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  • ARK Wildlife & Dinosaur Park, West Fen Lane, Stickney PE22 8BD, UK 遇到之前,请到达方舟野生动物公园的接待处
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17 条点评

Claire P
英国沃灵顿2 条分享
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We had such a great time visiting all the animals here at the wildlife park, we got to meet Dexter the fox he was very handsome! And fed the artic foxes. The work the the park do is truly amazing. I would 100% recommend the fox encounter or even just visiting the park to see the animals as this goes towards food and caring for them and its also such a great day out.
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deb mc
英国唐克斯特74 条分享
2022年4月 • 好友
It was a real privilege to get up close to the foxes, although, as it should be, at all times the staff are most concerned about the comfort of the animals.
Lovely to be able to feed the goats and get close to the meerkats and other animals.
Staff all lovely and genuinely care for the animals. An ethical zoo and obviously a much better life for the animals than what they've previously had.
Gift shop and cafe well stocked... Even vegan ice-cream, can't ask for more!
PS we didn't have kids but they are very well catered for with play areas etc, and the animal enclosures all have lower view points so nobody gets left out.
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uk1 条分享
2022年2月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited today for the first time, really enjoyed visiting all the different animals. We chose to do the fox encounter. We had Sam who told us all about the foxes. Ours were more interested in sun bathing!! We were invited to feed the artic foxes which was amazing. Would definitely come back.
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英国诺威奇2 条分享
We visited Ark wildlife park during half term week for the Fox encounter for two. Despite rubbish weather, we had a wonderful morning and managed to spend a good 3+ hours wandering around and seeing all of the animals before our fox encounter. I should say, we don't have any children so were perhaps more able to walk leisurely a few times around the park than families with children may be able to.

The wildlife park does a good job of sharing the stories of the animals they care for and teaching a bit about the common consequences of people keeping exotic animals as pets. Given that a lot of the animals have had difficult pasts, the majority appeared more than happy with their new life at the animal park!

The fox encounter itself was amazing! It was great to be able to go into the enclosures and see the animals a bit more up close and personal. We were able to go into two red fox enclosures. In the first enclosure, we met Shadow (pictured) who was cautious but did come and say hello. The famous 'Sox' was more interested in his dinner (fair enough!) so we then went to see Dexter and a beautiful white (Red) fox who proudly came to show us her prize too (a chicken leg?). As none of the foxes were feeling too sociable on the day of our visit, the keeper also took us to feed some eggs to the arctic fox pups which they thoroughly enjoyed (as did we!)

Seeing the arctic fox pups (now fully grown but still cute!) were definitely a highlight for us! Especially seeing them first thing in the morning, all fluffy and white, compared to how muddy they'd got themselves after a day of running around in the rain!
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Sam R
8 条分享
A great place that was C-19 safe.

We met all the different foxes and even managed to stroke and fuss Sox the fox.

It was great to visit Ark and see how they care for animals that are in need of a second chance. I would definitely recommend visiting for anyone that loves animals.
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英国米德尔斯堡378 条分享
Fantastic day being a zoo keeper. Fed the porcupine, meerkats and cats. Got up close to foxes and agouti who were just gorgeous. Staff 1st class and make sure you have a great day. A vast amount of animals to see and enjoy. Absolutely loved our day and will go back for sure. This place does a lot of excellent work rescuing animals and they are well worth supporting
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Steve D
英国Sleaford5 条分享
A great time meeting the foxes up close with warden, Chloe. She gave a very interesting brief of the species, their feeding routine and information on natural habitat. We met the four Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) - Sox, Shadow, Dexter and Lana, up close. They were very friendly and inquisitive. We also saw the Artic Foxes - Blizzard and Alaska.

The whole park is well worth a visit and we highly recommend the Fox Experience.
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8 条分享
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Jamie had a wealth of knowledge of the foxes and it was really interesting to learn new things about these amazing animals. We got to meet Sox and Shadow, and Lana and Dexter, and got to see the new members of the ark family, Blizzard and Alaska the arctic foxes.
We even got to scratch Sox behind the ears which was an added bonus and totally unexpected. Sox is such a little character!
We had a nice day here, enjoyed our lunch sitting outside though we could have sat inside. It was bright sunshine, seemed a shame to waste it.
Plenty of handwashing facilities around and about and good Covid awareness.
I love what they do here, providing a safe place for animals that might otherwise be destroyed through no fault of their own. There are even patches of overgrown grass/shrubs in enclosures for the animals to hide in should they feel the need to which I think is fab since some of them have suffered at the hands of humans, and probably don't feel terribly safe around us.
This place is a great thing. Long may it continue!
We will be back again at some point for sure
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Rosie P
英国伦敦57 条分享
2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Can’t recommend highly enough. The park is a lovely little place doing great work looking after all the rescued animals, & what a great mix of animals there are! From monkeys to goats, foxes to meerkats & everything in between. The keepers are really lovely too, super friendly & really knowledgable about all their different species.

We did the fox encounter, which lasted about half an hour & was great. The weather was very hot so unfortunately the foxes were pretty sleepy & wanting to be in the shade ha! But had a few strokes, a few nibbles & learnt all about them. If you’re interested in this, I would say maybe go when the temperature is cooler as the foxes might be a bit more lively!

Tasty, well priced food at the cafe too & I think there’s an area where you can bring your own picnic as well.

We’re not from the area & don’t have a car so got a taxi from Boston town centre, which cost around £18 each way for 2 of us.

Would definitely recommend a visit & would certainly come back! Great for families & couples.
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nottingham20 条分享
What an amazing place ,Jamie our guide was so informative and made my fox experience amazing ,myself and my son met 4 beautiful foxes which was one of the best experiences I have had ,the park is so lovely and the staff are really friendly and helpful can’t wait to come back again x
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