农业 - 市场 - 咖啡 - 烹饪(JHA1)

农业 - 市场 - 咖啡 - 烹饪(JHA1)

供应商/业主为:Cooking with Jolie in Hoi An

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  • Da nang port
  • Chan may port
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3 条点评

Paolo E.
纽约州纽约市11 条分享
I usually join a food/cooking tour during my travels but few offer as tailored and comprehensive an offering as Jolie. Our group of 5 joined the Farming/Market/Coffee/Cooking tour which meant that on top of what could have been just an ordinary cooking class, we were able to actually visit a local farm where food is grown, trace that food to the active markets, and take a break and get to know the bigger group. All that meant that by the time we got around to cooking, there wasn't a trace of awkwardness and we were properly hungry!

A few things that make Jolie's tours and classes stand out:
- Overall pacing: we didn't feel rushed at all and if anything, Rosie, who was our guide for the day, accommodated the group's (many) requests for photos, videos, side trips, and questions. If you're on a tight schedule however, do let the team know as the pace is more relaxed (as it should be).
- Cooking class format: rather than cook everything in one go, we broke down the menu in pieces, cooking and eating as we went along. Rosie was great at explaining the specific components while having each person take care of a different section so it didn't take too long before we ate. It made for a very educational but not overly formal experience. My only recommendation for future classes is to have the recipes printed out or accessible online.
- Family atmosphere: everyone we met on the tour really felt like family and knew each other (Jolie and several relatives actually joined the class as well!). That's not easy and quite rare these days especially when Jolie offers multiple tour types across Da Nang and Hoi An! I can say the whole experience was legitimately fun and they effortlessly got the group comfortable with each other rather than feeling like a one-and-done cooking class. I'm sure this was the case for many others judging from all the photos on their wall as well.

Would highly recommend one of Jolie's tours for the above regardless of what format you choose and 5/5 would go again if given the chance!
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Ray Kang
1 条分享
2022年12月 • 独自旅游
아침일찍 만나 로컬시장에서 장을 보고 커피를 마신 후 베트남 가정집으로 와서 여러가지 요리를 하는 액티비티 였습니다
호스트인 로지(Rosie)는 귀엽고 상당히 친절하였고 재밌었으며 완벽한 호스트 였습니다
베트남 여행 중에 가장 잘한 일 증 하나라고 생각합니다
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3 条分享
2019年12月 • 好友
Wow!!! It was a really good experience.This has been one of the highlights of our trip!! Rosie was an incredible and a very kind girl. Going to the vegetable garden with her was a great experience as it gave a great insight into Vietnamese produce. She also gave some background into Vietnamese local life. She and her family are so lovely and welcoming. All the food was delicious. We left with very full stomaches and hearts. Would 100% recommend doing this tour if you are in Hoi An - it is a must do!
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Dear traveller. Thank you for your great review about Jolie Cooking Class. We really had good time with you on our class in Hoi An. We wish to welcome you back in the future with more local foods in Hoi An at Hoi An Street Food Tour as well- a must do in Hoi An now! Happy holidays! Yours sincerely Cooking With Jolie In Hoi An 16 Luu Trong Lu, Hoi An, Vietnam +84.905.60.77.66
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