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英语, 意大利语

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  • Fondamenta dei Squeri, 512, 30142 Venezia VE, Italy 在ACTV Burano站的青铜雕像前
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  • 游览起点为
    Fondamenta dei Squeri, 512
    Fondamenta dei Squeri, 512, 30142 Venezia VE, Italy
    在ACTV Burano站的青铜雕像前
  • 途经
    Laguna di Venezia
    Chiesa di San Martino
  • 1
    停留: 60 分钟
    再往北的泻湖是布拉诺岛,这是一个由数百座色彩缤纷的房屋组成的渔岛,因此获得了世界上最色彩缤纷的城镇之一的称号。与在其大部分历史中享有工业实力的穆拉诺不同,布拉诺仍然主要从事农业,渔业是其主要产业。据说这些彩色房屋被漆成明亮的色调,以帮助渔民在雾天在泻湖中航行。布拉诺也以其起源于 16 世纪的花边制作传统而闻名。
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6 条点评

Anant Garg
纽约州纽约市25 条分享
While not absolutely necessary, this tour is the best way to see Burano Island in my opinion (I've done it once on my own and once through this tour).

Sylvia, the guide, is absolutely amazing. She was born in Burano and is one of the few tour guides that still lives there today. She's very friendly and passionate about island, and given her background is able to give a true "locals" tour including conversations with houseowners / restaurant chefs!

On this tour you'll see and learn about some of the history and major sights of Burano, but more importantly you'll learn about the life of the local people there and how it's changed with time.
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Dan M
德国法兰克福68 条分享
Reading reviews for the "multi-island" tours where travelers felt there was not enough time to explore, we decided to either seek a tour for a single island or do it on our own.

After reading another traveler's recommendation for Veneto Inside which uses locals to show you around their home, we went to their website and found this tour. It was the highlight of our trip!

First of all, Sylvia was spectacular! She was born and raised in Burano and LOVES her home. Her passion and adoration for the island and it's people is understood with every word she speaks.

She gave us a true insider tour. We received a brief description of lacemaking and it's importance on the island, then we were off down the streets of the island. We learned the real reason why the houses are colored. We saw a local restaurant cleaning the day's catch for their lunch and dinner menus. We saw Burano's Leaning Tower and learned about local artists.

Every turn presents a new photo opportunity and Sylvia will provide you her favorite places to eat and shop if you ask. (She will not "recommend" any locations, she simply tells you where she goes and why...again, only if you ask, so be sure to do so!)

The island is small as is the population. While walking, we ran into Syvia's daughter and we even walked by her house. Could a tour be more personal?!!! Our whole family felt fortunate to have Syvia show us Burano.

After the tour we chose to eat lunch on the island, go into a few locations she described, and shop. It was an extraordinary day.

TIP: Take Vaporetto No.12 from Fondamente Nove "A" on the north side of Venice. It is about a 45min trip. Go extra early to avoid being late and missing the tour. This will also give you the boat pretty much to yourself. Stop for coffee and a small pastry at one of the cafes on the island's main street (you will walk by and cross but not walk down this main thoroughfare during your tour). Then walk to the meeting point.

Afterwards walk across the bridge to Mazzorbo to catch a Vaporetto without waiting for the lines on Burano (Sylvia's suggestion). If early, grab an Aperol Spritz in the restaurant adjacent to the dock.
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英国274 条分享
2018年5月 • 夫妻情侣
The best way to see a place is with a local who loves where they live & Sylvia is a great example of this. We were lucky as the others who had booked that day, more fool them, didn't show up so we basically had a private tour.

Burano isn't a big place but you get so much more from visiting it with Sylvia. She knows everyone, her children are being brought up there & the stories about the little details you'd miss on your own are fascinating. She tells it all with real enthusiasm for her island & we left Burano feeling we’d learnt so much plus really enjoyed ourselves.
Highly recommended.
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22 条分享
Enjoy this island in the early morning of either late spring or early autumn (when the kids have gone back to school) then take plenty of cards and batteries for your camera - you’’ need them. Why not have lunch at El Gatto Nero when youre there, it’s amazing.
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maggie h
英国Tavistock36 条分享
Not to be missed. Not busy in January so a good time to see this interesting island and sample life there. Some lovely little cafes and shops selling quality souvenirs. The houses are beautifully maintained and painted in a rich variety of colours making it a unique and pretty place. Little canals subdevide the town and everything come in and out by boat. The journey takes you past Murano and the island where Venice buries it’s dead. Not to be missed if you have the time.
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马里兰Olney53 条分享
2018年4月 • 独自旅游
Sylvia is extraordinary. She does her home island proud. She was full of information and interpretation of so many aspects of the island. She took us to places we would never have found on our own and told us back stories of them. Her love of this place is so evident. The tour is just the right length...not too long; not too short. A couple of hours is a short period of time to learn as much as she relays. Then there is ample time to wander, eat and/or shop. Delightful way to spend a day.
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布拉诺的秘密角落, Burano