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  • Le Coq, Rue Auguste Orts 14, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Parvis de Saint-Gilles, Parv. de Saint-Gilles, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium
    由于终点位置距离集合点 2.5 公里,我们会指导客户如何返回集合点。客户可以选择步行或乘坐我们在旅行期间一起乘坐的同一地铁。

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  • 游览起点为
    Le Coq
    Rue Auguste Orts 14, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
  • 1
    La Bourse de Bruxelles
    停留: 50 分钟
  • 2
    停留: 50 分钟
  • 3
    停留: 50 分钟
  • 游览终点为
    Parvis de Saint-Gilles
    Parv. de Saint-Gilles, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium
    由于终点位置距离集合点 2.5 公里,我们会指导客户如何返回集合点。客户可以选择步行或乘坐我们在旅行期间一起乘坐的同一地铁。

5.0 分,共 5 分11 条点评

Caterina O
爱尔兰利默里克12 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2023年8月 • 夫妻情侣
I booked this tour because my partner really loves Belgian beer. Though I am far from a connoisseur, I found the tour really interesting and enjoyable. Our guide Liselotte had her work cut out for her as she had to switch between English and French all the time to accommodate everyone. That is not easy to do. Despite some challenges (some of the party had special needs), she remained calm and cheerful and engaging. I would recommend this tour.
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Hello, thank you so much for your lovely words. We appreciate you have noticed it was challenging for guiding the tour, but it's true, we do everything we can to give everyone a memorable experience :) Thank you again.
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Jeffrey T
1 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
Great experience! Our tour of Brussels and introduction to all things Belgian Beer was amazing. Lot was a fantastic guide and we couldn’t have been more pleased.

We are very glad we booked this and would highly recommend. She was beyond accommodating and really helped open our eyes to Belgian beer which we are now huge fans!!

I am more into craft beer than my wife but Lot was great at explaining things at both of our levels. So if you are a craft beer fan or just starting to get into it, the tour will work great for you!!
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Thank you for this review and sharing this with us!
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Celien N
比利时新鲁汶3 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
Really cool activity to do in Brussels!
We were a group of 10 Belgians guy doing a bachelor party. Liselot was able to get us all hooked into what she knows best : beers, how to make them, and their history. She had an answer to all of our questions and made sure to take notes for us in case we wanted to dig further on specific subject.
Some of us even discovered a new favorite beer!
To recap - a must-do in Brussels :)
Merci Liselot!
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Thank you for writing this review, it was a pleasure hosting you guys! BeerSecret wishes a bright future to the married couple :)
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S. Hines
3 条分享
3.0 分,共 5 分
The guide was clearly very passionate about breweries and beer. Also, knowledgeable in the history of it all. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

It’s all a bit disorganized, as is the guide. There was also just another couple with us, so I ended up trying to order us all an Uber since we were all tourists and were not left where the tour started, but across town. We ended up taking a train back to where we started.

One tip if your customers are all out of town: end the tour where you began. It’s just better customer service.
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Hello, I'm sorry to read that you weren't super satisfied of your experience with BeerSecret. Usually for this tour, it's true that we do end in Saint Gilles, which is about 2KM from the city center where we started. We choose for this neighbourhood for couple of reasons like a great partnership with the brewery where to meet the brewer. Sorry to not have guided you on how to go back to the starting point. Wondering if the 5min metro the city center wouldn't have been easier? Or did you experienced the tour during a holiday so we needed to change the itinerary a bit? Please, contact me via lot@beersecret.com as I would like to know more details; I could not make the connection with your name. Really hope to hear from you!
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Victor C
1 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Amazing experience with an entertaining guide! For sure she knows her subjects and is good at passing her passion to people!
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Hello, It's wonderful to receive this 5-stars review from you. Thank you very much, and maybe see you another time!
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Vlad P
1 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
Très bonne expérience, à faire absolument si on passe par Bruxelles!

