AquaPark Ciudad Quesada
AquaPark Ciudad Quesada



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Ronald H
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2023年8月 • 家庭
Visited in August with family including grandchildren, wife was organised so had pre booked places on line days before, don’t expect to turn up and get in during the school holidays as there’s a good chance you won’t get in,they have a maximum limit they are allowed to let in. The main pool is large and deep at the far end so you can swim without the fear of bumping into toddlers. The flumes are very popular and have different degrees of speed and “danger”, as i heard one youngster put it. Don’t go expecting a Florida water style park because this isn’t,it’s a nice place to chill and let the kids do there own thing with plenty of staff patrolling. One reason we like this place so much is you can actually take your own food and drink, there are plenty of shaded picnic areas provided. Food and drink are available on site and would appear to be reasonable, I’ve not noticed any particular “rip off prices”. Remember this is a community pool and I don’t think the local Spainish would visit in the numbers they do if it was too expensive.
The whole place including the toilets are kept clean and tidy. The staff are by most part friendly and approachable, maybe some of the front end older staff have been there too long or just hot on the day.

We will be back next year.
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2023年8月 • 家庭
Todo perfecto y maravillo salvo una cosa primordial. No podía ser mas asqueroso ir al baño, pero desde primera hora de la mañana. Era vomitivo ir al baño. No sería de extrañar que mas de 1 y la 100 optaran por orinar en las piscinas, cosa que me producía mas repugnancia.
Una lástima, si no fuera por eso de 10.
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2023年8月 • 家庭
Estuvimos de visita en AquaPark, Ciudad Quesada con la nena.

Deciros que es un parque familiar donde las familias disfrutan con los niños. Todas las atracciones son para ellos, el parque esta hecho para niños hasta 14 años porque hay atracciones para ellos. Hay muchas zonas de picnic para llevarte tu propia comida, mucha zona de sombra .
Hay taquillas , cafeterías, y un restaurante, al lado de la piscina que puedes ver a los niños cuando se estan bañando.
En la zona de la piscina hay tumbonas tambien. Las atracciones para todos entretenidas. Nos gusto mucho. Informar que los donus no se pagan para la atracción, las taquillas, solo 0,50centimos. Y la comida de alli, platos generosos, y muy buenos. El personal muy agradable. Lo recomendamos.
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2023年8月 • 家庭
Étant actuellement sur place, je déconseille ce parc aquatique, un soi disant maître nageur portant des lunettes de vuep à interdit à mon enfant de 6ans de faire les toboggans, mon fils ne parlant pas l espagnole ne savait pas qu il ne pouvait pas glisser sur son ventre du coup le maitre nageur a attendu la troisième tentative de glissade pour lui dire de sortir il est clair que je suis tombé sur un raciste pas sympathique du tout avec un regard froid et qui je pense est mal dans sa peau.Ce genre de personne ne devrait pas travailler dans un parc aquatique ou les touristes leur remplissent les caisses.Ayant voyager dans plusieurs pays jamais je n ai mis un avis negatif tellement cela se passait très très bien car la communication y était avec les adultes et non pas avec les enfants et la bonne humeur l accueil et sympathie fesaient partie integral du personnel.on fait des efforts pour parler leur langue et l anglais alors que certains restent nationaliste.Beaucoup trop d interdictions donc on a l impression d être fliqué du regard constamment donc pas à l aise du tout et pas libre de profiter convenablement.Les espagnoles sur place sont bien traité et les touristes mal traité.On ne peut pas avoir son gsm dans une pochette de protection waterproof pour faires des photos et on ne peut pas donner de boués aux enfants qui ne savent pas nager alors que dans tout les autres pays jamais cela nous a été interdit.Je suis pour respecter les règles mais la il est clair que cela n à rien à voir avec les règles.Je vous déconseille ce parc vu les files d attentes et le temps de lenteur de leur toboggans qui ne glisse même pas et vu le nombre de touristes absents et la masse d'espagnol ici j aurai du m abstenir de venir.Ayant payé 69 euros pour rien!!!Je suis déçu
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2023年8月 • 家庭
Nos ha encantado, le doy un 10. Mucho sitio para poder instalarte tranquilamente, todo muy limpio.
Las colas van rápido y las atracciones geniales, lo recomiendo mucho y ya el precio superbien!!!
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英国Ammanford218 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
We arrived and ot looked quite busy buy were assured there were chairs available and that we could take a loom amd leave with full refund if this was not the case, we entered 87 euros lighter to find extreme overcrowding, no seating, no shade, overcrowded pools and hour long queues for slides. We quickly decided this was not for us and headed straight for the gates. We had literally moved 10 feet away from the gates atthis point. We explained that we would like to leave amd be refunded but were met with the RUDEST excuse for a person I have ever encountered who flatly refused, despite there being an queue of 40 deep outside the gates so our tickets would have been instantly resold. After experiencing a few minutes of vile reprimands from this 'person' we approached a second staff member who gave us the refund and we left. As we were leaving, people continued to queue, thrn suddenly the park seemed to have reached its (unrealistic) capacity and the same rude person we had encountered literally walked out the front amd slammed down the shutters without a word and walked off leaving crying children in his wake without a care! We trudged back to the car, which was parked a good distance away owing to the poor parking and left. We will never return and i would strongly advise othees not to. Horrendous experience
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Linda D
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2023年8月 • 家庭
Denne parken er IKKE verdt et besøk. Vi betale 18 Euro pr person og dro fra parken etter en time. Det var vanvittig mye folk, ikke plass til å bevege seg i vannet. Døtrene mine stod i kø i 30 minutter for en vannsklie. Vannet var skitten og vemmelig. Det var hårdottet og skitt i vannet. Styr langt unna dette stedet.
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爱尔兰都柏林郡12 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
Super spot for kiddies Our 4 year old loved the mini slides and my son loved the adult ones 🤣 Plenty of places to sit out of the sun and the restaurant and shops kept us fed and hydrated A great day out
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Tyne H
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2023年7月 • 家庭
We had such a great day out here. My two children really enjoyed it 6 and 4. Although my youngest one could not go on some of the rides (It’s 1.13 for the 2 smaller slides and 1.23 for the bigger two rides) she still had fun in the little splash pools and toddler pools.
There is a main swimming pool and 2 further splash pools with about 3 small slides in each.

Lifeguards were really good, we went on the 4 slide as a family and lifeguard let the adults go first so could be at the bottom to catch children.
My son also fell out his rubber ring on one of the rides and banged his head and lifeguard was really good checking he was ok.
My son has ADHD and autism so can get impatient and hard to understand but they were brilliant with him.

Yes the queues were long, but it was Spanish and English summer holidays! I think the park capacity is 550, which is a lot for a few slides and my son did get fed up with the queues so stuck to the little pools and slides mainly but they were both happy children so win win.

Would defiantly go again!
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英国肯特16 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
A great water park few minutes from Cuidad Quesada. Had a great day here just enough slides to keep everyone entertained reasonably priced at 18 euros. We had combination of food & drinks whilst here & all very good for a water park. They do fresh smoothies & cocktails too, which we all enjoyed wish we had come on our 1st couple of days as would probably have come back again during our stay. Lockers only 50 cent for the day & sun beds around the pool area only 3 euros each, which you don’t have to purchase as there’s a lovely grassed area at the top which overlooks the slides, but we didn’t know about this & headed straight for the pool. All in all a great day out for all the family can’t recommend enough would have given 5 stars if there were a few more slides.
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