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Blue Planet Diving

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Dubai467 条分享
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2015年12月 • 好友
Blue Planet Diving is unfortunately being down-graded.
I have been diving at Blue Planet Diving since 2014 and I was enthusiastic about the well-managed and sympathetic dive centre. My first review in 2014 was very positive.

But during my 2-day diving session in December 2015, I learnt that the director Mrs. Alla Druzhynina had left the UAE to set up a new centre in Viet-Nam.
Her brother Slava (an excellent diver, but not an administrator) seemed uncomfortable in managing this centre: I sent many emails to book the dives but never got any answer, I called but no one ever answered on the phone, I wanted to go for new skills certification but got no reply. Thanks to a friend who was diving a week before, the booking was eventually made.
Once certified, I had to insist during 3 weeks to get confirmation that the registration on PADI website was completed.

The equipment was not well maintained : empty scuba cylinders (by chance I am always checking by myself before boarding the boat), no recent BCD, old wet suit, etc.).

Since the week-end spent there, I have decided to dive with the new club next door, a branch of another of my favourite dive centres (based at Dibba-Oman side): they opened their Dibba-UAE centre right in front of Dibba Rock.
See my dedicated review.

=> Breaking News ...: it seems that as of end of March 2016, Blue Planet Diving has CLOSED.
A new dive centre has taken over ... but indeed I have no opinion on them whatsoever.

Let us wish all the best to our friend Slava who deserves better than this sad ending.
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阿联酋阿布扎比160 条分享
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2016年2月 • 好友
Nouveau bateau
Matériel vieillissant mais reste correcte
Très beau site de Dibba rock à 2 mn en bateau
Voilà l unique intérêt
Épave de inchape2 très sympa à 30m deep
Ces deux spots sont très très poissonneux et très agréable
Il y a le chois 3 hôtels 3 clubs de plongées donc le chois
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丹麦艾斯堡1,884 条分享
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2015年5月 • 家庭
One of the best diving spots in the UAE is right in front of this dive center - Dibba Rock is good for both beginners and advanced divers, kids and adults alike will love the many fish, turtles, sharks, pipefish and colorful corals.

Have been diving Dibba Rock many times, we still find something new each time - last time it was a beautiful octopus:-). Inchcape 1 is about 20 min away, and always nice with a deep dive (30 m),

Alla and Slava run a great place, with good, well maintained equipment, good briefings and lots of love. There's 2 toilets with showers (careful the hot water really is hot!), free coffee/tea, water and biscuits. Looking forward to the new dedicated dive boat!

Our 4 year old loves coming and play on the beach, while we dive (supervised by our nanny of course, but there's almost always other kids, she can play with).

We've dived many places in the world, with many great dive operators and BPD is one of our favourites.
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阿联酋迪拜178 条分享
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2015年4月 • 家庭
This is a family run dive center by a sis - bro duo operating out of Holiday Beach Motel off the East Coast. Am a beginer open water diver - with just about 5 dives after my certification.

1. Small outfit, hence individuals get attention.'
2. Gear is good.
3. If you are accompanied by family members who dont dive, they can still hang around by the beach using the hotel's parasols.
4. Ulimited supply of tea, coffee, biscuits, dates, water etc at the dive center.
5. Boat had a cool box with water and soft drinks as well.
6. Slava the Brother, is a great and friendly chap. Helped me lot by being my quide.
7. Parking next to dive center.

1. Being a small outfit, they dont have their own boats yet. Get charters.
2. No private fresh water shower area. Nice clean toilets but no shower area.
3. Dive briefings could have been a little more in detail (considering am a begininer).

Overall - decent place to dive and nice friendly people. Small outfit compared to other big organised players. I would dive with them again if they give me Slava as the guide.
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德国柏林95 条分享
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2014年5月 • 好友
I'm a scuba diving beginner. For people like me there's a PADI Discovery Dive course, where you don't need any certification and get detailed instruction. I did that three times around the world (in Curacao, Guadeloupe and here in Dibba) and this one was definitely the best.

