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  • Indira Gandhi Intl Airport, New Delhi, New Delhi 110037 India
  • 港口:
  • Kartavya Path, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

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  • 您会享有接送服务
  • 1
    Friday Mosque (Jama Masjid)
    停留: 45 分钟 - 不包含门票费用
  • 2
    Chandni Chowk
    停留: 30 分钟
  • 3
    Gali Paranthe Wali
    停留: 15 分钟
  • 4
    Khari Baoli
    停留: 30 分钟
  • 5
    停留: 25 分钟
  • 6
    Dariba Kalan
    停留: 30 分钟
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35 条点评

Janet B
2 条分享
This was a super fun tour of the madness of Old Delhi. My guide Rahis was friendly and very knowledgeable. I went on a Saturday which is a very busy time. Loved the food and shopping. Highly recommend
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5 条分享
2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
3 stars because the tour guide waited and made us feel safe. 2 stars knocked off because it seemed like everywhere we were taken was a place where the guide would get a kickback- Very overpriced and only westerners at the stores. Also, paid 350 a piece at Jama masjid. We had no camera like some reviews state as a fee and were dressed appropriately. All in all, it was a descent tour for the price.
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Dear Jens, I would like to thank you for sharing your valuable feedback and I am heartily sorry for your average experience and apologize for all the inconvenience faced by you. I am ready to offer you a free tour of Old Delhi again to enhance your experience and this offer of mine is valid until you take the tour. If its not possible this time then you can take the same anytime during your next visit. Now talking about the facts and findings.....Jama Mosque has the Entrance Fee of INR 300 for every foreign tourists and also if the Mosque Authority finds that you are not dressed appropriately then too they will give you a gown to wear and they charge INR 50 for it. This is something which is not in our hands and every tourist has to bear with it. Also Old Delhi being a mid seventeenth century city attracts everyone (every tourist+every local tourists) due to its bustling markets, street food, worlds biggest spice market, heritage buildings, restaurant Karims and Jewellers who claims to be the Royal Jewellers hence you will find majority of the foreign tourists visiting/purchasing or seeing the art in many such stores and food points because locals have the advantage of coming here again and again. Tourists coming to Delhi does not want to miss Old Delhi's tour. Everyone prefers coming here. Moreover in your case the guide has done everything which he should do to enhance your experience. Like you booked the Group Tour with no street food option and you reached couple of hours late and the guide waited at the meeting point and guided you well despite mentioning about the the time lost. Also he has shown no rush and took you to every places mentioned in the itinerary, took your photographs as well which was shared with you. You tipped him as well for his excellent services as you shared your feedback that you enjoyed the tour. So in all what I understand is that you rated us less for the things which are beyond our control and every market/store you visited there was no pressure/obligation to purchase anything. The guide takes people to everywhere in Old Delhi including the narrow alleys in order to enhance the experience as its all about the historical places and the heritage and the people who all are into the same profession since generations on. So now leaving all this aside I heartily apologize for the inconvenience faced by you and I am ready to give you the tour again which will be free for you. Thank you for your valuable feedback as it really helps us to improve upon the lacking areas. Best Wishes, Tariq
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Alicia L
西班牙马德里30 条分享
We had an amazing experience walking around Delhi with Tariq. He took all the time to explain us everything we asked, to show us and make us taste the local gastronomy, he took us a lot of pictures and walked us around the market helping us having the best prices :)
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荷兰芬洛4 条分享
Tariq was an amazing guide. He is really knowledgeable and tailorized the tour towards my interests which I really appreciated. Besides that, he was very cautious about selecting where to eat based on what was hygienc and my dietary preferences. I can't reccomend this tour enough!
Pro tip: don't take the tour on a Sunday as there will be stalls and such closed, so you don't get the full experience.
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NA sunik
3 条分享
2023年3月 • 独自旅游
She helps me that I can understand the diversity of Delhi India. And she communicated very nicely. Plus, the tour date was able to reschedule depending on my situation.
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Diana Sennett
德克萨斯州阿马里洛5 条分享
This was a nice tour of old Delhi with a Tuk Tuk ride. I really enjoyed it without the food tastings.
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2023年3月 • 好友
Absolutely amazing and worth it! Tariq was a fabulous and informative guide with a great sense of humor and a generous spirit. He allowed us to fall in love with Old Delhi and I’d highly recommend him.
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2 条分享
2023年3月 • 好友
Tariq is amazing
Kind, patient and so knowledgeable
We had the best best time with him - he understood what we were looking for and took us to incredible places we would NEVER have known about
Don’t even look anywhere else
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meabh mc mahon
爱尔兰都柏林12 条分享
We had a wonderful tour with Rahish. Such a knowledgeable and friendly person. Old Delhi markets are so colourful and interesting, they are definitely a must if you are visiting Delhi.
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Paula W
2 条分享
2023年3月 • 家庭
We had an excellent tour of old Delhi with Farheen & Adeel . We visited some very interesting and colourful places , managed to buy some excellent gifts and they both were very kind and knowledgeable guides that gave one hundred percent effort in making our trip a memorable one! I would certainly recommend this tour and would use this company again ! Well done both of you !
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