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年龄限制:4-90,每个团体最多 23 人
用时: 5–6 小时
开始时间: 查看供应情况

  • 空调车

  • 提供旅行者接送服务。
  • 早上6点从Santa Teresa地区的任何一家酒店接客
  • 其他:
  • Santa Teresa Beach, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica
  • 返回原来的出发地点

  • 不提供无障碍通道
  • 靠近公共交通
  • 提供婴儿座椅
如果您对无障碍设施有疑问,我们很乐意提供帮助。 只需致电下方的号码,并引用产品代码:44458P5

  • 大部分旅行者都可以参加
  • 此项体验需要天气状况良好。 如果行程由于恶劣天气而取消,您可选择改期或全额退款
  • 此次游览/活动出行人数不得超过 23 人

  • 要获得全额退款,请至少在体验开始日期前 24 小时取消。

圣特雷莎到利比里亚机场共享班车体验起始价为 US$55.50。 在 Tripadvisor 探索和预订圣特雷莎到利比里亚机场共享班车体验
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司机非常友好和乐于助人,准时到达。 我们从La Fortuna换乘到Montezuma,所以不得不乘坐渡轮,司机帮我们搬运行李。快速高效,推荐!

12 条点评

Los encontré por internet y la verdad es que resultaron un gran hallazgo, me han traslado desde liberia a santa teresa con una gran puntualidad (el chofer llegó 20 minutos antes), super amables y cordiales. En santa teresa compre la vuelta a san josé y durante mi estadía fui cambiando mis fechas de vueltas, a lo que ellos respondieron siempre con alegría y buena onda a cada una de mis peticiones, al tal punto que pedí un bus de un día para el otro y lo consiguieron. Realmente son unos fenómenos, les super agradezco todo! No lo duden, la mejor agencia por lejos.
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Elizabeth C
5 条分享
Always a great experience traveling with Tropical Tours!
Friendly and on time drivers, and well maintained tourism vehicles.
Will definitely continue using their services. :)
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Natives Way Costa Rica
哥斯达黎加塔马林多87 条分享
Excellent shuttle service, I highly recommend them for getting around Costa Rica.
Their vans are modern and comfortable and the drivers are professional and punctual. Also great customer service from the office staff. Thanks Tropical Tours for all your help! :)
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mcs0386 .
9 条分享
2022年1月 • 独自旅游
Such comfortable vans, the driver was on time. Grear service! Much better than paying $250+ for a private.
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英国伦敦4 条分享
2022年1月 • 独自旅游
Terrible trip! First of all, they made us change shuttles two times because they had oversold the trip and had not enough place for everyone.

On top of that, when we left the bus a girl forgot her phone inside and within 5 minutes, the phone “disappeared” while the only person in the bus was the driver, Juan, who we heavily suspect stole It as he was the only one in the bus when all passengers were out of the shuttle.

Also, the way the luggages were organised was extremely unsafe (the lugages were about to fall on our head from the back space at any second) and I had to constantly hold the luggage to avoid a bad injury.

If that wasn’t enough, the driver Juan was extremely agressive and when we asked his names to complaint he started filming us without any reason as he knew I would report him to the head office.

This company is a disgrace, we had heard repeated stories of people being robbed with Tropical Tours and I now witnessed It.

