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  • 所有漂流设备:干式潜水服,PFD,头盔,短靴,手套
  • 合格的专业筏导游和安全皮划艇运动员
  • 漂流基地和河流之间的交通
  • Riverside茶点:新鲜出炉的华夫饼和自制热巧克力
  • 从阿库雷里出发(仅在预订时选择的选项)
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Taylor S 写了一条点评 2018年9月
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到目前为止,我们在冰岛的最佳体验之一! Viking Rafting酒店的工作人员非常棒,让您感觉安全,就像在冰冷的冰川河中一样。整个漂流之旅都是经验。太棒了!向Tarjan致敬,成为最好的木筏指南!我会向寻找冒险的人推荐这次旅行。我们一定会回来更多!再次感谢Viking Rafting!
Foodiebyummy 写了一条点评 2018年9月
佛罗里达布雷登顿28 分享13 推荐
回复来自Hafgrímsstaðir的白水漂流一日游:东部冰川河上的四级漂流OwnerAnup G
Dear Foodiebyummy, Let us begin by saying that your review has shocked us. It is important that you understand how seriously we take every single review, whether it be five-star or one-star. In response to your feedback, we made a point of thoroughly debriefing your trip at length with our entire team, in which we reviewed the photos and videos from the river and compared your words with other guests’ reviews. We are confident that the situations you are describing are misunderstandings rather than negligence or inexperience on our part. Please allow us to explain by addressing your specific concerns in detail. Let us begin with the most serious. 1. “staff ignorance could cost you your life! [...] PLEASE, don’t be the reason someone dies on this river!”. We find these words profoundly concerning and we take them extremely seriously. It is deeply disturbing to us that any of our guests might perceive this degree of danger on their rafting trip, whether or not that danger was real. After conducting an in-depth investigation into your trip and reviewing all elements of the river operation as well as your detailed feedback (discussed in detail in following paragraphs), we are able to reassure you, as well as ourselves, that your trip was consistent with our rigorous safety and quality standards, and that such objective danger as you describe it was non-existent. Regardless, the fact that you perceived danger to this degree leaves us very unsatisfied, as it means that we have failed in our commitment to provide you the top-rated adventure trip in Iceland for which we are renowned, and for that we take full responsibility. 2. “this is a pretty serious river, you can very easily get hurt if you don't know what you are doing. [...] The Beast of the East is no joke and it could cost someone their life if the person responsible for providing proper guidance does have sufficient training or experience.” We couldn’t agree more. All of our East Glacial River guides have a minimum of five years of international river guiding experience and hold an IRF (International Rafting Federation) Grade 4 Guide and/or Grade 4 Trip Leader license. Our safety kayakers also hold grade-appropriate IRF certifications. This is a matter on which we have published extensively and transparently, and we highly encourage you to review all of our licences, certifications, training, and experience, as well as our core philosophies and commitment to our guests on our website, which you can find here: https://vikingrafting.is/the-viking-rafting-difference/. It will address your concern about “THE STAFF [being] VERY POORLY TRAINED AND/OR HIGHLY INEXPERIENCED AND NOT QUALIFIED TO GUIDE ON THIS RIVER”, and help to clarify how we in fact lead all other rafting operators in Iceland when it comes to standards and qualifications. 3. “the guide said it was safe to jump out of the boat to swim in the river on one occasion when it was NOT in fact safe”. As you certainly understand with your depth of river experience, one approaches and navigates familiar rivers very differently than unfamiliar rivers. To you this was an unfamiliar river. We have spent decades and thousands of trips on this amazing section of water, and we have come to know very well the places that are safe and fun to swim. When and where appropriate, we offer the option to those that wish to jump in and spend more time in the water. The place you are referring to, where you “save[d] her just in the nick of time!” is a stretch of Grade 1 slow-moving deep water close to the canyon wall, in which the rock is neither sharp nor undercut, thereby posing insignificant danger to swimmers. The other place in the river where you experienced many people falling overboard (and where we regularly encourage lots of swimming) is our “surfing” rapid. Surfing is an activity in which we manage risk with a detailed briefing, instructions to our guests on how and where to swim, throwbags (ropes) on shore, backup rafts, and downstream safety kayakers. Moreover, surfing is an optional activity with an easy opt-out alternative of watching from the shore for those who do not wish to increase their chances of falling into the river by participating.    4. “On our particular trip our guide missed his "lines" on several rapids, putting us in danger and as a result forcing us to get down in the raft and hold on tight through more than one rapid”. Our review of the photos and videos clearly shows that every line taken by your raft through the major rapids was consistent with the way we safely run this river at this water level. Not once in these rapids did your raft flip nor did anyone fall out, and the guide was firmly on board and in control. All of the rafters are seen smiling happily and paddling hard, including you. As for the “get down” command, this is a standard measure taken everywhere in the world through major rapids to prevent people from falling overboard. It does not imply a missed line or dangerous situation. As you can see from the photos and video, it worked perfectly! 