We watched a video, talked about all the important things and practised different situations in the swimming pool. Our guide was extremely friendly.

Finally we went out to Dibba Rock by boat and startet the dive. We saw Clown fish, Lion fish and even one Reef Shark. We were more than satisfied.
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俄罗斯新西伯利亚83 条分享
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2014年10月 • 好友
Замечательное местечко! Уютный мотель на самом берегу Индийского океана, на территории которого находится дайв-центр. очень профессиональные и позитивные инструктора, Алла и Слава! Хорошее оборудование, организация дайв туров на высшем уровне! Чудесные живописнейшие места для погружений с очень богатой фауной!
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阿联酋迪拜494 条分享
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2014年9月 • 夫妻情侣
if you want to dive with a center who really cares about the customers and immediately you will feel home then this is the place. Ms. Alla the owner and her team are always around and you will get all the help & attention.
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Dubai467 条分享
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2014年6月 • 家庭
Blue Planet Diving is located on the East Coast of the UAE next to Dibba (Emirate of Fujeirah).

I have been diving more than 60 times in the UAE over the past 2 years and the Fujeirah coast is my preferred spot by far.

Among my 2 favorite diving clubs in the area (one in Dibba, Oman side - see my other review - and this one), Blue Planet Diving is definitely a destination I strongly recommend.
I have to confess that it took me a few months to decide to write this review because I wanted to keep the address secret for my close friends' eyes only, in order to always find a seat available on the diving boat!

From Dubai, the access is easy and fast: 1h20 drive only. Excellent for a day-trip.
From Abu Dhabi, 2h45 drive and 270km. Also excellent for a day-trip.
I personally drive through E11, then take E77 in Jebel Ali, E611, E88 via Dhaid until Masafi, then E89 to Dibba. Drive through Dibba heading to Radisson hotel, pass it and U-Turn to get into Holiday Beach Motel in which the diving club is located.
(Alternative road: when on E88, pass Dhaid, then turn left on the first large roundabout to take E18 then E87 to Dibba).

Together with my kids we passed the PADI Advanced certification there.

Not only the club management is truly nice and welcoming (special mention to Alla Druzhyna and Slava Shchur) but they give me a feeling of safety. The fact that they are permanently based here for years proved that the quality is at the top.
The equipment for rent is in perfect condition, the schedules are well organized to enable us to plan for 3-4 successive dives in a day (including the night dive) or even 5-6 dives if staying in shallow waters.
The instructors and dive masters are not stressing you if you dive more than 50 minutes, unlike some other clubs that blame you if you dive 51 minutes!

Better book in advance: the reputation of Blue Planet Diving is so good that it is often full.
I noted that some dive centres of Dubai are using the Blue Planet facilities for their own divers.
With my family we also appreciate the other divers' style: the buddies are nice and it is easy to socialize.

On top of that, this diving club is facing the best diving spot in the UAE according to me: Dibba Rock.
I met at Blue Planet divers who come here from Ruwais or Abu Dhabi twice monthly since years and who never get bored, discovering new things on every visit.

I also appreciate very much the short boat trip from beach to diving spot: 3 minutes only!
This is ideal for those who fear for sea sickness: 3 minutes is so short that they have no issue at all

The sea life and corals make the diving spot a spectacular place.
I like the Inchcape wrecks (30 meters) or simply Dibba Rock area (5 to 15 meters).
Together with my family (some of us diving and some other snorkeling at Dibba Rock) we enjoyed the variety of fishes, moray eels, small blacktip reef sharks, rays, turtles, squids, octopus, reef cuttle fishes, hammours, barracudas, trigger fishes, banner fishes, lion fishes, snappers, parrot fishes, box fishes, etc.
In 1 dive only you can see them all!

Well... I just disclosed my secret and shared it with you ... now I am fine: if you come on a busy Friday ... I will come and dive on a quiet Saturday!
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