Avoid at all costs and find an alternative, worst trip in years.
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So much hate and so many accusations with no proof. Thankfully our humble small family business has many other beautiful reviews talking only positive things. Thank you for your unnecessary hurtful words we will keep doing our best like we have.
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C dav
英国斯温西148 条分享
I used tropical Shuttles Tours twice, once from Liberia airport to Santa Teresa and once for the return. Drivers were friendly and got us there in time. The bus change was a little confusing with seemingly not enough room on some buses but we worked it out. My only niggle is that they tried to charge me $15 extra to drop off at my hotel, which was in Santa Teresa but maybe an extra 5 mins out from the main strip. On the way back there was no such issue, which makes me think it depends who deals with your booking and who’s feeling like they want an extra tip. I heard the same from another guy at my hotel who was told it was an extra $20 and he managed to haggle them down to $10? Prices should be fixed and visible on the website.
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Jesse A
2 条分享
Beware of this company!! They will lose your luggage and blame you for misplacing it. My girlfriend and I took this shuttle on our final day for a faster and direct shuttle to the airport to safe time and stress but that was not at all what we got. When you choose a shuttle like this you entrust the driver to secure your luggage in the back of the van but somewhere in the process as we were already settled inside the van either the bag had fallen out or someone came while the door was still open and snatched the bag. All in all this never should have happened either way... It should have been more organized and better secured. The driver said nothing more than it was not my fault and took off while we sat dumbfounded on the side of the road. We contacted the company multiple times with little to no acknowledgment and in all they only put the blame on us. Your better off taking the local transportation. It is much much cheaper and overall just as fast and as easy and you get the full experience and I never had issues like this on local shuttles. I would never choose tropical shuttles again.
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Hello Jesse, your statement and accusations are quite strong coming from a person without solid proof of the situation. Our company as you can already see (and thanks to all our satisfied customers ) is a very reliable and safe company. You are somehow blaming our company for something only you are “sure” about. Thank you for taking your time and like we already mentioned in the email: Our general policies section 6.2 states that: Tropical Tours Shuttles will not be responsible for loss or damage to carry-on items left unattended by the passenger, this includes carry-ons incorrectly stored in the luggage compartment. Thank you for choosing us
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Stuart M
英国曼彻斯特23 条分享
Great service all-round.
Website is easy ti use in both Spanish and English.
Conformation was quick and prompt.
Price was good.
On pick up - EXCELLENT COVID precautions
Driver was on time
Driver assisted with bags
Journey safe with good driving
Got to our journey exactly on time.....what more can I say!!
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Julian V
荷兰阿姆斯特丹141 条分享
Het contact met Tropical verliep zeer professioneel. Helaas bleef hier tijdens de rit werkelijk niets van over. De chauffeur sprak geen woord Engels (ok dat kan gebeuren, maar als je in toerisme werkt vind ik dit wel raar).
We kregen te horen dat er nog 2 mensen werden opgehaald en dit bleken er 8 te worden, en de bus zat propvol. Ok dit kan ook nog! Maar toen. De chaffeur had een vreselijke rijstijl. Had de hele tijd zijn telefoon in zijn hand en bezig met bellen, Whatsappen, alles tegelijk. Remde in bochten, dan weer gasgeven en dit wisselde af zodat meerdere mensen misselijk werden. Toen het bloedheet was zette hij zijn raam open tegelijk met de airco. Toen ik daar iets van zei sloot hij geïrriteerd het raam voor de helft. Vreemde reactie. Snelheidslimieten, inhaalverboden golden allemaal niet voor deze man. De meest onmogelijke manoeuvres werden uitgevoerd met zeer hoge, oncomfortabele, snelheden.
Dat deze man in een toerisme branche vervoersdiensten verricht is werkelijk onbegrijpelijk. Zonde, want Tropical leek een goed bedrijf.
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Wendy E
加拿大温尼伯43 条分享
We used this company three times in the last 2 weeks. The first time, my daughter and her boyfriend were the only ones in the shuttle when they stopped for a bathroom break and a transfer. Her Beats just "disappeared" while they were in the bathroom. The Company told us there was nothing they could do and they weren't responsible. This was their introduction to Costa Rica as they had just arrived from the airport. Very upsetting.
Be prepared for many transfers and drivers who drive very fast on gravel roads. All three shuttles left late and communication with the company is only through What's App. They all arrived at their destination, thankfully which is why they are getting at least 2 stars.
Unfortunately, in some areas they have very little competition and therefore can treat customers this way.
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Hello Wendy, this is the second review we have from you, we are happy to explain our customers the situation, first of all it is a very strong statement to just blame on us something that you have no prove at all (no photos, evidence, footage,), how can you guarantee something that you can not prove to us? Specially with a nice family business that is trying to make this right and you can see that in very review that we have.. Also when you were booking our services you agreed to our terms and conditions, (just like when you are booking a plane ticket or any other service). In our list of policies there is a policy that states: "Tropical Tours Shuttles is not responsible for any personal belongings left in our vehicles.". Your comment can be taken as an intent to persuade with personal intentions. With this being said, our team wishes you a really nice day and we are hoping to be clear to our future customers. With enthusiasm and honesty we will keep giving our best effort to our customers. Best regards Tropical Tours Shuttles team
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