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英国牛津郡875 条分享
This was excellent value for money split between 3 couples . Each of us had a bedroom with en suite , and there was a spare single . The kitchen / lung dining area with is balcony overlooking the marina and river Bure was upstairs . It was clean and tidy and a major bonus was the dayboat thrown in for the wee . Its about 10 minutes walk to Wrexham centre over the bridge with Roys department store and foothill as well as pubs and restaurants etc . A couple of improvements would be possible . the kitchen equipment was only just adequate for self catering cooing , The clothes hanging / storage arrangements were strange with a rail in the room for anything hanging . The bin arrangements were not clear and we couldn't work out how to recycle waste etc . Overall though a great place for a brea !
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Paul Routley
英国Bedworth3 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
Accommodation was satisfactory.
Boat mooring not allowed outside the accommodation so was a bit disappointing. Unlike a previous visit.
Tried to downsize our boat but was met with very unprofessional/unhelpful staff and that’s putting it politely.
This has totally put me off retuning to Barnes Brinkcraft in the future
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Chris B
英国大伦敦15 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
The boat was clean and in great condition. The staff were extremely helpful, even sending on something that I had left behind.
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英国乔利29 条分享
Third visit to Barnes Brinkcraft for our Broads Holiday. Boat handover was easy as we had hired the same boat before. The yard manager is a star, but I wonder how he puts up with some of the customers he has to deal with!! Good hamper provided with our boat (BELMORE TC) and the boat was clean and tidy as it has been each time we hired it .Cruised over 200 miles in 11 Days this trip and had no problems with the boat. We will be back next year without a doubt.
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Angela B
英国Romford54 条分享
We have stayed at Riverside View a few times now. This is a lovely well equipped 2 bedroom property in a good location on the river and within easy walk of the village shops and amenities.

We had lovely weather and Wroxham is a lovely place to visit. There are a couple of pubs and places to eat. Nearby is Wroxham Minature World and Wroxham Barnes.

I think the only thing I would mention about where we stayed is that Riverside needs a few minor fixes i.e. one of the bed slats was broke, the towel holder in the kitchen needs replacing and other minor issues we found. I did find the bed slightly uncomfortable on this stay, having found them so comfy on previous visits, so not sure if new mattresses are required.

The day boat that was included in the price was a little disappointing this year as we had some problems with it, but we did get to use it and managed to moor up at a pub!

We took in a couple of river cruises which had an Easter theme which was brilliant, and visited Roarr Dinosaur Park.

Will definitely be back again !
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英国莱斯特郡13 条分享
2022年4月 • 好友
It was our first family holiday since 2016 and we have fond memories of the broads having had boat cruisers previously
This time due to varying ages of the children we thought having a lodge as a base and a day cruiser to go places would be a better option
The whole week was just fab yes we were blessed with lovely spring weather but we did lovely relaxing things by exploring the different broads taking in all the nature that is around it
Hiring paddle boards and canoes added to the fun of the holiday
The lodge is in a great location and plenty of room. Very clean and designed really well
Very easy to get to lots of places either by water or car. Beach just 25 mins away
We had a few issues with the lodge regarding some of the equipment however it was dealt with promptly and efficiently with no hassle
Cannot recommend enough for a lovely relaxing family holiday
Also Roy’s empire was well used especially the toy shop !!!
All the staff pre booking and whilst there were very helpful
We have had the most wonderful family time suitable for all ages ours were from age 3 to 66
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Dave Z
7 条分享
we hired the Ultima 1 for 6 of us from barnes brinkcraft . the company is well run and it was so easy for us to get all of our gear to the boat , and then shown how to steer it by 2 staff members who made it look so easy . after the trip it was just as easy to get all the gear back into the cars . staff are friendly ,knowledgeable
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James H
1 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
Just got back from a week with this boating Firm. Don't wast your money on the hybrid boats. A boat identical (not hybrid) used £180 of fuel and we used £177. No point paying the extra for it.
The second you go over 70% the generator switches on, anything over 3.5 MPH, most of the river network basically. ow and if you do drive slowly around, you still need to run the generator to Heat up hot water .... ( no electric water heater!)
The heating system is basically a jet fighter taking off if your in the rear room, wish they had used a gas boiler system, but then they won't make £££££ on diesel.
Ow and fuel, get them to top your boat up before you leave, I noticed they filled ours up on return, charged us, then ran the heating and left the generator running, so the next person using the boat will be charged ( after the holiday) for all the diesal used while the boat is in the yard. WHAT A CON!
Doesn't help that there charging 1.55 for fuel when I'm buying red at 1.06 currently , when you have spent so much on a boat you don't expect to be fleased on fuel.
Front loo back fills, after been flushed, we basically gave up using it after day 2.
Curtains have been replaced and don't fit. massive gaps around the edges.
LEDs are a mix of blue and yellow ( I persume where they have broken)
last point, they say collect between 2 and 4, that's not a timing for you, that's basically when they can be asked to hand it over. we where there bang on 2, and told we had to wait. didn't get the boat till 5. dreadfull start to a holiday with two small children.
The staff didn't care.
We will not be using this boating company again. Back to our normal hire firm
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manchester122 条分享
2022年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Hired the Omega for two people for four nights.

