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111 条点评

加利福尼亚圣地亚哥301 条分享
We choose the Bank Heist room due to availability, however it was a good concept with lots of different challenges. The room itself was on the smaller side and seemed a little worn but overall still fun.

The lower rating for us was due to the employees working there. While nothing egregious it took away from our experience. For example, it was difficult to understand the instructions as they were told to us and in order to get a clue, we had to use the walkie talkies which were hard to work (accidentally got on another game room’s channel and our batteries ran out). One of the locks was also old and to open it correctly took forever. All of this took up too much time and we didn’t finish like we wanted or could have.
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Prue T
1 条分享
Bank heist. Was a lot of fun. The energetic Levi was helpful and enthusiastic. Highly recommended. It was challenging and the time went by quickly.
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加利福尼亚都柏林17 条分享
Our family of 7 adults had a blast doing the "Bank Heist" escape room! Nik Nak was our witty and fun game master, and she did a great job giving instructions. She even gave us a few bonus minutes when we prematurely hit the "End Game" button! Overall, a great experience and a fun memory for our family!
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Chris Esparza
路易斯安那州新奥尔良13 条分享
2022年9月 • 家庭
We were a family of 5 and all of us had a blast (age 11-51). Nik-Nak was our host and ensured we had everything we needed. The room included some fun reveals and surprises along the way… kept us motivated.
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加利福尼亚尔湾11 条分享
2022年9月 • 好友
Our group of 9 girls had a really great time trying to solve this puzzle. We escaped just in time but it was challenging enough that we had to ask for hints several times…
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Indio, California23 条分享
5 out of 5 for sure. Staff was super friendly and helpful with 11 teenagers. My son had a great time for his birthday. We made it out of the bank heist thanks to the helpful clues from the staff. Definitely going back to try out another room. I even heard they are building a new room.
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Gia N
1 条分享
2022年8月 • 好友
Our group had a great time with the Bank Heist escape room. Nik Nak was a great advisor with her clues and helped keep It fun. We enjoyed our time and successfully completed the heist!
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Ramon B
1 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
What a great escape room! And Nik Nak was a fantastic game master, helping us when we needed hints. Lots of puzzles to solve in this one and the laser challenge was my favorite part. Highly recommend this one for the entire family!
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥2 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
A great challenge. We liked this escape shop so much we came back again in our trip a second time for a different room. We did locker room first with nic nak and came back later and did bank heist with Kay money. Both were challenging rooms but good and both staffers were helpful and friendly. We had kids with us for both and they had a great time. Would recommend
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Prince K
3 条分享
Our family of 4 did bank heist. We've done multiple very good to excellent escape rooms with multiple franchises and I'd say this ranked somewhere in the middle. The concept was a little different - you call for your getaway ride (game master) to end the game when you are almost out of time, and your success is a continuum depending on how many safe deposit boxes you broke into, as opposed to a binary escape/fail.

The room itself was above average - decent theming, but somewhat less "immersive" than others. You could sometimes hear people in adjacent rooms because not all the walls went all the way to the ceiling. The room was well-lit which was nice. There were also some very cool effects in later parts of the room.

Puzzles were a mix of standard "find the 4-number code" for locks as well as other more interesting puzzles. One thing I did appreciate is when you found a piece of paper they didn't waste your time with a long backstory that was irrelevant. There were humorous items and it was pretty clear what info you actually needed most of the time. My only nitpicks is one puzzle was straightforward but very hard to accomplish with the quality of the items you had to use. If they were a bit more sturdy it would be more doable. There was also one fun item we have not seen in other rooms, so seems unique.

The game master - Nik Nak, was one of the better ones we have had. She gave us a good start and every time we needed a little help, she gave us exactly what we needed, not too much or too little - that can be a fine balance and she did great.
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Dominique F
Dear Prince, Thank you for your detailed and valuable feedback as well as your kind words about NikNak. I'm glad you appreciated the humor in Bank Heist. As a matter of fact, we are making an investment in soundproofing between now and the end of 2022. This should mitigate the lack of immersion you mentioned. I'm hoping that by the time you return, this sound issue will be less of a problem. Since we barely survived the pandemic, it took us a little while to save the money for project of the scope. The building itself is cavernous with 17 foot tall ceilings and challenging to soundproof. But with honest feedback like yours, we have been planning this upgrade for some time. I hope when you do come back, we can earn that 5th star. Warmly, Dominique from Escape Room Palm Springs
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