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  • 空调车
  • 晚餐
  • 沙漠野生动物园牌照专业司机的沙丘扑打
  • 在营地里传统欢迎阿拉伯茶,咖啡
  • 阿拉伯糖果和新鲜水果
  • Sheesha设施
  • 软饮料和冷水
  • 阿拉伯服饰摄影
  • 骑骆驼
  • 沙板
  • 指甲花绘画
  • 国际自助烧烤晚餐(素食和非素食菜肴)
  • 消防表演
  • 塔努拉表演娱乐
  • 现场肚皮舞表演
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  • 酒精饮料
  • 四轮自行车
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33 条点评

1 条分享
2023年11月 • 好友
Amazing safari tour .. great experiance and we enjoyed alot having such a good friendly driver Abrar 🌹🌹 we will do it again inshallah ..
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Syed Waqas M
2 条分享
2023年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Excellent experience, our tour guide Abdul Waqas was exceptional, helped us in every way possible. Wonderful experience, every event was well organised and professionally conducted. The food was one thing which could be made better but quantity was more than enough. The 4x4 vehicle used were brand new and extremely clean.
Worth every penny. A must do when visiting Dubai.
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2023年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Abdul our driver was friendly and respectful, arrived on time and the car was clean & luxurious
The camp area was massive compared to others
Dine bashing was good however didn’t expect being stopped for additional Buggy excursion which costed more than the overall package
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Monty K
1 条分享
2023年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Very good experience overall.
Abdul was an amazing host. He made us feel like family and right at home
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Dean W
牙买加蒙特戈贝1 条分享
2023年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We had the most memorable and exciting evening in the desert thanks to our tour guide Abdul, he was very attentative to our needs and was keen to ensuring we had a great experience... big big shout out to "ABDUL" of Arabian Tour Package...we have the time of our lives...Abdul even morphed into our personal photographer😅🤣😂... 🐫 🕌 🐫 🏜 🐫
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Elaf J
1 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
Alhumdulliah lovely camp nice suv especially the Guy Osama very nice and kind person and his information about his work is excellent
Jazak Allah for make my family day memorable ❤️
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Ayesha Q
1 条分享
2023年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We enjoyed a lot. Honestly, the best tour ever.
The team was very cooperative. Highly recommended!!
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filippo c
1 条分享
We booked the package with the dinner and the shows.
Advertised was with start at 3pm. They wrote and in the end came pick up us at 4:30pm. I thought it was a little late since in Dubai is quite early dark. The driver didn't spoke a single word to any of us, was speaking on the phone the all time. BUT he was really good during the sand bashing.
What was bad:
1. To take the air out of the wheels to be able to ride in the desert we had to go out of the car and in one shop where they try to sell you stuff for crazy prices like you haven't been in the souq before and saw the same. You ask 4 times for the price they don't answer then want 300 Dirham for a turbant - and they use of them to keep the door for closing but "they are very high quality" we didn't buy anything. We shouldn't have stopped on the first place, the reason that they checked the air pressure was a lie since coming back they stopped again but this time we didn't have to go out.
2. Sand bashing was cool nothing to complain about it
3. Arrival at the camp: it was so late that we missed the Sunset almost completely. We booked 30min ride with the dune buggy it was only 20 guess what because it was too late. If you already know we booked this package why you get us there so late? Or why you offer the 30 min package when you only have 15?
4. The "sand Boarding" was a joke and since it was too late wasn't really something you could do.
5. The camel "ride" was technically a ride but was even more a joke then the sand Boarding. Literally you get on the Camel it walks 10 meter a guy take a picture from you with his camera -50 dirham each picture - and 10 meter back and done. Since it was pitch dark and the program was about to start was convenient that the "camel ride" was so short 😞
6. The dinner: you get water and cola and some other juice for "free" then you can pay for better juice - the guy from the juice tell us "you can drink then free juice but is made from a powder, from me you get real juice" no comment. The food wasn't enough for everyone so in the end we got some rice and curry and some hummus and bread. I mean they know how many people come beforehand just plan better.
During the dinner you are molested from people wanting to sell you stuff in the topical Arab way. The best of all was the "free Shisha" which was technically there but they didn't lit it so you couldn't really smoke it 😂 a joke in a joke.
7. The shows were ok. The fire guy almost thrown something on the girl in sitting in the first lane but anyway.

All together: not enough for the price and very low attention to details. Not recommended
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Shah M
5 条分享
Had a perfect day tour in Abu Dhabi, Zohaib was very nice to us and explained everything about every place we went pass in details. We had a wonderful time, he also took all my pictures.
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Nick M
1 条分享
2023年5月 • 家庭
The best part was the 4 x 4 safari it was amazing.

The quad biking needed to be faster ha ha.

Would definitely recommend.

Khan helped us though out the visit. We also lost my stepsons ring but found it in the desert.
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