Good points- check in was good and friendly staff. Waited about 30 mins to be shown around the boat and had our test drive.
Received a little welcome pack and map of the broads which was really useful.
Everything worked in the boat and the heater was really good and much needed as it really was freezing at night in March.
The shower was quite powerful and really hot.

Not so good points- when I got on the boat it smelt musty and felt a bit damp. The cushions on the seating area and the bed really were musty. It just felt like the boat maybe hadn’t been used for a while and hadn’t been aired. When I got home, my clothes really smelt musty.
I luckily checked the kettle, when I put water in it had floating white bits in it.
The shower had some orange gunk around the plug hole?
I didn’t feel it necessary to ring up reception and explain these issues as they would not be rectified during our break.
The main issue which I think can be put right very easily is the bedding. It is the oldest and worn bed cover I’ve ever seen with a very very thin quilt inside. The bedding was clean but totally unsuitable for the boat in March. There was a very very old yellow looking cover too, but just not useable, it was itchy and looked about 20 years old. I do believe an investment is much needed by the company. I would highly recommend taking your own bedding.

We enjoyed our break, managed to moor up, really not sure how people get on in high season though. We are seasoned campers so my review is not due to me not being used to basic living. This boat was described as mid- range, I would say it’s budget range.
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Mark C
英国洛斯托夫特瓷71 条分享
This is 2 reviews in 1 really, as we have used Barns Brinkcraft twice, which suggests in itself that it is an excellent company.
The first boat we had in 2020, was Romany 1, not an elite boat, but it was ok for the price, we went around 20th September, and they gave a military discount, which was nice. The broads are a wonderful place, but we are reviewing the boat yard, so I will stick to that. The vessel was as I say, adequate, and the only issue I had was during a storm, we drifted into another boat, which broke the rear quarterlight window. I reported this but the yard wouldn't come out to fix it, even though we were only 15 minutes away by road. The conditions didn't help. I botched a repair to keep the wind and rain out, but when we handed the boat back the next day. The main office wasn't aware that the boat needed a repair, and they have to get it out again in about 5 hours ! ... Didn't fill me with confidence in the boatyard.
We did however give them another chance the following year. This is mainly due to the excellent experience we have using them, the repair aside. The office is professional, and very helpful, and their prices are very good. For the 2021 trip we, we hired Tempo, and although it was a little more expensive than the previous years boat, it was well worth the money. What an superb vessel. We were a couple with 2 dogs, and it is a great boat for maybe 2 couples, with a couple of dogs or kids. We would definitely hire this vessel again. And again, great service from the boat yard. I highly recommend Barns Brinkcraft of Wroxham.
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