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德语, 英语

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  • barca BOAT EVENTS, An d. Alster 67, 20099 Hamburg, Germany 我们的船只位于“ barca-An der Alster”着陆阶段,An der Alster 67a,20099汉堡。这是第二家船坞,斜靠在著名的大西洋酒店对面。
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  • 游览起点为
    barca BOAT EVENTS
    An d. Alster 67, 20099 Hamburg, Germany
    我们的船只位于“ barca-An der Alster”着陆阶段,An der Alster 67a,20099汉堡。这是第二家船坞,斜靠在著名的大西洋酒店对面。
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    Alster Fountain
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17 条点评

Lydia E
2 条分享
2023年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Ein guter Tipp um im Hamburger Trubel ein wenig zur Ruhe zu kommen.
Unser Guide hat sich auf die Gruppe eingestellt, man kann natürlich auch mit Freunden und Bier ein wenig feiern😉 oder sich einfach was über Hamburg erzählen lassen.
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Emily M
1 条分享
2023年4月 • 夫妻情侣
The whole trip was fun and thrilling. The sailer was very interactive and made the experience worth while. He even allowed my fiancé to help him with the sailing which was really nice to see! Overall, it truly was an adventure :)
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Hi Emily, thanks for your kind review! Wow, that really was a fun trip yesterday with strong winds - definitely a real sailing experience for you. I am very happy that you joined us and that you liked the sailing that much, it was fun for me to see you smiling all the time. Say hi to your fiancé and thank him for giving me a hand and being such a good crew! Ahoy and all the best for the both of you, Henning
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卡罗莱纳州Banner Elk3 条分享
I would like to give this a higher review, but unfortunately, our expectations were certainly not met. We paid for an English speaking tour, and not a single word of English other than watch your head was ever uttered. I’m sure that the tour guide was very interesting as the German speakers on the boat seemed to enjoy his commentary, with many gasps and laughter, but he never told us what he was saying, even though I explained that we spoke no German at the beginning and checked multiple times that this was an English speaking tour. It says it right on the ticket, but it just isn’t true. We tried to obtain a partial refund since we could’ve gotten the same effect riding around in a paddle boat for a 10th of the price, but Viator seemed to think that it’s OK that we had a German tour when we paid for English. Truthfully, the tour guide/captain was almost rude in his talking over us to the people on the other side of us. I would’ve been embarrassed to be the Germans on that boat if my role had been reversed. We even tried to use our translator but he wasn’t speaking loud enough for it to pick up any but every 10th word. I understand people wanting you to learn the language of their country, but when you’re only visiting for a short period of time, that’s just not possible, and that was why we were looking for English-speaking tours particularly, because we don’t expect everyone to speak English so we go out of our way to find English tours. The fact that they claimed to be English speaking and weren’t is just an example of what my German friends call the German “service desert”. They weren’t surprised, but they were disappointed, as was I.
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Dear Tonya, I am very sorry, that your expactations were not met at all. Our tours are actually no sigthseeing tours like on the big tourist boats, but relaxing sailing cruises on a beautiful old wooden sailing boat. So we don't have a fixed program or give standard informations for tourist, neither in German nor in English. And we do not have specific English cruises but our skippers are able to give necessary informations or answer questions at least in simple English. So our cruises are often with international guests on board and with a captain who is able to speak English at least on a small talk basis. We offer a unique and quite scenic sailing experience for non-sailors in the middle of Hamburg, where you can see a lot of Hamburg sights from the waterside. And of course you can ask questions and talk to our skippers if you want to know anything and we try to give answers as good as we can. A lot of people actually just sit and relax on the boat and enjoy the peaceful scenery. And some people ask a lot of questions like the others - in your case german guests - on your cruise and than the skippers give answers. Your skipper told me that you did not ask a single question during the cruise. But as there are always people on our cruises who don't want specific informations and instead prefer to enjoy the cruise without talking a lot, we don't find that irritating. So every cruise is different depending on the guests on board. You compared your experience on our sailing boat with riding in a paddle boat what seems quite strange in my eyes. Without discussing this comparison I just want to let you know about the prices for paddle boats on the Alster Lake: you would even have paid for a paddle boat for 1,5 hours EUR 33,00, so far away of "a 10th of the price". Anyway, we only want satisfied customers on our cruises and obviously you expected a touristic sightseeing tour with actively given informations from a guide with a routine program. Therefore I decided to give you a full refund and have just asked Viator (your booking platform) to give you a 100% refund and I hope this will be okay for you. I really hope you have had a good time in Hamburg and enjoyed our beautiful city at other places. Sorry again, that we did not meet your expectations. Ahoy, kind regards and all the best for you, Henning Captain and owner of barca BOAT EVENTS GmbH
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3 条分享
War ein echt spannender Segeltörn. Auf Grund des wechselnden Wetters haben wir einige Facetten des Segelsports kennenlernen dürfen. Von gemütlich in der Sonne schippern lassen bis mit dem Wind über die Wellen "reiten" war es ein lohnenswertes Erlebnis.

