The Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum

The Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum

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The Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum

The Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum
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英国North Leigh387 条分享
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Very interesting little museum explaining history of the local area. Well worth a visit if in the area and only £3.50 to enter
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Thank you for your review. It is always our aim to provide an immersive experience in our little museum without breaking the bank.
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Nazeing130 条分享
Loads of interesting information about Woodhall Spa. Very helpful voluntary staff, well worth a visit if you are in the local area
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Thank you AliOldHurst for your kind review. Always good to see that you found us useful. Our volunteers go out of their way to be helpful and provide interesting local information.
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英国诺丁汉50 条分享
Had a lovely couple of hours here, very informative with lovely old photographs. Learned so much about the Dambusters who were stationed in Woodhall Spa .Great to learn about the local families and to see from family photo's how they lived. Well worth a visit.
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Morice, thank you for your review. We are pleased that you enjoyed your visit and happy that we were able to give you more information about 617sqn. Our little museum always hopes to leave visitors with an impression of how life was like at the turn of the last century.
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Carol B
英国伯明翰5,082 条分享
Sunday 18th October 2020, my husband and I went to visit The Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum, just a short walk from our hotel.

The Cottage Museum was a joy to explore and was packed with intriguing stories and displays about Woodhall Spa, the local area and the Wield family, who lived in the building from 1887 until the 1960’s.

The Museum building itself is an important Museum exhibit. It is a rare surviving example of a bungalow constructed of corrugated iron on a wooden frame that was erected in the late nineteenth century.

John Wield (1877-1965) was a keen photographer and his photographic collection is the basis of the Museum. These collection of images are a unique and valuable record of life in Woodhall Spa and includes images of both people and the local area.

This would not have happened at all if it had not started with his parents Thomas and Mary. Thomas and Mary moved to Woodhall Spa from Hampshire. They began working at the Spa baths in 1880 and in 1884 they were put in charge. One of Thomas’s tasks was drawing up the water from the well. Mary organised the baths for women. The bungalow, which was made by Boulton Paul, was provided for them by Mr. Hotchkin and the Medical Officer of Health in 1887.

It was in 1887, too, that their bath chair business began. There were both donkey and hand drawn chairs. They were very necessary for taking ill or arthritic patients to the baths but were also used to transport people to the station and for pleasure trips.

There was a forge, with a fan driven fire, and a workshop at the rear of the bungalow that enabled Thomas to shoe the donkeys and make most of the chairs himself. Thomas was clever with his hands. Outside the front gate of the bungalow there was a stereoscopic peep show which he made. This had several scenes on a revolving drum which was operated by the insertion of 1 penny. He made violins out of sycamore wood, the last one being made the year he died at the age of eighty.

John Wield began his working life as a whitesmith with Humphersons, the ironmongers and sanitary engineers. He was a polymath who could turn his hands to almost anything he chose.

Photography was his major interest. He had a dark room and a studio in buildings behind the bungalow. He also made cameras and gave magic lantern shows. John Wield also became every interested in optics and this provided another source of income when his prescriptions were accepted by the NHS. A room in his bungalow became the NHS office for the village.

When electricity came to the village John wired the bungalow himself. John also mended clocks and watches and created his own “inventions”. One of these was a “calculator” which had “cogs moved by a sort of darning needle on a longish handle”.

John married his wife Asenath and they had two children, John entertained Gillian and John with paper and pencil games and drawings. He would draw round pennies (old 1d. ones) and then put simple faces in them; each one showing different emotions: crying, laughing, puzzled, etc.

John also loved singing and had a fine tenor voice and sang with the church choir. He sang solos, not only in the village church but also, on occasion, in Lincoln Cathedral.

John Wields wife Asenath, was very typical of her era, her major role was looking after the house and children. Whilst John spent the day in the workshop, studio or mending watches in the office she did the housework and cooking. After the mid-day dinner she used to get changed, then came the knitting, sewing, darning, reading and shopping.

