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  • 私人旅游
  • 空调车
  • 入场/门票 - Baclayon Church Museum
  • 入场/门票 - 菲律宾眼镜猴及野生动物保护区
  • 入场/门票 - Loboc River Cruise
  • 入场/门票 - Bohol Habitat Conservation Center
  • 入场/门票 - 巧克力山
  • 入场/门票 - Bohol Python and Wildlife Park
  • 小费
  • 入场/门票 - 宿雾
  • 入场/门票 - Buenos Aires ATV Ride

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  • 宿雾市和附近的任何酒店和度假村
  • 机场:
  • Mactan Intl Airport, Philippines
  • 港口:
  • Cebu port
  • Tagbilaran Seaport
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  • 不提供无障碍通道
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  • 您将在预订时收到确认信息
  • 儿童必须由成人陪同
  • 大部分旅行者都可以参加
  • 此项体验需要天气状况良好。 如果行程由于恶劣天气而取消,您可选择改期或全额退款
  • 此项体验设有最低出行人数限制。 如果行程由于未达到最低出行人数而取消,您可选择改期/不同体验或全额退款
  • 这是一项私人游览/活动。 只有您的团队能够参加

  • 要获得全额退款,请至少在体验开始日期前 24 小时取消。

来自 从宿雾到薄荷岛的私人一日游,巧克力山和洛博克河游船 的备注
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  • 定期测量员工体温
  • 针对人流较多的区域定期进行消毒
  • 为刚抵达的旅行者测量体温
  • 导游必须定期洗手
  • 为旅行者和员工提供洗手液
  • 交通工具会进行定期消毒
  • 针对小费和附加费用的无接触付款服务
  • 导游在公共区域必须佩戴口罩
  • 装备/设备在使用前已完成消毒
  • 旅行者在公共区域必须佩戴口罩
  • 在整个体验过程中保持社交距离
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从宿雾到薄荷岛的私人一日游,巧克力山和洛博克河游船体验起始价为 US$320.00。 在 Tripadvisor 探索和预订从宿雾到薄荷岛的私人一日游,巧克力山和洛博克河游船体验
从宿雾到薄荷岛的私人一日游,巧克力山和洛博克河游船由 Rio Travel and Tour 提供。 阅读点评,探索额外体验或在 Tripadvisor 上联系 Rio Travel and Tour在 Tripadvisor 探索和预订从宿雾到薄荷岛的私人一日游,巧克力山和洛博克河游船体验

如果您对此游览有疑问或需要协助预订,我们很乐意提供帮助。 只需致电下方的号码,并引用产品代码:46504P35

低至 US$320.00
  • 您会享有接送服务
  • 1
    Passenger Terminal 1, PIER 1
    停留: 30 分钟 - 不包含门票费用
  • 2
    City Port
    停留: 30 分钟
  • 3
    Blood Compact Monument
    停留: 30 分钟
  • 4
    Baclayon Church Museum
    停留: 30 分钟 - 包含门票
  • 5
    Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary
    停留: 30 分钟 - 包含门票
  • 6
    Loboc River Cruise
    停留:2 小时 - 包含门票
  • 7
    Tarsier Conservation Area
    停留: 15 分钟
  • 8
    Bohol Habitat Conservation Center
    停留: 30 分钟 - 包含门票
  • 9
    Chocolate Hills Natural Monument
    停留: 30 分钟 - 包含门票
  • 10
    Buenos Aires ATV Ride
    停留: 60 分钟 - 不包含门票费用
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4 条点评

Gbemi O
英国伦敦5 条分享
Was a long day trip from Cebu city however certainly worth the trip. Beautiful view and a fantastic time quad-biking through the hills. Worth visiting the observation center and Tasier preservation reserve right after.
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Anson Fletcher
英国苏格兰7 条分享
still very green only turning chocolate in very dry season. But still nice to visit it was worth the trip
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Thank you for the review.. hope we could meet your expectations next time of visit.. wish for more travel with you.. bless you..
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

Our guide did not take us to the following:
- Blood Compact Monument
- Baclayon Ecclesiastical Museum
- Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary
- Bohol Habitat Conservation Center

That is 4 out of 9 (two stops are literally you arriving, and the same thing).

