Progreso Misnebalam Ghost Town ATV游览和Silcer海滩俱乐部休息

Progreso Misnebalam Ghost Town ATV游览和Silcer海滩俱乐部休息

供应商/业主为:Shore Excursions Mexico

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年龄限制:18-65,每个团体最多 7 人
3–5 小时
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英语, 西班牙语

  • 从您的Progreso游轮码头往返交通!
  • 完全许可和保险运输!
  • 英语口语认证岸上游览指南!
  • 自动雅马哈或Italika ATV!
  • 所需的所有设备包括头盔,护膝和护肘护罩以及能见度背心!
  • 海滩的可选全包附加功能!
  • Towells和储物柜
  • 食品和饮料,除非另有说明

  • 提供旅行者接送服务。
  • Progreso, Progreso, Yucatan Peninsula
  • 港口:
  • Port Progreso Cruise Terminal
  • 返回原来的出发地点

  • 不提供无障碍通道
如果您对无障碍设施有疑问,我们很乐意提供帮助。 只需致电下方的号码,并引用产品代码:68847P1

  • 您将在预订时收到确认信息
  • 不建议孕妇参加
  • 最低年龄为18岁
  • 最低饮酒年龄为18岁
  • 在预订时,游轮乘客必须在预订时提供以下信息:船名,停靠时间,下机时间和重新登机时间
  • 如果因游轮迟到或未到达导致旅行/活动遗失,将不予退款
  • 可由多语种指南操作
  • 大部分旅行者都可以参加
  • 此次游览/活动出行人数不得超过 7 人

  • 要获得全额退款,请至少在体验开始日期前 24 小时取消。

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5 条点评

Pao L
2 条分享
Excelente tour! Esta padrísimo si te gusta la aventura y llenarte de lodo pasando por los charcos bien salvaje, después m al cenote abierto, hay avistamiento de flora y fauna que te explican en el recorrido y las leyendas urbanas. Gracias por tu excelente servicio Cristobal! Esperamos volver pronto.
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Hola! Que bueno que les gustó el tour a misnebalam, fue pensado en que fuera emocionante y que se puedan llevar una experiencia inolvidable. Gracias por sus comentarios. Nos ayudan a continuar dando muestro mejor esfuerzo para darles el mejor servicio. Saludos cordiales
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nicole J
墨西哥坎昆3 条分享
Nos hemos quedado con el recuerdo más grato de nuestro viaje. Toda una experiencia llena de energía! El guía conoce muy bien la historia de la zona pero también comparte unas leyendas increíbles. Sin duda estamos contando los días para regresar.

