we had a private tour and personal photographer 😊
Aqua Adventures provided us with one of the best customers service in the industry we have met so far. If you plan diving or snorkelling when in Isla, I definitely recommend getting in touch with Aqua Adventures. Special thanks to Ema, who guided us in most of our dives!
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Sharon T
Thank you so much!!!! We enjoyed your family very much!!!! Welcome to our Scuba Family!
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Mathurin K
90 条分享
Great service From the start of calling and speaking with Jason, to the PADI Rescue diver course. They always where helpful and accommodating. Me and my daughter both did the padi Rescue course as well as local boat dives. They made it vacation and training at the same time. Pedro was a great instructor. My wife snorkeled and we also all did whale shark with them.

I would highly suggest using this dive shop for your water adventures. Great captains, great crew. Will return!
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Sharon T
Thank you so much!!! We sure enjoyed having you with us... Hope you can visit again!!! Welcome to our Scuba Family!!!
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Denver6 条分享
Fantastic dives! Sharon and the entire team at AquaAdventures are great. My son and I did a dive to the C-55 wreck. We saw 8-10 Spotted Eagle Rays which were amazing.
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Thank you for your comment!! We never get tired of these beautiful creatures!
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4 条分享
Great dives with Sebastian and Angie! Easy online booking and information via email. Nice boat, good equipment and good vibes from all the stuff! Highly recommended!
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Thank you so much for your recommendation! We hope you come to dive with us again! Welcome to our Scuba Family!
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12 条分享
2022年9月 • 好友
This is one of the best dive companies that I have had the pleasure of diving with!

Their attention to detail and customer service is unparalleled. It was evident that their main goal was to ensure that you have a fabulous experience with their company!

We enjoyed all of our interactions with Jason in the office, Captain Wilbert, and DM Sebastian! They all worked together to make our Scuba Diving trip AMAZING!

If you are visiting Isla Mujeres make sure to book all of your Aqua Adventures with this Company!!!
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Thank you so much!! We love our team! Welcome to our Scuba Family!
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jamey m
德克萨斯州巴黎2 条分享
Huge shout out to all the guys and gals at Aqua Adventures on Isla Mujeres. I did 6 dives over 3 days. 2 different wreck dives at 80-90 feet. And several reef dives. Sebastian and Jason are outstanding!!!. They did a wonderful job of explaining the dive plan and keeping the group on track and pointing out things of interest. The groups were small so it was easy to stick together. Capt Wilbur dropped us in on point. How he gets everyone in the right spot to drop in considering current etc... is beyond me. Sharon at the shop is very easy to work with. I actually did a little switching with my reservations after I arrived with no issues or complaints at all. This is without a doubt the best dive shop I've had experience with in the Cancun/Isla/Cozumel area. Highly Highly Recommend. If your diving on Isla you'll be glad you booked with Aqua Adventures. I'll for sure be back.
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Thank you so much! We look forward to a return visit! Welcome to our Scuba family!
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5 条分享
This dive shop is awesome! This was the 4th time I've gone through them. Sharon and Paul are from San Antonio. We did the 85' wreck dive which was awesome. The dive masters made me feel completely at ease, and seeing the huge eel in the hull of the wreck was spectacular. I think it must live there, as I've seen it before.
I highly recommend going with this shop. The second dive, Jardines was also great. Lots and lots of fish, and a huge turtle. Very easy and comfortable. Pedro was awesome as a leader.
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Thank you so much Jeff! We appreciate you being a part of our Scuba Family!!!! We look forward to your 5th visit :)
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纽约州纽约市6 条分享
I had a wonderful dive with Sebastian and Marcos on the first day. We went to Punta Sur and saw a lot of turtles. Marcos especially also made me feel very safe in my diving. The pair here was great.

I decided to dive with this shop a second day, but that's when things went wrong. On the second day, I was in the dive group with Pedro leading it. We went to the wreck (Ultra Freeze) and Sleeping Shark. The first dive that day was incredibly disorganized. We were briefed more on the animals we would see than the plan itself. I ended up descending into low visibility conditions without a clear idea of the direction we would be going. There was a family of four who was with me who was also very scattered and far apart from me and my buddy. As a result, the dive was a stressful one, making sure we were all more together and not scattered in low vis conditions with a current. After the dive, one of the attendees started throwing up from sea sickness. She was still allowed to dive the second dive, which I understand is her choice, but also felt careless to allow her to without even assessing her condition.

And finally, the equipment, especially the regulator I was given, was very old and tattered looking. I didn't even get to see it until it was assigned to me on the boat. After the first dive in the wreck, I ended up feeling something was off, and decided to breathe from the octopus on the second dive. I do not know if it was the regulator or air tank itself, but something felt really off and mismanaged. I have never ascended from a dive feeling like the reg/ air was off.

I'm advanced certified with 40+ dives, traveling solo, and in my experiences diving in multiple countries and islands, I haven't had an experience this alarming. I want to be able to trust that I am in good hands with a dive shop and this wasn't it.

Again, I had a wonderful time with Sebastian and Marcos on day 1. Holly was also very helpful in recommending sites and dives to go on. But on day 2, both the equipment and instructors leading the dive really put me off from returning here again. I don't want my dives to feel like a coin toss when I go with a shop. I couldn't say I recommend diving here and this is my first time ever writing a negative review about a diving experience. I would've requested my money back but knew that'd be fruitless. I'm writing this review because more professionalism and seriousness needs to be taken when it comes to diving and managing the equipment because people's safeties are on the line.
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Very sorry you feel this way, we haven't had 1 bad review since we owned the shop (2 years) All of our Dive Leads are Instructors and I guarantee they knew exactly where you were. We only allow 1 Instructor per 4 Divers. Small groups to keep it safe. I am sorry you felt unsafe but again I truly guarantee my team knew where you were. There were 6 people on your dive with 2 Instructors. Which at this dive site we normally do increase the number of Instructors because we are all about safety. So we had 3 to 1 vs 4 to 1..Your experience level was borderline for the dive we took you on. It requires AOW & 35+ dives.. We were more than covered for safety. Our gear is checked & serviced daily and we do not have old gear. All our gear is up to date and also includes integrated BCD's.. Gear can malfunction, though rare, so truly our gear was fine because you had a back up octopus that kept you safe.. Again our team would of made sure you were perfectly fine and also had plenty of air and octopus to ensure safety. The best thing for seasickness believe it or not is to get back in the water, so the families choice for her to dive was a good one otherwise she would just continue to be sick waiting on the boat. Our briefings always include safety measures and the dive site info. and yes of course what we hope to see.. I am sorry if you felt it wasn't thorough enough in your eyes.. Again, we are sorry you felt it was a bad experience for you.
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