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    56 Southside Dr
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    Hillarys Boat Harbour
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    Rottnest Fast Ferries - Day Tours
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9 条点评

Emily M
2 条分享
2023年10月 • 家庭
Several whales were located, but the boat was so overcrowded we only managed to get brief glimpses of them in-between the backs of other peoples heads and shoulders. The outdoor areas of the boat were only small so it was a fight to get an unobstructed view. I think the boat is maybe more appropriate for ‘people carrying’ and transport rather than whale watching. It’s a shame but I probably wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re tall and happy to fight for a good view.
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Jim H
英国坎特伯雷103 条分享
Courtesy taxi from our Perth hotel was excellent. We pre booked from UK. Staff warned us on the day it’d be very rough and offered to change our day. I asked if it was a good day for whales. Answer, yes. We went and very glad we did. Two close whales tail slapping near the boat. Lots of distant breaches. Very good value. Excellent boat and staff.
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Melissa G
2 条分享
2022年11月 • 家庭
We absolutely loved our trip! We had whales breaching, and flapping, and we saw tails. It was a fantastic trip!! Would do it again!
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Mike G
澳大利亚珀斯35 条分享
First day of the whale watching season and we extremely excited to find a mother and female calf, only about a month old according the very informative and entertaining biologist onboard. The Indian Ocean was fairly choppy but this promotes breaching activity according to the specialist and we witnessed an hour long display by mum and her calf. Very spectacular and mesmerizing.

There weren't many onboard so plenty of space for viewing on the bow of the vessel, although I would think on a full ship cruise this could be a little problematic.

The staff are very competent, ably led by Captain Geezer and their friendly and caring nature was gratefully received by those who stomachs weren't quite up to the task .

Highly recommend this trip but do remember there are no guarantees of finding these beautiful creatures in all that ocean.
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Dear Mike G Thank you so much for your review, it is very much appreciated and has been shared with our team. We look forward to welcoming you back onboard some time soon Kind Regards Phil Richards - Director of Sales and Marketing
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89 条分享
Well organised trip but sadly due to submarine activity right where we were looking we didn’t see any whales which was disappointing. We were offered another trip but were leaving the next day. I’d book again if we are visiting Perth again.
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Hello Linda S, Thanks for taking the time to review our whale watching cruise. So sorry we didn't get to see whales.... we have a 95% strike rate normally. Look forward to seeing you again when you are back in Perth Kind Regards Phil Richards- Director of Sales and Marketing
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澳大利亚珀斯110 条分享
With no guarantees of seeing Whales we managed to not only see Hump Back mum and baby but also the very rare sight of a mum and baby Blue Whale. The crew and Aqwa expert they had on board were very knowledgable and made sure everyone got to see the whales as they breached. Brilliant experience for anyone wanting to see these majestic animals.
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Dear Spanner73, I saw the photos of the Blue whales from your cruise... fantastic that you got to see them. Thank you for your comments and endorsement of our Whale Watching Cruise. Kind Regards Phil Richards- Director of Sales and Marketing
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Michael C
澳大利亚珀斯3 条分享
2019年9月 • 家庭
Our weather conditions (perfect), on board biologist (informative amd engaging) and luck spotting whales (mother calf displaying interesting behaviour) could not disguise how badly set up this boat is for wildlifr viewing. There is very limited viewing at the front of the boat which is only accessible once the boat stops. As a result, only the fastest get to the front, obscuring the view for others. The deck is a single level, so no option for those at back to get higher.

Years ago we went with a different operator with far better view points. Although this mob is cheap, it isnt worth the money unless you push to the front.

I saw elderly people give up and return inside as they couldn't see.

Disappointing. At least the whales were awe inspiring in the glimpses over heads I got.
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Dear Michael C, We are really sorry you didn't get the chance to get a good viewing of the whales on your recent whale watching cruise with us. Our boats has been conducting whale watching for many years and whilst we only have one front deck we do have two decks at the rear, which often allows viewing of the same whales as they move past or around the boat. We make a point of capping our whale watching passengers to a fraction of the vessels capacity to ensure customers have the best possible experience viewing whales on their migration. Rarely do we receive negative comments regarding our whale watching experience and whilst we are pleased that you enjoyed the commentary of our on board marine scientist, are disappointed that you would suggest others to seek other tour providers. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you regarding your experience, to receive further information and clarification. We would appreciate if you would email us at Feedback@rottnestfastferries.com.au with the best number to contact you on. Thank you for taking the time to complete the review, as we are sorry you did not enjoy your experience with us. Look forward to hearing from you Regards Phil Richards- Director of Sales and Marketing
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

4 条分享
2018年9月 • 家庭
Today we had a great experience with Rottnest Fast Ferries. The staff were really friendly and informative and the boat was clean and tidy. Unfortunately the weather was not in our favour and the sea was a bit rough but everyone was well seen to and they made a solid effort to find some whales. At the end of the trip they advised us that due to the conditions of the day we would be credited with a refund or another trip in the future. Excellent customer service, would recommend to others.
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Dear Wanderer257569, Thank you for your feedback, the staff are always disappointed on the odd occasion that we do not see whales. I hope you have the opportunity to come back this season to see the majestic whales on there annual migration. Kind Regards Phil Richards- Director of Sales and Marketing
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澳大利亚珀斯24 条分享
Highly recommend Rottnest Fast Ferries to everyone as they have great customer service and the whale watching tour was excellent!

We saw a lot of whales and the most important we had Marine Biologist Sam from AQWA onboard, she was very informative and lovely!

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Dear Maggieyye We are so glad you enjoyed our whale watching cruise and saw the whales on their migration, they are majestic creatures! Our staff are the backbone of everything we do and we pride ourselves on our customer service. It is always pleasing for them to be recognised, so thank you, we will share your review with our team. Kind Regards Phil Richards- Director of Sales and Marketing
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