Dambusters Memorial

Dambusters Memorial(Woodhall Spa)

Dambusters Memorial
地点与地标 • 纪念碑与雕像
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Andrew B
英国林肯11,830 条分享
Although regular visitors to Woodhall Spa, I am somewhat ashamed to say that it was my first visit to the memorial which is just past a mini roundabout on entering the village via the main route.
It is situated in a nice well maintained 'garden' which has a couple of seats to sit on and reflect on the events and sacrifices of over 70 years ago. One cannot help but notice the number of airmen from the Commonwealth who gave their lives in the cause and of course the name of Guy Gibson is listed.

Woodhall Spa is a lovely village and contrary to some comments, parking to visit here should not be a problem. Yes there is only a small car park adjacent but street parking is freely available and free and a Sainsburys which is only 100 yards away has plenty of parking but it is limited to one hour at the time of writing so do take care.

Surely a must visit for anyone with RAF heritage or an interest in 617 squadron or military history in general.
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Lane the English traveller
英国Huddersfield566 条分享
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Well kept gardens, especially liked the spitfire flower bed. The monument was an amazing design. The centre part representing the water from the bombed dam. A fitting memorial.
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英国Hopton on Sea50 条分享
When I lived in Woodhall some 9 years ago, the monument was always kept immaculate, viewed on Tuesday, and really upset in the state it has been allowed to degenerate into. The C.O. At R.A.F. Coningsby needs to get some erks over to clean it.
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Craig B
英国唐克斯特44 条分享
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
A beautifully kept monument in the heart of Woodhall Spa, if your walking through the village definitely pop by and see it, it’s just next to the mini roundabout. A nice place to sit and remember those that fought so hard.
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Jaguar friends
英国艾尔斯伯里20 条分享
A must visit in Woodham Spa and a great tribute to the men of 617 squadron. The memorial was clean and well kept.
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Richard E
英国Egremont51 条分享
A peaceful and poignant place. This quiet corner brings home the bravery and commitment of the young men that gave so much.
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英国诺丁汉1,381 条分享
My nephew took me to see this simple and moving tribute to the men of 617 squadron on a day trip out to Conningsby air base.
Very difficult to find a parking space when we visited but a fitting and poignant memorial to the lives lost and the history associated with the town.
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英国Pershore587 条分享
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Really moving experience seeing this memorial and all the names inscribed on it. It actually looks like a breached dam . Think the memorial could with a clean and tidy up though.
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英国利物浦218 条分享
We have seen this a number of times so opted to visit on our way home. Big mistake only a small car park. Woodhall Spa has got so much busier since we last stayed nearly gave up on trying to find a parking space. If you are able to walk leave the car where you are staying.
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Carol B
英国伯明翰5,082 条分享
Sunday 18 October 2020, my husband and I visited The Dambusters Memorial. The story of 617 Squadron cannot begin without a mention of Barnes Wallis, who worked for Vickers Aircraft at Weybridge in Surrey. He had an idea that if the oil, electric and water supplies to the munitions factories in Germany could be destroyed the war would be cut short.

One of the main sources of water used in the manufacture of arms was held in the upper part of the Ruhr Valley. This water was fed from Möhne, Sorpe, Eder, Lister and Ennepe Dams to the towns of Dortmund, Hagen, Wuppertal, Gladbach and the famous Krupp works at Essen. All of these dams were surrounded by high ground and would therefore be difficult to attack with any great accuracy. To add to his many problems there were no bombs available to destroy these very large targets.

After many weeks’ research Barnes Wallis came up with the idea of a bomb which bounced across the surface of the water. The principle was accepted by the Air Ministry and the go-ahead given by Bomber Command for the formation of a special squadron to carry out the attack.

A squadron was formed and it was decided that the raid would take place on the 16/17 May. The aircraft’s took off in three waves, the first and third waves taking the southern route, with the second wave taking the northern route. The crews, flying Lancaster’s with the code AJ, had one or two problems to and from the targets.

The raid was a great success, however, and a large amount of damage was done: the most serious damage being the breaching of the Möhne Dam. Of the 19 aircraft’s that took off for the raid, 2 returned before reaching the target, due to damage, and 8 aircraft’s failed to return at all. In all 53 aircrew died in the raid and 3 were taken prisoners of war.

It was a sad day when the full details of the losses were revealed, and Barnes Wallis was heartbroken at the loss of so many young air crewmen
During the twenty-four months the squadron operated they took part in over 100 bombing operations and lost 204 air crewmen. Even to this day they still carry with pride, as they did during the war, their famous name: “THE DAMBUSTERS”.

My husband and I took some wonderful photographs of this tribute to these heroic men, and we said a prayer for their souls and those families who suffered losses during these turbulent times.

It is a thought provoking place to visit if you are in the area.
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