Kapitän Henning ist echt locker und bringt auch Landratten wie uns das Wasser näher.

Danke nochmals!!
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Susanne N
奥地利格拉茨城4 条分享
Lieber Henning, herzlichen Dank für die großartige Zeit mit Dir bei diesem Nachmittagstörn. Wir (Segler-Runde aus Graz) haben uns rundum wohl gefühlt und obwohl wir selber Segeln - das aber hauptsächlich am Meer und mit Yachten ist das Binnensegeln in deinem coolen Holzboot eine super schöne Erfahrung gewesen.
Danke für die super Tipps und Infos rund um Hamburg, wir haben uns da einiges angeschaut und das Highlight war bestimmt das FREUDENHAUS (Restaurant auf der Reeperbahn).
Bitte bleib so entspannt und genieß das Leben weiter - du strahlst Freude, Ruhe und Zufriedenheit aus und nicht, dass wir es nötig hätten aber es überträgt sich einfach auf alle anderen auch. Liebe Grüße aus Graz, Susi und Freunde
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Alex M
英国伦敦1 条分享
2022年3月 • 好友
Wonderful relaxing cruise around the lake with a group of friends. Henning was really accommodating and was able to arrange a boat for us a couple of days before the summer season kicked off. He was accessible and friendly throughout the booking phase, giving clear directions to find the boat. The cruise was expertly driven by Rainer. Thanks for a great activity during our trip to Hamburg! Fully recommend.
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Christian S
1 条分享
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Great!!! Awesome captain. Great experience. We will definitely do it again with the same boat. Had a wine before and after at the doc which made it perfect!
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Hi and ahoy! Great!!! Awesome guest! Great review! ;-) Thank you so much! We would be very happy to welcome you again on board! Ahoy and kind regards, Henning
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1 条分享
Wunderschönes Event. Netter Skipper, spannende Insider-Infos und man hat auch die Möglichkeit selbst ein bisschen zu segeln.
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Moin Stejan10, lieben Dank für deine Bewertung. Die Überschrift ist fantastisch und macht mich sehr glücklich, denn dann empfindest du es genauso wie wir selbst. Was kann es für einen Touranbieter schöneres geben! Ahoi und liebe Grüße von der Alster, Henning
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Rachel W
密歇根特洛伊1 条分享
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Wonderful, relaxing afternoon! Our guide was friendly and my husband even did some of the sailing. A fantastic experience- can only recommend!
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Hi Rachel, we are so happy that you enjoyed our little cruise on Lake Alster. Thanks very much for your review that will help others to make the right decision. Ahoy and keep on relaxing, Henning
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Sibylle N
德国汉堡31 条分享
Eine gute Freundin war zu Besuch in Hamburg und wir hatten etwas zu feiern, gut Essen gehen war also gesetzt. Und dann sah ich, dass der Kutter-Käptn wieder segeln durfte, also war auch das Nachmittagsprogramm geklärt. Meine Freundin war noch nie auf einem Segelboot und hatte etwas Bedenken, die konnte Henning aber alle ausräumen. Wir hatten Glück, strahlender Sonnenschein und ausreichend Wind, so dass wir wunderschöne eineinhalb Stunden auf der Alster verbrachten, inklusive Erklärungen zu den Sehenswürdigkeiten am Ufer und gemütlichem Chillen auf der Matratze im Bug. Mit leuchtenden Augen ging es dann weiter ins Restaurant, das war ein toller Törn!
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Liebe Sibylle, wie schön, dass es euch wieder einmal so gut bei mir an Bord gefallen hat! Es freut mich immer, wenn Stammgäste mit guten Freunden zum Segeln kommen und alle zusammen Spaß an Bord haben. Herzlich Dank für diese tolle Bewertung und hoffentlich bis bald mal wieder an Bord! Ahoi und liebe Grüße von deinem Kutter-Käpt'n Henning
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