John Wields wife Asenath sadly was very unfortunate with her health. Asenath broke her hip in the early 1930’s and medical science not being what it is now, meant that she was lame ever after. Asenath would move about the house without her stick by using the walls and furniture to lean on. When she was in the garden she usually used her stick but all her shopping trips were done in a wheel chair.
Asenath suffered more tragedy, as she was blind for the last five years of her life.

My husband and I spent over two hours mooching round this wonderful and interesting museum, we took lots of photographs of some of the exhibits as we found them interesting. We also picked up a leaflet on ‘The Woodhall Spa Heritage Trail’, which took you on a tour of the spa village pointing out all the points of interest. My husband and I then decided to do the ‘Heritage Trail’ walk which was very interesting.

If you want to learn about wonderful people and learn about the history of Woodhall Spa then this is certainly the place to visit. The museum is free, but we made a donation of five pounds and would suggest that you do the same if you find the place as interesting as we did.
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Wow, thank you Carol B for your enthusiastic and comprehensive review of our tiny museum. It fills our hearts with pride to know that what we, as volunteers, have managed to bring to the village and to the many visitors that come through our door. It is down to the dedication and efforts of our volunteers and Friends of the museum, plus the generous donations of our guests, that the museum continues to thrive and provide an insight into lives gone by. Thanks once again and I urge others to follow your lead and visit us in 2021.
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英国Anlaby8 条分享
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We stumbled across this museum on a recent visit to Woodhall Spa, this also is the tourist information centre. The volunteers working there are so welcoming and informative. It was nice to learn the history of the village after many visits there. I’d recommend an hour there.
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Thank you Sharon4G for your review. We are pleased you found your visit useful and informative. That is always the aim of our volunteers and reception staff to bring a little light into everyone’s hearts. I do hope this will encourage others to make the time to visit us and see for themselves what we can offer.
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David F
191 条分享
A very interesting museum, visit a little cut short during Covid which was reasonable as there was a queue of people to visit in small rooms.
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David F Thank you for your review and your kind understanding regarding your courtesy to other visitors. The Covid-19 restrictions are causing all venues difficulties and we have tried to minimise the impact on visits to our compact little museum. We hope that you will visit us again when the world gets back to normal and can spend an extended carefree time with us.
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Chris W
Norfolk243 条分享
Run by lovely volunteers. Doubles as a tourist information point. Gives a good photographic summary of the town’s history. Dog friendly, unlike Petwood Hotel.
Definitely worth a brief visit, and a donation.
PS. and despair how a 1880’s prefab is still habitable yet current new can guess the rest !!
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Thank you for the review Chris W, our small team of volunteers try very hard to make the visiting experience one to remember. As you have pointed out, we rely on donations to keep this little bit of history going and we thank you and your like for your generosity.
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英国剑桥40 条分享
We found this tiny museum by accident but really enjoyed looking at the exhibits. It is decorated in the fashion of the time and really made you think about how much life has changed in the last 80 years.
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Thank you for your review. We are aiming to secure better signage to direct visitors to our museum and acknowledge that our location is not obvious to visitors to Woodhall Spa. Please spread the word amongst friends and family so that we can welcome them to our little gem.
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英国Biggleswade114 条分享
This little piece of history was set up by my Latin Teacher; Mr Radford. It is a solid testament to times past in the area with some very interesting local artefacts. This is a small building crammed with information on Woodhall Spa's past and well worth the small entry fee.
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xyjason, thank you for your review. David Radford was our founding chairman and is now our Honorary President and is still an active supporter of the museum. Our current volunteers and reception staff go out of their way to provide a unique historical experience and we are glad that you have found it most interesting. It seems that our job is done! Thank you again.
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8 条分享
2020年8月 • 家庭
We visited as a family and although it doesn’t fill a great deal of time it’s definitely worth a visit. Very interesting and the volunteers are extremely helpful. Interactive items as you go round which even our teenager tried. Head into the woods afterwards for a lovely walk.
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lisaandsy, thank you for taking the time to review us. We are pleased that our exhibits interested not only you but also a teenager, praise indeed. More than happy for you to spread the word of our small but interesting museum.
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