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年龄限制:3-99,每个团体最多 8 人
用时: 7–8 小时
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现场指南:英语, 西班牙语

  • 瓶装水
  • 小吃
  • 司机/导游
  • 机场接机和送机
  • 入场/门票 - 巴拿马运河
  • 酒精饮料(可购买)
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  • 食品和饮料

    • 巴拿马托库门机场

      • 不提供无障碍通道
      • 婴儿车可入内
      • 允许携带服务型动物
      • 婴儿必须坐在成人腿上
      • 提供婴儿座椅
      如果您对无障碍设施有疑问,我们很乐意提供帮助。 只需致电下方的号码,并引用产品代码:56119P2

      • 您将在预订时收到确认信息
      • 儿童价仅适用于与2位付费成人共用的情况
      • 儿童必须由成人陪同
      • 转移的持续时间是近似的,确切的持续时间将取决于一天中的时间和交通状况
      • 所有参与者在预订时都需要护照名称,号码,有效期和国家/地区
      • 大部分旅行者都可以参加
      • 此次游览/活动出行人数不得超过 8 人

      • 要获得全额退款,请至少在体验开始日期前 24 小时取消。

      如果您对此游览有疑问或需要协助预订,我们很乐意提供帮助。 只需致电下方的号码,并引用产品代码:56119P2



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      5.0 分,共 5 分12 条点评

      Audrey F
      4 条分享
      5.0 分,共 5 分
      2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
      Jose of Panamá 365 tours met us at the airport- we had arrived at 6:30 am from LA. After we went through customs and immigration control, we were delighted to see that Jose had arrived early and was waiting for us. We had a knowledgeable private guide who drove us to the Panama Canal visitors center, museum and IMAX theater. We were fortunate to arrive early and see a large vessel crossing the Miraflorres Lock with a bilingual interpreter on site describing the technical process. Jose drove us to Old City in Panama and provided a great suggestion for us to dine for lunch. We had a full itinerary and were back at the airport in time for our fligh at 6:30 pm to Columbia that evening. A wonderful use of a layover in Panama.
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      Jeremy A
      21 条分享
      5.0 分,共 5 分
      Danyal was my guide for this tour and he was awesome. Very hospitable and knowledgeable about the country and city. His passion for the country is very evident - he pretty much sold me on getting a retirement home in the country! Lol All around, it was a great experience and great way to see the major highlights in the city if you are there for a layover.
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      Mumbai, Maharashtra, India4 条分享
      5.0 分,共 5 分
      2018年9月 • 独自旅游
      10 on 10 for him and his company.... Was a very kind owner cum guide for me in Panama City ... You cannot be in a much perfect hand than him....Insist and work with him while in panama city...
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      Susan M
      1 条分享
      5.0 分,共 5 分
      2018年8月 • 家庭
      Danyal took us on the city tour and Amadour causeway. It was a pleasant and informative experience. Danyal also provided us with sound advice on reasonable places to shop. I needed to do an account transfer but had no data on my phone. Danyal shared his wifi with me. He is a wonderful tour guide my husband and him hit it off very well. Danyal speaks fluent English so we had no problems which is a big plus. I recommend this Doscover Panama 365 to anyone visiting Panama. They are very professional, friendly, prompt. Very knowledgeable of the history of Panama.
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      Timothy F
      佛罗里达坦帕4 条分享
      5.0 分,共 5 分
      2018年3月 • 好友
      This Daytrip is not to be missed!

      We were tired and sick from a long trip but decided to do our scheduled layover trip and was so glad we did.

      Easy customs in Panama city and the driver picked us up at the exit of the airport. We had a nice airconditioned vehicle and he catered the tour to our needs. We spent the morning seeing the Panama Canal which was on our bucket list. We spend the rest of the day seeing the old town after a nice lunch and some shopping. The old town is definitely worth the trip.

      Overall catered to our needs and good day trip! Highly recommended and such a good overview that I'd love to come back to Panama City and do more touring in Panama!
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      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, we are glad to know you enjoy your time in Panama! Thanks for recommeding us and we will look forward to see you again!
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      Fazia S
      特立尼达2 条分享
      5.0 分,共 5 分
      2017年12月 • 夫妻情侣
      My husband and I visited Panama from December 28 to January 2, 2018 and were met by Daynal Ali (Tour Operator) at the airport. We have been to Panama several times in the past but this time was much more memorable than our previous trips as Danyal took control of us immediately upon arrival. He was very courteous, punctual, polite and most of all his Trinidad accent made us felt as home. He was quite helpful and very knowledgeable about the city and the tour to the Canal was excellent. He was always in touch with us to make sure our stay at the hotel was comfortable and always willing to take us around anywhere we wanted. I can recommend his company to anyone visiting Panama to be home away from home.
      Thank you very much for your assistance and kindness and we will surely recommend your Company to all our friend and family.

      Vijay and Fazia Swaratsingh
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      特立尼达5 条分享
      5.0 分,共 5 分
      2017年12月 • 家庭
      Did this tour on a ten hour layover in Panama. Tour guide was amazing- friendly and knowledgeable. We visited the Canal, did a city tour and stopped for an authentic Panamanian lunch at a quaint seaside restaurant. All that, then returned to the airport for our flight! Perfect.
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      Sydney Marie M
      特立尼达11 条分享
      5.0 分,共 5 分
      2017年12月 • 家庭
      Tour guide was amazing, friendly. Went to the Panama Canal and other places around Panama City. Beautiful. Great experience!
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      特立尼达100 条分享
      5.0 分,共 5 分
      2017年8月 • 家庭
      I don't usually write reveiws for tour compnies but made an acception with this one. Firstly, my cousins had a layover in panama and this tour operator did a private tour for two of them only. I was able communicate with the owner via watsapp and book via paypal in minutes.
      They tracked the plane and collected my family in their hotel mear minutes after arriving in the hotel.

      This tour provider is so considerate they informed me that is was done via watsapp and even sent me a picture before the left.

      Form my cousins experience: The tour of the historic city was amazing and the guide was well informed and easy to talk too. What amazed me though was the guide was so observant that they realized that my cousin was getting the flu and made sure a phamacy stop was on the tour so my cousin got medication before she returned to her hotel.

      This tour company goes beyond the call and acts more like family. A wonderful way to spend a layover. They made a stressful delay into a wonderful experience. I have to return to enjoy their service.

      Thanks so much for Airport Travel and Discover Panama 365.
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      Astra S
      Chaguanas, Caroni, Trinidad and Tobago8 条分享
      5.0 分,共 5 分
      2017年7月 • 家庭
      My experience with this agency was excellent, informative and very friendly. From the very start my family and I were impressed with Danyal, the owner. He was very friendly and was giving us tips and suggestions about shopping and tours. Our driver, who is also our tour guide, Maciste, is a gentleman. He engaged in conversations with my family throughout our tour and told us a lot of history about the places and buildings in the city. He made sure my 3yrs old son was having fun during the tour by getting biscuits to feed the fishes at the marina. Danyal even brought his wife and kids over to the hotel and spend a few hours with my family one night. My son sure had a lot of fun with his kids that night. On our last night, Danyal took us for a drive to the city and the Amador Causeway. It was beautiful.
      Thank you very much Danyal Ali, my family and I really do appreciate it. We had a fantastic time and made a friend in Panama. You are truly a genuine down to earth person and you and your family are welcome by us anytime.
      Discover Panama 365 is a top-notch agency with fantastic service and excellent tour guides. I would definitely recommend their services.
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