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现场指南:英语, 西班牙语

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    • 红木湾 接机说明:为了接您,您需要步行约 2 到 5 分钟,或者您可以叫一辆出租车并支付 2 美元将您带出航站楼,并看到我们的工作人员拿着“2KS ADVENTURES TOURS”标志. 接载时间:船到后一小时或您下船到达集合点后立即接载。 市中心 接机说明:为了接您,您将通过#1 号门离开港口,以便看到我们的工作人员拿着“2KS ADVENTURES TOURS”标志。 接载时间:船到后一小时或下船到达集合点后接载。 对于住在岛上的旅客,我们。在您向我们提供您住宿地点的名称后,在我们的 Airbnb 酒店接送您,司机将在您选择的时间在那里接您。
      • Berth 1 - Port of Roatan, 8F73+2W9, Main St, Coxen Hole, Honduras
      • Mahogany Bay Cruise Terminal, 8GG3+W27, Coxen Hole, Bay Islands, Honduras

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        罗丹猴树懒和金刚鹦鹉之旅,品尝巧克力和朗姆酒体验起始价为 US$58.50。 在 Tripadvisor 探索和预订罗丹猴树懒和金刚鹦鹉之旅,品尝巧克力和朗姆酒体验
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          Roatan Rum Company
          停留: 25 分钟 - 包含门票
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          Animal Kingdom
          停留: 45 分钟 - 包含门票
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        5.0 分,共 5 分284 条点评

        Toronto30 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        This tour was excellent. We are from Canada and have a younger child who also enjoyed the tour. We were able to get to the sloth and monkey sanctuary before the cruise tours with tons of people arrived. We were taken to the chocolate and rum stores as well and given a great tour of the island. Highly recommend this tour company. We always felt safe. Josh was a great and very knowledgeable guide.
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        Matthew M
        3 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        2024年2月 • 夫妻情侣
        Our tour guide Jason was a blast! He shared a lot about Roatan and was an absolute hoot. We highly recommend him…..be sure ask him about the taste of iguana. We really enjoyed Mayan Eden learning about all the animals. If you go, be sure to wear good shoes with traction. There are a few steep inclines so be prepared. We did the rum and chocolate stops, which was ok, but had more fun riding around sightseeing with Jason. He is very knowledgeable and an excellent guide.
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        佛罗里达坦帕11 条分享
        2.0 分,共 5 分
        2024年2月 • 好友
        It is a bit difficult to walk through if you have any disabilities or difficulty walking. I was bit by one of the monkeys. I couldn’t get a response from phone calls regarding rabies shot for the monkeys and ended up having to go through a rabies series of shots. I was on a cruise and booked this excursion on my own, which I have done many times. However, by doing so the ship did not cover my medical costs. The charge for my visit as soon as I returned to the ship to clean my wound, give a tetanus shot, provide antibiotics and anti viral meds was $900. Rabies shots are over $300 each and it is a series of 4. Fortunately, this was at the end of my cruise and I was able to start the rabies shots within 72 hours. The ship tried to get the rabies shot for me, but were unsuccessful. The rum snd chocolate tastings were just stores where you could taste and purchase.
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        Not Going to Justify the case, 1 out of 10 case where this happens with the monkeys,and we make sure you get assistance right away at the park don't no why you say you dint get through to us by phone our lines is available 24/7, just for further guests that book if this should happen to you all the monkeys at the park have rabbies shot if not the could not be there,We apologize about this inconvenience, and we do have different santuaries for people that have disabilities problems, once we see that you can't handle the walking up and down we take you to a park with flat surface.
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        Amanda D
        6 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        2024年2月 • 家庭
        Delia was a great guide! She made our day enjoyable and kept us on time. We absolutely loved going to Maya Eden to enjoy all the animals - one of our highlights in the trip. This was a great excursion on our port day. Highly recommended booking it!
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        Cheryl G
        1 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        We had a private tour with a guide and I wasn’t expecting that and her name is Delia and she is very good and accommodating. We enjoyed our time at the animal park very much. Will do that again if we visit Roatan.
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        Sam C
        1 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        I’m giving our driver JJ 5 Stars! He was knowledgeable, friendly and gave us quite a few great tips. The park was a bit more like a small zoo. The animals were great to see, but time with the sloth was limited and many of the animals were in small cages. The rum and chocolate tastings were very informal, tiny amounts, and lacked any guided context. It was more of a store in each case. Still nice to do. If you do, find JJ.
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        Tiffany B
        23 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        2023年8月 • 独自旅游
        Unbelievable experience- one of the best days of my life. They did not rush us and gave us 5-10 minutes each person holding the sloth. I choose this place because I read this in a review. They did not disappoint. The monkeys were jumping on everyone and we had opportunities to take pictures. I laughed and cried because this day was incredible! You must come to this place for this amazing experience.
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        Steve W
        2 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        2024年2月 • 好友
        2Ks adventure was a fantastic tour. Josh was an excellent guide and we absolutely loved the tour! Sloth, monkey, chocolate and the rum tour was better than expected. Went to a fantastic restaurant great food and a unique Honduran experience !
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        ann d
        1 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        It was great. Everyone so friendly and fun. Had a great time holding learning about the animals . Just a wonderful experience. Would definitely fo again.
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        Adam Minnich
        110 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        2024年1月 • 夫妻情侣
        I highly recommend taking the Roatan monkey, sloth and macaws tour with the chocolate and rum tasting. My wife and I really enjoyed the tour, and we had the BEST tour guide! Edward picked us up in a private SUV and took us on the tour. Along the way he told us all about the island, the people, and what to see. We stopped off at some great scenic points for photos and local shopping before hitting the nature preserve. The folks running the preserve are great, and answer all your questions. I recommend you wear long sleeves when handling the monkeys and sloths as the claws can dig in a little. Really enjoyed the monkeys and sloths, and the tucan and mackaws are awesome too. There are also other animals in cages that you can see and the guide tells you all about them. The chocolate tour is cool, and I highly recommend buying the locally-made chocolate bars. There is also a cooler with chocolate covered bananas and other cold treats. Finally, the rum-tasting was fun, and you can buy local rum as well as cigars dipped in rum (if that's your thing). Great tour, but truly appreciated Edward's professionalism and wealth of knowledge.
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