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  • 专业和非专业摄影师的摄影定型。
  • 指导客户了解圣城的当前,历史和文化方面。
  • 房价不含食物。
  • 空调车
  • 根据要求支付给模型的费用。
  • 船只租赁和司机服务

  • Dashashwamedh Ghat Rd, Ghats of Varanasi, Godowlia, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001, India

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    17 条点评

    佛罗里达种植园7 条分享
    2023年10月 • 夫妻情侣
    Manoj is simply the best. I discovered him in a product booklet and decided to contact him when I started planning my trip to India. We chatted a few times and I made my decision to have him as my photography guide in Varanasi. I made the right choice, my wife and I instantly bonded with him. His knowledge of the area and expertise as a photographer exceeded my expectations. His suggestions were spot on, from the experience of the sunrise on Ganges to having a Sadu and Blue Boy on the boat was outstanding. Even the little details of the color of the boat to compliment our models was a brilliant move. Anyone wanting a world class and priceless experience when visiting Varanasi, Manoj is your guy. Thank you my friend.
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    Thank you so much. It was my pleasure to share with you my knowledge and Idea you are wonderful photograph as well. hopefully we will work together in the future soon.
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    Miriam S
    6 条分享
    2023年10月 • 夫妻情侣
    My husband, a photographer, had arranged with Manoj to accompany us while in Varanasi for our first trip there. It was quite an amazing experience with Manoj who is very knowledgeable about ALL aspects of the local culture of the city.
    He arranged with a boatman who took us on the River Ganges and also
    Organized for a blue boy and a Sadhu who treated us to delightful poses both on the boat and ghat. We also visited a delightful little village where we photographed villagers harvesting their vegetables.
    He was an outstanding , patient teacher offering his expert advice on improving my photography . It was my first time taking such close and personal shots of unknown people.
    I need to mention that Manoj, although having worked with many well-known international photographers, remains very humble.
    He is an expert in the field and offers tailor-made photography tours, not only in Varanasi but in other cities in India, upon request.
    Our time spent with him was invaluable .
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    Thank you so much it was my pleasure to be sale with you my knowledge and ideas you are wonderful photographer as well I hope we will work together in the future so take care and thank you so much again for giving me this opportunity 🙏
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    Steve H
    科罗拉多丹佛4 条分享
    2023年10月 • 夫妻情侣

    I had the pleasure of working with Manoj for two days recently in Varanasi.
    We focused on street portraits. It was a remarkable experience. Manoj is a talented and experienced photographer. He has a wonderful teaching style. He has the ability to show multiple different ways to create powerful images, but he also encouraged us to follow our own creative vision.
    His knowledge of the people and culture of Varanasi, allowed us to have extraordinary and unique opportunities to create powerful and intimate portraits.
    This is an experience not to be missed!
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    密歇根Grosse Pointe3 条分享
    2023年11月 • 家庭
    I highly recommend Manoj for a photo fixer/guide. He made excellent photos happen for me. He arranged amazing moments for me to capture in the best light. He responded to my desire to photograph Saddhus, people who live a spiritual life renouncing worldly possessions. Not only did he hire two Saddhus, he had them in a boat on the Ganges at sunrise. I learned to make amazing portraits. He enabled me to shoot people I found interesting as we cama upon them. He offered a wide variety of choices to photograph. During my time with him, I photographed a Saddhu with a camel, a blue boy, young men wrestling in dirt and how they trained, spiritual Hindu ceremonies in sunrise hours, as he instructed me on best capturing these moments. I always hire a photo guide when I travel. He however calls himself a "fixer" because he arranges the people, the settings, the events, and lighting that best represent Varanasi. I came away with beautiful images I'm proud of from this incredible city.
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    García G
    印度斋蒲尔2 条分享
    2023年11月 • 独自旅游
    I have been with Manoj for two days, it was incredible!
    Manoj is a person who takes great care of his work, is responsible and adapts at all times to what you are focused on.
    really very happy with the result of these two days.
    thank you!!!!!
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    It was my pleasure. I love my work and I always try to do one steps more and make better and better
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    1 条分享
    2023年10月 • 独自旅游
    If you are serious about your photography, I wouldn't use anybody BUT Manoj, he just doesn't make life easier for you to get around Varanasi and hit the major photography spots, but he also contributes with his ideas, creativity and desire to make YOUR photos great. I spent a weekend with him and he adapted to what I wanted to shoot, but also contributed his ideas for great photos; he also facilitated lots of things, from a knowledgeable driver that hustled us around Varanasi and look after all my gear like it was his, to broker relationship with locals to make them at ease for picture taken. For sure I would call him again for his ideas not only in Varanasi but other cities as well.
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    Thank you so much giving me opportunity to work with you and make one of the beautiful and incredible time and unforgettable photography. It was my big pleasure to share my Idea and Times I'm really looking forever to work with you again any other city in India
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    Tom Warbie
    2 条分享
    2023年6月 • 家庭
    Manoj is amazing. A professional photography fixer. Highly organized. Knows Varanasi like the back of hi hand. Understands subjects and light. All the right access contacts.

    Highly recommend for those interested in producing high quality images or videos.
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    Thank you so much. It was my pleasure to work with you and organise photo tour. I hope you will be return India again
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    8 条分享
    2022年11月 • 独自旅游
    Manoj is the best fixer and guide you can have. He aranged two photoshoots with holy man in Varanasi in one day. It was a great experience. Very energetic and professional fixer. Helps with everything you need to get done.
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    越南胡志明市14 条分享
    Went around with Manoj and his colleague Mona for 2.5 days in Varanasi. From booking stage to being actually on site everything went smooth. Manoj helped source the right areas for photo shoots whilst meeting great characters going around the streets of Varanasi. Good eye for detail and photo set-ups. Professional all the way. Definitely recommend Manoj and his team. Looking forward to the next trip.
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    Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. You are very good photographer your always welcome 🙏!! Manoj, Photography Fixer and Guide
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    澳大利亚悉尼46 条分享
    Photography Fixer and Guide in the Most Colorful Holy City

    Visited Varanasi in 2019 and only had two days which was definitely not enough time to explore this ancient and interesting city. Manoj was our guide then, so he was my obvious choice for next visit in May 2022.
    Manoj is very knowledgeable about his beloved city and enjoys to show the main attractions but also if time permits many unknown places that tourists don’t see.

    He is very honest, trustworthy, kind and caring person so I can’t recommend him enough.
    Manoj also is a wonderful photographer giving many tips on ways to take that perfect shot. He does mobile workshops as well.
    Manoj comes very highly recommended working with famous photographers also has worked with National Geographic, BBC documentary makers.

    After our days in Varanasi Manoj organised and accompanied us on our two week driving tour to visit Khurjaho, Gwalior, Orchha and Bodhgaya. We had a fabulous time and having him with us we were able to relax and enjoy an amazing time.
    We will definitely use Manoj on our next trips and so happy to have found a wonderful friend as well as a top guide. Thank you Manoj we will be back to see lots more of your beautiful
    此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
    Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. Your always welcome 🙏 Manoj, Photography Fixer and Guide
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