Terra Cotta军队,华清宫和穆斯林区的一日游令人印象深刻

Terra Cotta军队,华清宫和穆斯林区的一日游令人印象深刻

供应商/业主为:Xi'an Joy Tours
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年龄 16-70
用时: 8 小时
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在Terra Cotta军队,华清宫和穆斯林区的一日游令人印象深刻中,我将游览哪些景点?
Terra Cotta军队,华清宫和穆斯林区的一日游令人印象深刻体验价格是多少?
Terra Cotta军队,华清宫和穆斯林区的一日游令人印象深刻体验起始价为 US$108.72。 在 Tripadvisor 探索和预订Terra Cotta军队,华清宫和穆斯林区的一日游令人印象深刻体验
哪家公司提供Terra Cotta军队,华清宫和穆斯林区的一日游令人印象深刻产品?
Terra Cotta军队,华清宫和穆斯林区的一日游令人印象深刻由 Xi'an Joy Tours 提供。 阅读点评,探索额外体验或在 Tripadvisor 上联系 Xi'an Joy Tours在 Tripadvisor 探索和预订Terra Cotta军队,华清宫和穆斯林区的一日游令人印象深刻体验

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  • 1
    The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses
    停留:2 小时 - 不包含门票费用
  • 2
    Huaqing Palace
    停留: 90 分钟 - 不包含门票费用
  • 3
    Muslim Quarter
    停留:2 小时
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6 条点评

Mish W
澳大利亚悉尼3 条分享
This tour was one of my trip highlights in China for 2 reasons: Linda and the itinerary.
Linda demonstrated great customer service before the tour began by promptly reaching out to confirm if I was taking a private tour for 1. She then provided an option to use the public transport as an avenue to keep costs down. I really enjoyed taking the bus as I like to see the the everyday lives of the locals (the lower costs was an added bonus!)

Linda can speak english very well and on the way to/from the destinations, we shared laughter and stories from our lives. I also learnt about the day to day lives of the locals and their customs which I found to be very interesting. Linda is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and outgoing guide. She was very patient with my many, many questions and multiple requests to help me take photos - I am so grateful.

Another reason on why I chose to book with Linda, was the itinerary. There are not many tours that offer both the terracotta army and huaqing palace in one tour. The attractions are practically across from one another and for me, it made more sense to save time by travelling to one area, once.

This worked out EXTREMELY WELL because it did not matter which attraction we went to first. Linda was able to perfectly time which place to go to first in order to avoid the crowds which meant I was able to enjoy the attractions more comfortably. I loved having that moment where the grandeur of both places wash over me, without having people push me out of the way - needless to say, i was awestruck at both places! It was nice to finish at the Muslim Quarter so that i could have an early dinner.

Thank you Linda for your amazing service and well thought out itinerary. This tour was the highlight of my trip!
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印度尼西亚泗水1 条分享
2019年10月 • 商务型
It was my first time in Xi An, albeit it was my third time in China, so i wasn't utterly unfamiliar. From the very beginning of our tour, we could tell how warm, enthusiastic, and well-informed our tour guide is. Oh dear, not only the Xi An city is impressive on its own, Linda —our bubbly tour guide— impressively explaining and introducing everything to us. Her story telling is top notch. Her passion was contagious.

The Terra Cotta Army museum itself was outstanding. Such an incredible experience and truly worth it. I enjoyed being immersed in that experience, being in awe, and to be honest, planning to go back in a few years if they make new discoveries.
Huaqing Palace was picturesque everywhere. Do prepare your camera.
Muslim Quarter was exquisite. Since I am a Muslim myself, I enjoyed praying in that eerily beautiful ancient mosque, but I can see people who are not practicing could still enjoy the mosque itself.
The food market is enjoyable as well. It's my recommendation to anyone who craves local cuisine, snack, and desserts (halal too!)
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墨西哥墨西哥城1 条分享
2019年5月 • 好友
El tour es excelente, la guía es de lo mejor, conoce muchísimo de la historia. muy recomendable este tour con esta guía.
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Muchas gracias! Que tenga la suerte!
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Noemi L
1 条分享
2019年5月 • 独自旅游
The trip to Xi’an was the highlight. This was due partially because of the excellent guidance from my private guide Linda, she was incredibly knowledgeable about places of interest I have visited and was very amicable and professional, partially because of the customized-itinerary-ONE PERSON BUS TOUR which helped me save a lot of money! Her insight on Chinese culture and modern life was very informative. Thank you Linda for all you did to make sure my enjoyable private tour! I will recommend you to my friends in the future. Hope everything goes well to you!
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cristina w
墨西哥利昂1 条分享
2019年4月 • 独自旅游
Gracias a Linda por su servicio muy profesional.Ella es muy amable y paciente, me llevó a visitar los guerreros, muy impresionantes; el Palacio de Huaqing, un lugar muy bonita con la historia conmovedora. Me encanta Xián, es una ciudad muy hermosa y cultural, y me encanta la compañía de Linda.
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1 条分享
2019年4月 • 独自旅游
Terra cotta army is really impressive! Tang Huaqing Palace is stuning beauty in this season, its moved history haunted my mind, and Moslim quarter is also a wonder place, and illuminated Bell Tower and Drum Tower are so magnificent! Linda is very nice, professional and knowledgeable. She speaks English very well! From her presentation I have known more about Xi'an and also China, in particular the beginning of this great nation and the base of its social system. In addition, for one person I think bus tour is the best choice, economical and relaxing. Thank you Linda for your perfect tourist service!
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Thank you Mr. Peng, I hope you will introduce Xi'an tour and Linda to your friends.
此回复为企业代表所写的主观评论,并不代表 TripAdvisor LLC 的观点。

Terra Cotta军队,华清宫和穆斯林区的一日游令人印象深刻, 西安市