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年龄限制:5-99,每个团体最多 15 人
用时:2 天
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英语, 西班牙语

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  • 国家公园两侧的门票入口
  • 入场/门票 - Garganta del Diablo
  • 入场/门票 - 伊瓜苏瀑布

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28 条点评

Caryn O
俄勒冈波特兰1 条分享
Iguazu Falls is a must see. You can't imagine what it is truly like until you see it for yourself. I highly recommend doing both the Brazilian and Argentine sides of the falls. From Brazil you get the full panoramic view. From Argentina you get the up close, on top of experience. Having a guide is very helpful and saves a lot of time when it comes to crossing the border. Our guide also helped us easily add on the boat experience. Don't skip the boat. You'll get drenched but it's totally worth it. One tip that no one mentioned on other reviews is that there is a place to change clothes and store things you don't want to get wet. Some people even wore swimsuits. Book this trip, you'll be glad you did.
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犹他州盐湖城2 条分享
2022年11月 • 独自旅游
DO NOT BUY THIS UNTIL YOU READ THIS REVIEW. This tour was an absolute ripoff. It was so unworthy of the cost, we decided to opt out of the second day and pay a private driver/tour guide to do far more than this tour offers (he took us to each park, waited for us at every stop, and even took us to have meals in Brazil and shop in Paraguay — all for less than half of this awful experience). While many reviews may be positive, I think people confuse the tour itself with the experience of visiting the falls. There is no need to have a guide at these parks as there are plenty of signs and helpful people to show you where to go (there are only a couple of trails on the Argentinian side and only one trail on the Brazilian side). The “tour guides” just drive you to the park and stand around while you do everything yourself. There is no additional information or assistance along the way. The absolute WORST part of the entire review was discovering they direct you to buy tickets for the park on a third-party site that charges 150% of the actual tickets if you buy them directly on the park’s website. This is a scam all the way through. You spend all day waiting and waiting. They picked me up 45 minutes late, and my friend, who had missed his flight and did not even land in Puerto Iguazu until after 12:30, came to the park at 1:00, saw everything I did and left just 15 minutes after I did. This despite the fact I had to be outside of my hotel at 7:30am for pickup. That means we waited a cumulative 6 hours — just standing around or forced to sit in an overpriced food court at lunch time for more than 2 hours. This tour operator should be suspended from TripAdvisor/Viator immediately. Those who give it a good review are simply unaware how much they are overpaying. If you would like the name of our personal tour guide, please send me a message on my WhatsApp: USA +1 720 850 2043
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Thanks for your comments. Let me desagree, our operator in Iguazu called you to inform about the delay and your answer was not friendly. For the second visit, you left a message at the notel to inform that you will not be taking the visit and it was no show. Guides, operators, people in the offices and in the park are working hard, and I think you should think that the travel industry chain is important. You can go directly, but without our help you could not book in advance the Gran Avenura, the Helicopter Ride, and many other activities available that have to be booked in advance to guarantee space. Of course, you can find a "cheap" option, you can go by yourself to any part in the world, but if you book and contract with a tour operator, you have everything arranged in advance and booked in advance. What about the private service you booked? It was an authorized driver and guide? licenced? with correct insurance? What happen if you have any trouble or an accident in Paraguay? Let me disagree with your opinion, and trust in a travel company, with 23 years in the travel market. It will guarantee me safety and peace. But it´s my opinion of course, I respect your words. Thank you again. regards, Ramiro
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SeeTheWorldWithUs.com Peter
pbartula21 条分享
2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
The trip was an awesome time and the guides were great. They both spoke fluent English and they were fun!
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luis a
巴西Jacarei4 条分享
Passeio que não pode faltar na agenda dos viajantes . Havia chovido nas datas anteriores e as quedas se uniram formando uma imensa cachoeira .
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Annie M
1 条分享
This was one of the highlights of all my travels.
Be sure to stay in the area for a while, find a cottage on a remote farm and revive your soul a bit.
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Shelley P
西班牙圣地亚哥德孔波斯特拉15 条分享
We had excellent service from getting picked up at the airport...being taken to the BR side..our tour guide stayed with us the whole day! We had some personal challenges that required getting to private area with wifi at a certain time ...she was able to accomplish this as well as get us to see the falls! She then accompanied us to the AR side and helped with check in at the hotel. Our hotel o2 was wonderful..very upscale and convenient. The next day we had a new guide luerna and she led a group of 19 and was able to manage ticket problems and other challenges. We went on 3 of the hikes and she was great with information as well as moving the crowd along. It was all day 7:30- 6:00. We decided to eat at our hotel 02...and it was excellent and resonable.. we then had a early flight back to sao paulo and had to get get picked up at 3:30 am! They were there snd got us to the airport with plenty of time. The tour group is excellent, the falls beyond belief. Have water, bring your patience as there is LOTS of people but everyone behaved and it was enjoyable! Thank you
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Eric O
玻利维亚圣克鲁斯省9 条分享
The tour was great. Junior did a great job of navigating us around the falls. They made all of the border crossing super easy. The helicopter ride was awesome. They were very friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommended.
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Thank you very much! Nice to hear that everything was fine! Thanks for your comments
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Andrea Paula I
4 条分享
Un lugar al soñado, dos días hermosos, mucha caminata, pero de fácil acceso. las cataratas son dos postales diferentes vistas de cada pais. parece que fueran dos cataratas distintas, pero es lo mismo. Hermosooooo. El operados super bien, hasta nos esperaron con el aire acondicionado prendido del vehículo. impecable el servicio.
此点评为 Tripadvisor 会员所写的主观评论,并不代表 Tripadvisor LLC 的观点。 Tripadvisor 对点评进行检查。
Gracias! Nos alegramos de que hayan disfrutado!
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墨西哥阿卡普尔科11 条分享
Dicen que en el agua se originó la vida y en estas cataratas se percibe como se funden nuestro cuerpo y la naturaleza en medio de tan inigualable belleza difícil de encontrar en otro lugar, con vistas peculiares de cada país que no se puede decir que un lugar es más bello que el otro.
Por lo que es recomendable el visitar el parque Argentino al igual que Brasileño.
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巴西康泊琉海水浴场28 条分享
Lugar maravilhoso porém não tem a mesma estrutura que o lado brasileiro,lugar sujo mas a natureza compensa quando se chega perto das cataratas. O começo do passeio começa sendo ruim para atravessar a fronteira argentina que demora horas pois eles olham o documento de todo condutor isso forma uma fila enorme. Tem que pagar uma taxa na volta e isso não é informado quando atravessamos a fronteira.
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