Nous avons pu mieux comprendre comment se fait la bière (en posant toutes les questions qu'on veut, même à des artisans expérimentés), son histoire, et avoir même une vision du marché de la bière actuel! Avec tout ça, beaucoup de dégustations bien choisies et qui m'ont permis de découvrir une nouvelle bière préférée 🍺😁
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Hi Vlad, super merci pour laisser votre experience ici avec tout le monde qui cherche une activité de bière! merci :)
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

1 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2020年7月 • 独自旅游
Brussel its not only the capital of Europe but also the capital of hidden beer-secrets. Liselots passionate way of telling hidden stories of breweries, beer and chocolate makes this tour to a sparkling event! After this tour you'll understand why beer for the Belgians it's an art! She is a real ambassador with stars shining in her eyes from the moment she takes you into a cousy bar. All those trivial stories makes you curious how live must have been in the Old Brussels. And the more you taste the more you want to know. This tour its about real people. Go for it Liselot! 🍻😉
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Hello Pascal, what a beautiful review you left here. I'm really honoured by your strong words and extremely original way of how you experienced the tour with me. I can't wait to host other people coming to Brussels to share them the same experience ! Thanks again! Have a lovely day!
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

Michel H
1 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
Nous avons passé un super après-midi avec Liselot.
Nous avons beaucoup appris sur les différents types de bières et leur fabrication.
Liselot est agréable et passionnée.
Nous recommandons ++++
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire !! :) C'etait une plaisir de vous guider autour de Bruxelles
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

Toon Vanagt
比利时布鲁塞尔1 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
Wij boekten met enkele collega's deze nieuwe brouwerij tour. We overwonnen onze twijfels of die het wel waard zou zijn, aangezien er nog maar 2 beoordelingen waren nagelaten en we eerder al ambachtelijke brouwerijen bezochten. We hadden van bevriende bierliefhebbers echter al goede feedback gehoord over andere bier tours van Lieselot. We kunnen alleen maar beamen dat we niet beter hadden kunnen kiezen.. Liselot bracht ons naar twee compleet verschillende brouwerijen. Na een lekkere degustatie in Moeder Lambic, nam ze ons mee naar de oudste brouwerij van Brussel, waar we zelfs brouwtechnieken hebben gezien waar wij (als zelfverklaarde bierspecialisten) nog nooit van gehoord hadden. We ontdekten hoe dit type van brouwen het typische Lambic bier oplevert! Zelfs als Belg en Brusselaar leer je dus bij op deze leuke tour. Voor the tweede deel van de tour nam Lieselot ons mee naar een brouwerij die eigenlijk niet toegankelijk is voor het publiek. Daar kregen we een hele tour aangeboden door de brouwer, die met evenveel passie als Liselot bepaalde brouwtechnieken kon toelichten en demonstreren. Daarnaast mochten we proeven van hun nieuwste creaties. We moeten toegeven dit toch wel een onverwachte en aangename ontdekking was voor ons, aangezien hun assortiment nog niet op veel plaatsen verkrijgbaar is. Kortom, twee brouwerijen, één topcafé en lekkere degustaties tussendoor, ... Een tour om echt U tegen te zeggen!
Ik raad deze tour van harte aan voor iedereen die graag nieuwe biersmaken ontdekt, maar wil bijleren van een gepassioneerde gids. Cheers!
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Hey Toon, Wat een mooie review dat je mij hebt gelaten zeg. Ik ben echt versteld van je mooie woorden en hoe geweldig goed jullie onze tour hebben ervaren. Bedankt voor deze uitgebreide feedback en met veel plezier ontvang ik binnenkort nog meer klanten uit Brussel ! :) Thanks!
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

2 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
I subscribed as one of the first people for this brewery tour. I always wanted to visit some breweries when being in Belgium. For some reason, I couldn't easily find another tour that could offer a visit to different breweries in one afternoon.
First, we were introduced to the brewing process in an authentic bar where Liselot took time to explain us the whole process. I would have not appreciated a sour beer without her explication because the taste is like vinegar, haha. Apparently Lambic beer (so that sour beer) is a big thing in Belgium, and via her stories and background we all get engaged in that Lambic culture! Only thanks to her, I understand now why Lambic beer is actually not a lager, nor an ale. How interesting! After she took us to a brewery that is not accessible for individual visitors, and that made this visit even more precious!
Can't believe how much effort she is doing to give her clients the best experience!
A big thumbs up, and i'm sure you too will love the experience!
Congrats to Liselot !
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Helo Louis, what a beautiful review you left here with us! It's amazing to read how different your perspective is now of the our Belgian beers, especially Lambic and it's great to hear what a good time you had with us! Thanks again!
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

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