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  • Anchors @ the Jetty Restaurant, Atlantic Street, Waterfront, Walvis Bay, Skeleton Coast, Namibia, Walvis Bay, Namibia 请于 8 点在我们位于沃尔维斯湾海滨的 Jettyshoppe 上方的办公室与我们会面。谢谢你。
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please kindly send me my pics u made ur guests depressed
I took a combo trip with them.morning kayaking and afternoon sandwich habour tour,the morning kayaking was very fun
这是一次很棒的活动!我们喜欢跟随我们非常知识渊博的导演Jens,在那里我们看到了海豹并听到关于Walvis Bay的许多有趣的事实和故事。皮划艇本身很容易,这意味着我们可以非常近距离接触海豹。温热的茶和咖啡以及美味的早午餐在上水后

141 条点评

英国利物浦3 条分享
Great experience Kayaking with the Cape Fur Seals under the supervision of the knowledgeable guide SJ. You really are amongst hundreds of seals and the youngest seem more than willing to come up to the Kayaks to play with you and perform for you. You have a good hour plus out in the sea as well, so lots of time for photos and just to gentle paddle amongst them.
After the seal experience a light breakfast is provided on the beach.
Overall a very pleasant and enjoyable experience that I would recommend
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Thank you very much for the review, we are very glad you enjoyed kayaking with us! Safe travels.
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瑞典Torslanda1,344 条分享
Loved it! It was a great tour and a very relaxing morning. We really enjoyed gliding around in the water looking at the playful seals. The water was surprisingly clear.
We self-drove with our 4x4 to and from which was great fun as well.
The fika afterwards was good as well. As a tea drinker I always appreciate hot water that doesn't have a faint coffee taste :-) I was glad to get to try some eet-sum moor shorbread.
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Horst B
4 条分享
Tolles Erlebnis. Tolle Guides. Sie kümmern sich intensiv um die Robben. Sie sind auch Robbenretter. Sprich sie befreien die Robben von Netzen in die sie sich verfangen haben und die um den Hals geschlungen sind.
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7 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
Wir haben heute mit den Kids (9 und 11) eine Kayaktour von pelican Point aus gemacht. Naude hat uns abgeholt und auf dem Weg bis zum Startpunkt sehr viel über die Tiere und die Landschaft hier in Walvis Bay erzählt.
Die Fahrt geht am Ende über den Strand bis zur Robbenkolonie, dort wurden die Kayaks samt uns ins Wasser gelassen und wir konnten lospaddeln.

Das Wasser ist nicht tief, etwa bis zum Bauch und sehr klar. Wir waren schnell mitten in den Robbenmassen, die jungen Robben spielten mit den Paddeln, schwammen neben uns her und ließen sich sogar streicheln. Ein unglaubliches Erlebnis! So nah kommt man sonst nicht so einfach an die wilden Tiere ran. Hier war es ein wunderbares Zusammenspiel zwischen Tier und Mensch.

Die Leute von Pelican Point hatten uns immer im
Blick, trotzdem kann man auch als Anfänger oder unerfahrener Kayakfahrer hier locker mithalten. Es geht nicht ums Kayakfahren, sondern um die Tiere.
Wir können die Tour uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen! Ist einer der Höhepunkte unserer Reise bisher!
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英国赫默尔亨普斯特德549 条分享
Our guide CJ was excellent and fascinating to listen to, not just about the wildlife, but also in general.
We didn't get off to the best start as others in our group turned up late, but he kept us up to date and we didn't feel we missed out.
The drive to the kayaking area was fun, with a lot of birds to see on the way.
Once we got to the launch site, we quickly dressed and got underway. We were warned not to touch the seals as obviously they have a sharp bite! But they did enjoy playing with our paddles. The seals seemed totally relaxed around us and enjoyed swimming under/into/beside our kayaks. It was incredible to be part of their world for a little while.
Afterwards we had sandwiches and hot drinks to warm us up then a fun ride back to the office.
I'd highly recommend this tour to anyone.
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英国伦敦217 条分享
My family and I took a self-drive kayaking tour to Pelican Point. We were guided through the experience by Walter (aka Wally). He was super-friendly and knowledgeable.

We followed Wally’s car along the beach to Pelican Point, clipping the waves as we drove. Fantastic!

There were thousands of seals at Pelican Point. Kayaking amongst them was great. The seals appeared to be watching us as much as we were watching them!

Highly recommended.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to review us. We will let Wally know that you enjoyed the tour. Thank you for joining us, and I hope the rest of your holiday in Namibia is as wonderful. Travel safe!
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纽约州纽约市56 条分享
Do NOT book with this company. They are a bunch of irresponsible crooks that are too scared to own up to their mistakes.
While on their "tour", they were responsible for causing damage to our car, and left us stranded in the middle of nowhere.
When we tried to talk to them about it, they were nowhere to be found. They do not even have the decency to respond to an email.
Book with the other kayaking company down the road. You will be in much more responsible, trustworthy hands.
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Hi Rich as we explained to you - we are not responsible for damage to your own vehicle that you have been driving yourself. You showed up to our self-drive kayaking tour with a broken 4x4 vehicle. It was your responsibility to make sure you have a functioning 4x4 as you had told your booking agent. You cannot book an off-road self drive tour if you do not have a functioning 4x4! You did not stay in the tracks as we asked you to. You did not listen to any of our advice and you got stuck. Honestly Rich: everybody gets stuck, it's not a big deal in Namibia. It happens to everyone, and we simply deal with it, just like we did in your case. When it was clear that your 4x4 was not working, we shuttled you in our car to the kayaking site to make sure you still get to go kayaking. We made a lot of effort for you. We do self drives every single day. Some people get stuck, others don't, but we always deal with it. We did NOT leave you behind on the beach, we did speak to you during and after the tour, and the damage to the car was so minimal, you could have simply clipped the panel back. After doing the whole tour with us, you spent another hour in our office shouting at our staff and you threatened us with a lawsuit. Everybody else had a lovely day full of beautiful new memories of kayaking with seals at Pelican Point, one of the most exciting and breathtaking activities Namibia has to offer. All our guides were deeply rattled by this experience. They have never been treated like this by a customer, especially when we tried so hard to accommodate you. You are right with one thing: we did not respond to your emails full of profanity. But we did send you the pictures of your kayaking experience with us, because we always deliver on our promises.
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Karine D
法国卡纳须梅13 条分享
Juste exceptionnel ! Les otaries viennent jouer avec les rames et canoë, que du bonheur ! Des flamands roses par milliers en cours de route
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Thank you so much for this wonderful review, we appreciate it. Thank you for joining our kayaking tour.
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Sue M
英国哈彭登311 条分享
We had a great morning, despite being wet from the moment we got in the kayaks, and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the seals. They provide you with trousers and a jacket. These are definitely not waterproof, and are probably not even showerproof, but may be a bit windproof! We were told at that time of year - end June - the pups haven't got used to people in kayaks, so are still a bit wary but very inquisitive. Having said that we had plenty of very close interaction and had young pups playing with and lying on our oars! Soft drinks, tea, coffee, rolls and delicious shortbread biscuits after the kayaking. In addition to the seal colonies along the beach, we also saw some black back jackals and huge numbers of flamingoes.
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Thank you so much! I am glad you had such a wonderful morning. We love to kayak with seals, each and every day is different, but it is never boring.
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Benjamin E
1 条分享
Jasmine and SG offered us a unique experience. They shared nice tips and their knowledge about the seals. Such a good time! Would highly recommend
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Thank you so much! Schalk and Jasmine are both wonderful guides, I am glad you enjoyed your time with them.
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