The places we did go to were actually great, but we should have rented a scooter for 500 PHP instead. The locations are either cheap or free admission, max 50 PHP. The ATV was the only expensive one but the tour does not cover it.

The guide was useless. Even though she spoke English, she mostly spoke in Tagalog to my partner, who translated it. When we entered somewhere, she ran away.

After raising a dispute, Rio made a threatening and abusive phone call, saying he would call the police on us. He was shouting, saying we are trying to close him down. We paid 18,000 PHP, it was not even worth half that.

This was an absolute waste of money. We later found better options using a search engine.
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Good day, Thank you for your review and time.. first and foremost as we investigate about your request of full refund after enjoying and taking it a week ago then in time payment you request a refund.(make drama and etc). Here is the situation, the agency inform you that sir if you start late or pick up time is too late you will have little time in Bohol and then you decided all of it even the agency warn you that it will arrived in Bohol in noon time already so less to do anymore.. you agreed and strongly demand to start late since you want to sleep and etc with your excuse. The agency can’t refuse of guest request as long they knew what will be the next thing if complain come.. So here you are... you got the tours, tickets, guide, driver and buffet lunch in the floating restaurant.. you were able to attend habitat or snakes and butterfly in other place since the exact place is already close since you avail the AVT which is clearly not included in the package if you did read the details in the tour description ( which you complain expensive and etc). After all the effort and late home of the tour coordinator and driver which they ended going home around 9pm. You did extra services and time for the people connected in which we call the Habitat or Snakes Area to open even it is 6PM already just to let you avail some of the spots.. Church and the blood compact statue is okay to visit but you said to the guide no need you want to be in the Hotel (Kasagpan Hotel). All was served and given already all was paid and was being served with you the food and services and vehicle was fully done with effort. Now in the payment section you demanded full refund and complain and make drama and etc.. Scam Traveler is already spreading like virus sir please stop this kind of thing.. Regarding those motor bike and other options you said you can do it next time but not giving burden to us after all services and information we gave you ended like a travel agency too.. you don’t know taxes and other payments we paid and that amount you said in the review we did not receive that amount since we don’t have same currency and other charges they put as to be connected. The agency Rio call you to clarify what happen why now complain after almost two weeks why not on the spot at least we could do a remedy if there is an issues but for sure there was no issues at all it was clearly from your decision to start late. Hope you will not do this to other agency.. This kind of techniques should not be tolerated, you will end up free tour while the supplier suffer. It is Haram doing. Wish you more travel and hope the other agencies will not block you for doing such…enjoy and keep safe!
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

Phil R
密苏里堪萨斯城547 条分享
Rio Travel and Tour was definition of a professional tour company. I've used tour companies in Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Philippines and Central America and this company ranks with the best. I had a 6:00 am pick up at the hotel and they were in the lobby waiting for me when I arrived at 5:55. They got me to the ferry terminal early enough to catch an earlier ferry to Bohol. When I got to Bohol an hour earlier than scheduled, they had easy contact information to talk with someone to tell them that I was early and they had my guide, Jenny and my driver there within 10 minutes. Great customer service! I had a private tour and could adjust, within reason, the schedule. Nothing was ever rushed. The tarsier sanctuary was awesome. Rode an ATV for an hour at the Chocolate hills. Saw the Chocolate Hills. Did the Lombac river tour and buffet. (Try to get on boat #2. The female singer has an unbelievably great voice.) Also saw the largest snake in captivity in the Philippines (had my picture taken with her. You can get pictures with the snakes and they can make them magnets as well), and the Baclyon Church. The guides were native from Bohol so they could answer questions about the island. I saw everything that was promised and more. The pick up on the return was flawless. All of the vehicles looked new and in great shape. All had excellent A/C. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company.

Some tips. Bring cash, in pesos. You can buy souvenir photos and magnets in some places. It is a long l, active day so get good rest before you go. A camera is a must. Bring extra batteries or a way to charge your phone. Also, remember to tip the guides.

Overall, a spectacular day. I would definitely use Rio Travel and Tour again.
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Thank you so much sir.. we are happy to have you here.. you are a good traveler and a very positive person.. we served little things that comparerable enough to other countries but you appreciate everything we have not even comparing it to other places you experience... we salute you for this good comment.. More travel and more power! :-)
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从宿雾到薄荷岛的私人一日游,巧克力山和洛博克河游船, Talisay City