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加入这个卡拉瓦乔罗马之旅,独家进入艺术修复实验室。在实验室里,您将享受一种轻松的开胃酒,其中包括已经恢复卡拉瓦乔的杰作的大师级工匠。在您的路上,您将参观卡拉瓦乔在罗马最动人的艺术品的教堂 - 包括团队修复的“洛雷托的麦当娜”。 在这个全女性的艺术修复实验室中发现艺术修复技巧的秘密。他们有幸成为全世界两个恢复了三幅卡拉瓦乔画作的实验室之一。听听他们在圣阿戈斯蒂诺教堂公开修复卡拉瓦乔的“洛雷托麦当娜”的故事。你会看到大师级的工匠在他们的工作室里恢复一些当前的16世纪画作。 在实验室之前,您将参观Sant'Agostino教堂,并参观Caravaggio实验室修复的“Madore of Loreto”。然后,您将参观San Luigi dei Francesi的精彩圣马修系列。

年龄 15-99
用时: 2 小时 30 分
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现场指南:德语, 英语, 意大利语, 法语, 西班牙语

  • 独家,幕后访问顶级艺术修复实验室
  • 专家导游全程参观
  • 免费开胃酒
  • 入场/门票 - Basilica S. Agostino
  • 入场/门票 - 卡拉瓦乔为圣路吉教堂
  • 小费
  • 酒店接送

  • Piazza di Sant'Agostino, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
  • Piazza del Gesù, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
    Piazza delGesù位于罗马市中心,靠近阿根廷拉戈

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  • Piazza di Sant'Agostino, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
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  • Piazza del Gesù, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
    Piazza delGesù位于罗马市中心,靠近阿根廷拉戈

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Cathy B
5 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
This was a once in a lifetime experience that far exceeded our expectations! Elisa from Roma Experience put together a bespoke tour for us based on a few thoughts I had. She made it come alive in just a matter of a few days. My goal was to see as many Caravaggio paintings in Rome as possible over the course of 4-5 days, as a surprise gift for my partner who's favorite painter is Caravaggio. Elisa put together a wonderful itinerary including all the major Caravaggio paintings in Rome (we saw 21 in total over 4 half days, two of which are in private collections). In addition, we toured the Restoration Lab that has restored a Caravaggio painting and learned all about the process of restoration including the work that was done on the Caravaggio. We even saw the apartment Caravaggio lived in. Our guide, Luca, was superb, an extremely knowledgeable art historian, who knew not only everything about Caravaggio but also the other important painters at the time and was able to connect art discussion to history and culture. We learned so much and looked forward to being with Luca each day. We really cannot say enough about this special tour and encourage any Caravaggio fan to skip the prepackaged tours and talk to Elisa about a tour designed with your goals in mind, you will NOT be disappointed. Elisa is extremely responsive, resourceful and knowledgeable. She will make your Rome dream come true! She cares so much about what she is doing. We miss our time in Rome with Luca and Caravaggio!
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Alessia R
英国伦敦273 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
This was completely unexpected!

We booked this tour to try something new .. but it turned to be one of the most special part of our stay in Rome. In The restoration studio some great Caravaggio masterpieces were being restored. People working there welcomed us and we got to hear directly from them about their work and to get a real demo along with a nice wine and aperitivo together. The all experience and the tour itself was great but the time at the studio was truely unique.
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Dear AleLC511, We are proud to see a 5 star review come up for our brand new VIP Caravaggio Rome Tour; with Exclusive-Access to a Top Restoration Lab. This tour truly makes you appreciate Rome and all of its art scattered throughout the churches and museums. Combining a walking tour visiting some of Caravaggio's Masterpieces on display with a visitation to a restoration lab where you will discover these paintings and their maintenance on a whole new level. Watching the restorers work their magic and learning the tric of this unique profession they will liturally allow you to look at paintings through their glasses and discover previous restorations by seeing it under a UV light. We are very glad this tour was the highlight of your trip and you enjoyed the visitation to the lab, meeting the restorers of whom one even had the honour to restore 3 caravaggio's in person!
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3 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2019年2月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband wanted to take this tour and I wasn't sure, but I am so glad we did!

It was amazing seeing the restorers in action and everyone was really friendly, the guide and all the staff in the lab. Watching them work in action was the highlight of my trip to Rome! Having a prosecco in the lab with the restorers at the end was so nice, a perfect end to a perfect day!
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The VIP Caravaggio Tour with Exclusive Access to a restoration lab is one of our brand new tours! We are glad to hear you found it to be interresting, and provided us with a 5 star review to prove its quality. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, we look forward to seeing you return!
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意大利米兰320 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
A fantastic tour of Rome where it is possible to see some magnificent masterpieces of Caravaggio in different churches. Our guide, Susanna, was perfect speaking very good English and explained the history of the paintings.
After the visit to the churches, we walked for 10 minutes and ended up in a restoration workshop where they explained and showed us the restoration techniques (they restored one of Caravaggio’s masterpieces). It was so interesting and different from all the other tours that I’ve done before!
It was nice also to finish the tour with a glass of prosecco while chatting with the owners asking them questions and sharing anecdotes.
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Restoring Caravaggio is one of our new tours and I am pleased to read Susanna lived up to your expectations! The restoration lab truly compliments and makes you appreciate the previously witnessed masterpieces even more, doesn't it? Great to hear you have left with fond memories, and thank you for taking the time writing such a detailed review.
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