This has been the most pleasant memory of our trip. It's an experience full of energy! The guide knows all the zone history very well and also shares awesome story legends. We are counting desperately the days to return.
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Bianca C
1 条分享
This was hands down the best excursion to get out of you confort zone! They gather you up by the ship and then you head down to town get introduced to the local guide and then it's about a 20 minute ride when you reach this rustic very realistic barn where there's some animals around and the atvs the place looks a bit run down from the years but it definitely has its appeal, there they give us gear and instructions on how to use the atvs, so we were fortunate to go on rainy days and got plenty muddy haha loved it!! Then we arrived to an abandoned church and other complex of building and were told the story of this hidden little town. What I personally liked as the fact that this place wasn't structured fancy for those who want paved roads and pure cleanliness y was down and dirty and you got to enjoy and see what people down there really live by day by day. After wards we head to the beach club. Guys some advice take a change of clothes with you please you will need it! After a little while at the beach relaxing then we head back to the boat with the rest of the groups so all in all it was unexpected but we'll worth it. 5 out 5
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1 条分享
If I could rate this zero, I would. Slicer Beach Club is super small & kinda skanky. Pool is literally the size of a hot tub & nasty. However, Slicer is the highpoint of this tour. Female "guide" in van went on & on & on about how all Americans are rich but her ppl are destitute. (So do you hate us or do you just want some our $?) Looong drive to the middle of nowhere "farm" where we were handed off to another "guide" for the ATV ride. Female guide departs to host another tour. What? Now it is me (single, older female), my barely teenage grandson and some random dude in the sticks of the Yucatan - no other shipmates on excursion. But wait...once upon the ATVs, we proceed even further into the sticks. Flashbacks of 20/20 Mexico kidnapping stories are overtaking my brain....Dust, gravel, iguanas, scrub brush, heat, so much heat, so much dust, so desolate, so far from the ship...we finally arrive at the "ghost town" where random dude guide actually pushes over some rocks so we can scale a wall. (I'm an old lady!) He remains outside the walls, hmmmm. Graffiti, broken down bldgs, tall grass & overgrown trees...As we explore, we suddenly come upon armed random dude #2 perched in a sorta treehouse/lookout above the property. I am scared to death but smile & speak to the guy only to be met with a harsh, silent glare. We quickly re-scale the wall & return to the ATVs as our guide & the armed man exchange heated words I cannot understand. Money exchanges hands & we are abruptly escorted away from the property. Drive back took us by an awful smelling sewage plant (no lie) & a nearby lagoon where we could swim. Umm, no thank you. Can we just go back to the ship? This is way too much Mexico for us. Back to the farm that was so bad even the animals looked miserable..underweight horses, a messed up bird...seriously, it was like the Island of Misfit Toys - so, so sad. A 45-60 minute wait later the female guide finally comes back with her other "tour" who all looked as miseable as us. No water. No bathrooms. No end to this nightmare that I funded. Even my ATV loving grandson hated this excursion. We made it out alive & back to the ship on time... those are the only positives I can offer. For the love of all that is good & holy, STEER CLEAR! (Date of our tour was 5/2019)
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Hello we are deeply sorry about your bad experience but please let me mention some things that you should know. 1.- we at shore Excursions Mexico do not have any female tour guides! 2.- did you take more than a year to rate this activity? 3.- we haven't n receive a cruiseship guest for mora than a year ago A can only think you book your tour with a different tour company. We usually get feedback from our guests just after the finish the activity. And we have a guarantee on out tour quality. And once again we do not have any female tour guides Kind regards Shore Excursions Mexico
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Mark P
7 条分享
From the dirty, gross van, to the "tour guide" who didn't explain much, we were very upset to have spent so much money on this excursion. Once we found where we needed to be, we were taken to what was presumed to be a parking lot filled with other dirty vans and buses. We got in the nastiness and were horrified on what was to happen next based on our surroundings. We were relieved to have 3 more couples join us on this experience. We were taken through what I can only assume was their town. A town of filth, boarded up concrete buildings with graffiti, and poverty that was very clear. There were not many vehicles or people around which added to our anxiety of where we were being taken. We saw men driving trucks with rifles in clear sight. We arrive at the "home" of one of the tour guides, inside a locked fence. At least we saw the ATV's because if not, we would have not gone inside. One step inside the gated complex I look to my right to see the carkus of some animal's head laying on the ground. I alerted my Husband while trying to shield my children. There were many animals in this "complex." Horses, malnutrished dogs, puppies, pigs, peasants, and goats. We take this ATV excursion through nothing but dirt roads and brush. Nothing to see for 40 of the approximately 45 minute ride to the "Ghost Town." We arrive to the "Ghost Town" to see 3 buildings. We were told the "keeper" was not working that day, so all we saw were the outside of these buidling full of grafitti. Clearly run down. Was it a true ghost town? Doubtful. Fast forward to the beach club. Wow. We think someone took whatever money they had and claimed a part of the beach. The tour guide had previously mentioned, several times, that we had not purchased the $25 all you can eat and drink package, but we certainly could buy one if we wanted to. We were so filled with dust and dirt from the ATV's all we wanted to do was get back to the ship and shower! The "tour guide" took us back to the ship, but not without drilling into us that it'd be $10 per person for the ride back. Once at the ship, we get out, and again he stated we would like $10 per person, but I will leave that up to you. I have him $28. Odd amount, but I had only 8 singles and had planned on that as a tip at first.

This excursion cost is $468 and we were very, very mislead and disatisfied. Progreso is dirty, run down, and not at all what pictures show it to be. PLease consider yourselves warned.
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Hello it seems that you didnt like this excursion. First of all Progreso is not and ugly place as you describe it, there is no people with rifles, and our tour guides dont go with our guests back to the ship with them in the transportation, and never ever ask for money to our guest. This tour is based on off roads sigthseen and exploration of and old abandoned town called misnebalam. This info is available on the tour description . There is no refunds for this excursion. Kind regards
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