5. “I URGE this company to be more conscientious when employing raft guides”. We have many returning guides year after year, some with up to 20 years of experience on this river. Our new guides are carefully hand picked each season from a deep pool of highly-qualified applicants. Their training, experience, and qualifications are discussed in detail under point #2. This year, we are proud of our team that represents some of the most skilled guides and kayakers from 12 countries and five continents. In our experience, bringing in some of the best guides from around the world enhances our guests’ experiences and enriches us all. 6. “I should first off start by saying that we later learned that this was the first rafting season ever for more than one of the guides on our trip”. This is simply inaccurate. What your guide told your crew was that it was his first season guiding in Iceland at Viking Rafting, and not his first rafting season ever (refer again to point #2). We know as well as you do that it would be impossible for a first-year guide to navigate this river. This seems to be the foundation of your concern and we believe it may have altered your perception of the trip. 7. “He also fell out of our boat 3 times. I kid you not, 3 times! I have NEVER been in a raft where the guide falls out and it happened 3 times on this trip!”. Perhaps it is a river culture quirk that you had not yet encountered elsewhere, so please allow us to introduce you to the “guide pop”. This is a move whereby we use the bounce of small waves to jump as high as we can into the air, and at times out of the boat. This is nothing more than us expressing our love for the job and simply having fun where the river is easier and it is appropriate to do so. To address your concern, these 3 swims were intentional, and done in safe places where the guide was easily stay with the raft and climb back in when necessary. From your forward-facing seat in the raft it is difficult to appreciate exactly what is happening, but those in other rafts generally unanimously appreciate this harmless entertainment. 8. “When he resurfaced, he had a bloody nose!”. Your words imply a grossly inaccurate assumption that your guide was struck in the face while overboard. While we are unable and unwilling to divulge his medical history, suffice it to say that he suffers from frequent nosebleeds, which is a source of recurrent inconvenience and embarrassment for him. Epistaxis is not indicative of inexperience, ignorance, poor judgement, or lack of training. The most plausible interpretation we can offer for this series of misunderstandings is that your guide’s first language was not English. Some his explanations concerning his experience, the rapids, swimming, and other elements discussed above, may have come across as unclear, and unfortunately seem to have led to numerous assumptions. We have addressed the issue of communication with him and the importance it plays managing guests’ perception. He will take your feedback to heart as he strives for continued improvement. As will the rest of us. What makes your review particularly unique are your claims that you and your husband “are very experienced white water rafters”, who have “done numerous class V trips around the world, including several unguided trips as we are properly trained in the technique as well as safety aspects of rafting”. For this reason your feedback is even more surprising and confusing. Given your impression of our operation, it might surprise you to learn that our guide team holds the only two certified Grade 4/5 IRF Instructors in the country. As such, we are the center for whitewater training in Iceland, running several courses annually for international guides, students in Iceland’s university guide development program, as well as for our own team. We even regularly train our competing companies’ guides! Given you and your husband’s interest in (and questionable understanding of) whitewater, we would encourage you to consider joining us for one of our future professional guide workshops. Let us conclude by thanking you for taking the time to write us such a thorough review. If there are any matters that you wish to discuss further or concerns still unresolved, we would encourage you to contact us directly to continue this discussion. We aren’t satisfied until our guests are satisfied, bottom line.
Pieter VH 写了一条点评 2018年9月
比利时Bertem8 分享4 推荐
这是我们的第一次漂流经历,我会再次与这些家伙一起预订心跳。为了在安全的环境中为您提供惊险刺激,机组人员不遗余力地不遗余力。值得每一分钱,强烈推荐。 去寻找白水包,即使你害怕它可能太可怕了。 Anup和其他人会安全地引导你完成(一直叫一个名叫Tarzan的家伙,他一次又一次地翻转他的皮划艇) 午餐非常好,而且IPA也不是很糟糕。
Elyse B 写了一条点评 2018年8月
马萨诸塞波士顿111 分享15 推荐
我不能表达我在这次旅行中有多么有趣。我们都有点紧张,因为我们四人小组没有超越3级河流,但我们的导游(Sudat和Lizzie很棒!)是顶尖的,给了我们良好的指导和理解。 这条河本身很漂亮,你在峡谷内筏子,两侧都是瀑布。激流非常有趣,绝对能让我体验到肾上腺素的瘾劲。水是冷的,但Viking Rafting提供干式西装,而不仅仅是像其他公司那样的湿衣服,这使得旅行变得更好。 如果你在冰岛的任何地方,特别是在北方,那就去做吧!你不会失望的!
ebartosz 写了一条点评 2018年8月
密歇根底特律6 分享
维京漂流的惊人体验!对于两个第一次和一个经验丰富的人来说,我们度过了一段美好的时光。该团队在解释河流,旅程,安全等方面做得非常出色。他们提供了Drysuits,这对我们的舒适度产生了巨大的影响。即使在冰川河里游泳,我们也保持温暖干燥。 萨达特,我们的向导,在我们达到它之前彻底解释了每一个快速,并告诉我们期待什么。整个团队经验丰富,知识渊博。在我们的第一次激流之后,我们为热巧克力和华夫饼做了一个惊喜的进站!在河的下游,我们有更多的惊喜(所有惊喜!)。 总的来说,我们的旅行很棒。我们认为这是我们访问冰岛的最佳部分之一。强烈建议您使用Viking
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很棒的漂流体验!感谢Hunter, Mirto和Dustin!来自荷兰人的点评:Michel , Jorg, Adam和Ton!太棒了!
Ryan J
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