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年龄限制:0-80,每个团体最多 100 人
用时: 8 小时 30 分
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英语, 意大利语

  • 午餐将直接在船上供应,包括第一道意大利面或西西里面包(Cunzatu),水果,葡萄酒和水。
  • 咖啡和/或茶
  • 埃加迪海洋保护区门票

  • Port of Marsala, Lungomare Mediterraneo, 3, 91025 Marsala TP, Italy 出发时间是上午9:30,从Lungomare Mediterraneo的Marsala港口(Trapani)出发,紧挨着海岸警卫队。
  • 返回原来的出发地点

  • 不提供无障碍通道
  • 靠近公共交通
如果您对无障碍设施有疑问,我们很乐意提供帮助。 只需致电下方的号码,并引用产品代码:7736P24

  • 您将在预订时收到确认信息
  • 大部分旅行者都可以参加
  • 此项体验需要天气状况良好。 如果行程由于恶劣天气而取消,您可选择改期或全额退款
  • 此次游览/活动出行人数不得超过 100 人

  • 要获得全额退款,请至少在体验开始日期前 24 小时取消。

  • 针对人流较多的区域定期进行消毒
  • 在整个体验过程中保持社交距离
  • 此酒店表示会采取安全预防措施,但 Tripadvisor 尚未核实此消息的准确性。

含午餐的迷你游轮到埃加迪群岛体验起始价为 US$76.99。 在 Tripadvisor 探索和预订含午餐的迷你游轮到埃加迪群岛体验
含午餐的迷你游轮到埃加迪群岛由 Sicilying 提供。 阅读点评,探索额外体验或在 Tripadvisor 上联系 Sicilying在 Tripadvisor 探索和预订含午餐的迷你游轮到埃加迪群岛体验

如果您对此游览有疑问或需要协助预订,我们很乐意提供帮助。 只需致电下方的号码,并引用产品代码:7736P24

  • 游览起点为
    Port of Marsala
    Lungomare Mediterraneo, 3, 91025 Marsala TP, Italy
    出发时间是上午9:30,从Lungomare Mediterraneo的Marsala港口(Trapani)出发,紧挨着海岸警卫队。
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    Scogliera di Cala Rossa
    停留: 60 分钟
  • 2
    停留: 60 分钟
  • 您会回到出发点

3 条点评

意大利米兰3 条分享
Premetto che l’organizzazione del tour è andata a rilento perché ci trovavamo in viaggio.. Tuttavia ho ricevuto conferma della disponibilità di posti per la mattinata seguente alle h15:00, conferma di prenotazione con richiesta indirizzo e-mail per le h18:00, alle h20:00 non avendo ricevuto alcuna e-mail ho riconttattato il numero whatsapp dell’organizzazione che mi informava non esserci più posto alle h21:00 circa.
Saperlo così tardi ci ha creato non poco disagio perché avevamo organizzato i nostri spostamenti in funzione della conferma ricevuta, oltre ad averci negato la possibilità di rivolgerci altrove per non perdere la giornata di mare.. come invece è accaduto.
Disorganizzazione e scorrettezza.
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Giorgia Z
2 条分享
Please never choose this company!! They are true thiefs and no reliable at all. I have booked my experience (1 day sailing) for August in May. Had pre-paid, and at first they left me with no plans calling for an overbooking. When I threatened them to bring them to court, they soon found another experience suitable which then NEVER TOOK PLACE. We went to the port the day of the cruise with my friends and there was no boat for us. Tryed to call Syciling, nobody answered. I had the tour organised for my best friend bachelorette and I was so desperate.

Luckily our day was saved by the great experience and professionalism of IVAN, Sicily sailing experience.
Ivan was at the port and organised a tour for us, in 2 hours, with the amazing skipper TITO of Vela Catania.

I highly recommend you to choose one of the two above to have a safe and awesome sailing day.

If I had more time, I for sure would have brought Syciling to court. Avoid them!!!
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Dear Giorgia, We are really sorry to read such words means and menacing that only discredit and threaten honest people that works to assist and let you experience Sicily. Furthermore your description of the event is incomplete and partially false. Indeed the event of overbooking unfortunately happened due to the chaotic situation that we lived in the month of August and we are very sorry of such situation and propose you our excuses many times for such mistake. We immediately communicated to you such troubles and tired to find other solution, that as you can imagine is not so easy and inmediatelty to find in August. We never abandoned you during such moment with phone calls and emails to show you the clear and true situation (that we can easily show and unfortunately we cannot attached as proof in our reply to this review) always asking sorry and proposing alternative solutions such as change of dates or refund. You didn’t accepted our alternatives as you, rightly, organized and coordinated you and your friends for such day sailing. Finally we found an alternative suitable for you on the day you selected with other sailing boat and other skipper that you accepted. So we sent you all the details of the new alternative so you can easily reach and find the boat on the day of your experience, included you have the number of the skipper that was IVAN (check the email of confirmation that we sent us where we indicated that your skipper will be Ivan and his phone number). Ivan was the responsible in charge to welcome you to the port and let you do the sailing boat. He was not a common person that stroll around the port and saved your day! He was there because he was booked by us and was waiting for you and was provided BY US as the alternative proposed. So it is totally false that our tour never happened but it was exactly the tour that you booked with the person in charge that we provided (IVAN) and that we then paid for providing your service (even in this case we can show you the invoice paid to Ivan for your booking) As we mentioned many times we are really sorry for the initial inconvenient of overbooking, but for the rest it is totally unfair to consider us thieves and unreliable and even more menacing with legal action, for something that you enjoyed and we provided to you. We always has been clear and honest with you about the situation and we always assisted you since the initial information, thought the booking process, the inconvenient of the overbooking, possible solutions and finally your experience, that one more time underlined, you had thought Sicilying and NOT by common people that you find to the port. If you want to deep the situation we can provide all documents and email exchange to prove what we affirm. Regards
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意大利佛罗伦萨163 条分享
Un tour molto turistico orgazzato da tante compagnie diverse...la scelta è vasta e il prezzo cambia in base alla tipologia della barca scelta e ai servizi inclusi...noi con la Blue Lines abbiamo pagato 40€ a persona con pranzo a bordo e bevande all inclusive; un tour di 7 ore con varie soste programmate di bagni e escursioni sulle isole di Favignana e Levanzo...equipaggio simpatico e preparato...ottima la pasta al pesto trapanese!
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。

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