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年龄限制:4-104,每个团体最多 10 人
用时: 2 小时
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葡萄牙语, 英语

  • 瓶装水
  • 站立桨板和桨
  • 救生衣可根据要求提供
  • 小费

  • Haleiwa Beach Park War Memorial, 62-490 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712, USA 在Rainbow Watersports面包车上迎接我们 - 蓝色面包车,海湾中间有大彩虹。我们位于哈雷瓦海滩公园(62-449 Kamehameha hwy)和Beachhouse餐厅(62-540 Kamehameha hwy)之间
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  • 不推荐背部不适的旅行者参加
  • 无心脏问题或其他重大疾病
  • 大部分旅行者都可以参加
  • 此项体验需要天气状况良好。 如果行程由于恶劣天气而取消,您可选择改期或全额退款
  • 此次游览/活动出行人数不得超过 10 人

  • 要获得全额退款,请至少在体验开始日期前 24 小时取消。

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26 条点评

Hannah P
弗吉尼亚Haymarket1 条分享
Had a great time in the SUP lesson with Megan and Cruz! It was my first time on an SUP (but not paddling in general). Before you start, they offer to hold your water bottle and have spare sunglasses in case you come with your nice ones which was super helpful. Had a great lesson and experience paddling with them (mostly along the river than in the ocean). They check in frequently along the way and were very friendly. Thanks, guys!
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Rainbow W
Thank you for the review! Our lessons start on a flat ocean bay, where we travel into the calm, gorgeous Anahulu river. We are stoked that you had a blast.
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Matthew D
加利福尼亚尔湾1 条分享
Rainbow Watersports was able to squeeze our family of 4 in on the day of for a group lesson. My younger 4-year old son is comfortable with the water, but can’t swim yet - he enjoyed chilling on the instructor’s board pointing at all the beautiful scenery and chatting. My 6-year old daughter loves the water and, while she also shared a board with the instructor, was standing up and jumping in, hopping over to my wife and my board and having the best time. My wife and I had never been on a paddle board and even though it was windy in places, the instructors gave us just the right amount of guidance and space to figure it out. My wife fell in once, but came up smiling and climbed right back on. It was a great way to experience the north shore and coastal rivers. Highly recommended outing!
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Rainbow W
So glad you had a blast! Families are a blast; young children have the option of riding on an instructor's board, and all of our instructors are lifeguard certified and happy, ensuring that you have a fun and safe time on the water. Thanks for paddling with us!
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阿肯色州Sherwood4 条分享
I enjoyed my first time stand up paddle boarding. The setting is beautiful. The instructor, Vivi, was very nice and patient. It was more of a workout than I expected, but overall a good experience.
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Rainbow W
Thank you for the review! Our instructors cater to all experience levels and we are stoked that you had a great first paddleboarding adventure!
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Amy M
新墨西哥阿尔伯克基1 条分享
Really sweet staff and relaxing experience! Emma and Megan are the best! They were very accommodating with my daughter recovering from a sunburn, she was able to paddle seated and still had a great time.
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Rainbow W
Awesome! We are stoked that you had a great experience with our stellar customer service.
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Kari M
宾夕法尼亚费城2 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
Wow! Michael, Kezia & Ivy were so friendly & professional and I actually feel I gained much better control of the board from our lesson & tour. And what a beautiful place to paddle! We saw no less than a dozen sea turtles! Gorgeous, awesome, a GREAT memory we’re so glad we added to our trip!
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Rainbow W
Wow, the turtles are definitely a must-see :) Thanks a million for paddling with us—we are so glad that we were able to help you feel confident and comfortable "walking on" the water!
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加利福尼亚Granite Bay15 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Had a great time learning how to do stand up paddle boarding with Vivi! She was very patient and helpful with our small group of 4 novices, all 60+ in age. All 4 of us were able to paddle board with just a few falls into the river. Vivi even gave us a very welcome ice cold drink in the middle of our journey, took pictures of us that we now have on our phones, and even threw in a quick yoga lesson on our paddle boards! Those yoga moves really helped our aching backs and knees! The only 2 negatives were that we didn’t see any turtles (certainly not Vivi’s fault) and we spent almost half an hour trying to find their blue van only to discover that they brought a replacement white van! No problem, we still had our full lesson and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We highly recommend this company for SUP lessons!
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Rainbow W
Aloha! We are eager to teach all paddlers, regardless of past experience and skill level. Although we cannot guarantee turtles, the Anahulu river is gorgeous and definitely a must-see. Thanks for the great review!
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Ricardo M
1 条分享
We had an amazing time! Definitely recommend it! We were able to see two huge turtles swimming along side the board!
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Courtney C
2 条分享
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Andrew was our guide and he was absolutely incredible. took tons of pictures and videos throughout and then sent them to us afterwards. we were beginners and he made the whole learning experience so easy, we were also able to see some turtles ! would recommend for anyone visiting :)
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1 条分享
2021年6月 • 家庭
We had a family of 5: 2 adults, a 12yo and twin 4yo. The adults and the 12yo were on boards and the twins could either ride with one of the guides or with the parents. Since I’d been paddle boarding once before and knew how easy it is to pick up, the twins rode with us.

It was a great day out! The weather was nice, the water was calm. The girls did great being princess captains of our boards. We even got to see a few sea turtles.

Our guides Andrew and Kate were so welcoming and friendly. I think it’ll be a new family hobby since we all enjoyed it so much. Thanks for a great time!
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犹他州普若佛54 条分享
We loved our SUP experience. It was a wonderful day on the water going up and down the river. We also enjoyed the time on the ocean for a little bit once we started to get out balance. Very professional and answered our questions quickly and professionally. They helped us into the water to get us started and then provided pointers for our experience including when to turn around and what to avoid.
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