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年龄限制:1-95,每个团体最多 50 人
用时: 5 小时
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现场指南:英语, 西班牙语

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    • 对于这次Progreso游览,您将在船旁边的免税商店外面见面。一旦您经过小商店区域,您将找到一个官方的旅游问讯台,而在它旁边的是SHORE EXCURSIONS MEXICO的代表将在那里等待,那里有带徽标的桨/标牌和上面有您的名字的清单。有权接待客人和保证服务的唯一人员是Aaron Chi,Jose Arenas和Cristobal Figueroa。请注意,其他公司会试图欺骗您,说他们是墨西哥海岸游览公司的工作人员。请询问ID。其他会议信息:Progreso酒店的客人将在酒店大厅外与“墨西哥海岸游览”代表会面。请提前15分钟到达。 协助:如果您迟到或无法找到会议地点,请致电我们的当地运营商“墨西哥海岸游览”经理Cristobal。
      • Progreso Cruise Ship Terminal, C. 82, 97337 Progreso, Yuc., Mexico

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        • 1
          Zona Arqueologica de Dzibilchaltun
          停留:2 小时 - 不包含门票费用
        • 2
          Silcer Beach Club
          停留:2 小时 - 包含门票
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        4.0 分,共 5 分7 条点评

        Jocelyn D
        英国伦敦301 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        We decided to visit the site on our own, so took a taxi from Merida. The ruins are very old dating from 600BC. They are small and well worth having a guide as he can explain everything to you about the buildings. The open chapel which was built of stones from the original buildings is interesting, it self a ruin, was being worked on by the conservators. The cenote is polluted therefore it is not possible to swim in it any more
        The echoes in the main square really do,sound like the quetzals. The most important building is the building of the 7 dolls.the window at the top was strategically placed for the solstices and the moon. The ruins were not very busy. We took about 2 hours
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        Denver17 条分享
        1.0 分,共 5 分
        Was not very impressed. The cenote was closed and they didn't reduce the price of admission. The museum was also closed. We did not get a guide but the ruins were not that impressive. There are a lot better options in the area.
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        Statesboro, Georgia, United States4 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        I had the absolute best time! Our tour guide, Adam, is not just a local but also a full fledged Archaeologist! He kept the 30-40min bus ride very entertaining with his plethora of knowledge, while mixing in a few jokes and stories. Bus itself was comfy and driven by a delightful driver, Toni. The Mayan ruins were incredible! To stand in the same location as the ancient Mayans is really a once in a lifetime experience. You can climb up several of the temples/structures and get some amazing photos/viewpoints. There's even temples that haven't been excavated yet, which gives you an idea of just how hard it is to find these buildings initially. Adam gives you a guided tour (about 40min), and it happy to continue giving you information about the wonderful area, and you're free to look around on your own for the rest of the time. The Sun temple, while closed to climbing, was cool to see. There's an interesting natural spring, around the size of a large swimming pool, filled with an abundance of fish who will gladly give your feet a soft spa pedicure (warning: it tickles like crazy). Weather was perfect! 80 degress and clear, I highly suggest you go in Fall and avoid the heat of Summer. Bring some sunscreen and bug spray, as you would anywhere else that Nature exists. The beach portion of trip was a lot of fun. A brief walk (about a city block) and we arrived a nice beachfront local restaurant, to enjoy roughly 90min of open bar time. Some drinks are pre-made in large batches, but everything is clean and sanitary. Cups are around 12oz, but you can easily order multiple and "double" for stronger drinks. There were a few local vendors wandering around the area (the beach is public after all) that will approach you. They're trying to make a living of course. But a kind "No" and wave of your hand (as Adam instructs you), and they will pass you by. Never did I once feel crowded by them. The staff was very kind and the prices on food was quite reasonable, akin to average prices of most Mexican restaurants back home. Food was both great and interesting! You're given free chips n' salsa, beans, and a small veggie plate, but can order more food. Bartenders were super friendly and the DJ kept the music going and even did a fun ring toss game! Beach itself was pretty. Water had a little bit of algae but wasn't gross. There are some sharp shells in the water (because it's a beach), so make sure you wear flip flops,etc. There were some seagulls, but that's simply nature for you. Just make sure you cover your plates if you get up, and every once in a while one bird might get brave and land on the table. Just DON'T feed them. You'll regret it. Overall, best Archaeological experience ever! Ruins and rum! You couldn't ask for more.
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        Lety Lopez
        15 条分享
        4.0 分,共 5 分
        2019年7月 • 家庭
        Fuimos por nuestra cuenta en familia, hay descuento para estudiantes y maestros con credencial.
        Si llegas en auto también te cobran el estacionamiento.
        No te dejan entrar con maletas, debes dejarlas en el auto o alquilar un locker por $50.00 pesos.
        Si vas a nadar en el Cenote ubicado adentro de la zona arqueológica, debes ir con el traje de baño puesto, la toalla y una botella de agua.
        Hay poca o nula información en las ruinas, se ve algo descuidado en ese aspecto, sino entras con guía o un libro se siente uno perdido.
        Uno de los atractivos es nadar en el Cenote, el agua es fresca y tiene una zona de vegetación adentro del agua, es hermoso. Es bastante resbaloso, por lo que se recomienda ir con sandalias.
        Cuidado con los moscos y las hormigas pican a muerte.
        Mi esposo perdió la cartera por aquello de llevar cosas en la mano, si pueden llevar en una bolsa sencilla sus cosas, si pasa sin problema
        Contactamos por facebook al director y se mostró amable y dispuesto, pero desgraciadamente no apareció.
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        Thank you for your review! We are so happy to see that you had a wonderful experience. We look forward for your next visit!. Shore excursions Mexico Team
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        Genoa H
        田纳西克拉克斯维尔43 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        2019年5月 • 家庭
        We had our boys 5,4 and 2 with us and this was perfect .My husband loved the history and I loved swimming in the cenoate!!we especially liked that we could climb up and take pics!!The beach was also amazing !If you order food watch out the plates of nachos are huge !!!!Adam,John Paul And memo were excellent
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        华盛顿柯克兰26 条分享
        4.0 分,共 5 分
        We just went on our own...no tour. It is worth your time. go early in the morning when cooler, during the week. The ruins are amazing and the cenote is an oasis.
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        4 条分享
        5.0 分,共 5 分
        Una zona arqueológica maya extraordinaria donde se puede aprender y conocer más de los habitantes mayas, el basamento piramidal de las muñecas su construcción es maravillosa e increíble, el manglar presenta agua clara y limpia.
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        Hola! Nos da mucho gusto que les haya gustado su tour! Agradecemos mucho su review Les esperamos en su proxima visita! Saludos
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        Dzibichaltun玛雅遗址和海滩休闲游览, Progreso