Taka Bonerate National Park
Taka Bonerate National Park
Jln. S. Parman, Selayar Island 印度尼西亚

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2023年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Well well....i just spent a month at Taka Bonerate and have mixed feelings about my experince.
Both good and bad.
The sad thing is that Taka Bonerate has so much potential - and its not beeing utilized.
Its the 3rd biggest atoll in the whole world - we talking Maldives level here.
So so beautiful.
So much potential.
No public transport, so very hard to get to, takes lots if time and money. If you dont speak Indonesian - you gonna have a hard time negotiating boat prices.
This could be easily solved by putting a public boat circling the islands, like in other National marine parks.
Also good for the locals so they could go shopping.
Homestays and food on the islands are very very limited and in bad condition, i cannot imagine any tourist beeing happy with the lack of food and comfort.
The beaches on the islands where locals live - are disgusting. Locals throw rubbish everywhere and use beaches as toilets.
Only Tinabo island is beeing taken care of to some level.
So if you planning to go to Taka Bonerate, make your life easy by letting Eco resort Selayar take you there , he will organize everything for you ( like bringing water and food and camping on an empty island if you want )
Doing it my way - by yourself ....very hard.
But yes, the snorkelling on Tinabo was well worth the trouble.
I just feel sorry for all the lost potential here. Could easily be paradise, with some effort !
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2019年11月 • 家庭
Our holiday in Taka Bonerate Marine National Park really one of the best experience for our family. We came for baby sharks and the atoll. And pak Agus our guide show us giant Kima, replanting coral area, and soft coral habitat.

Put on your sun glasses and sunblock, then enjoy the sun. Bring your personal medications just in case you stumble to naughty jellyfish, bring enough money to buy some fresh lobster. The nearest village is Rajuni island (and its don't have jetty).

Do not touch bright coral, some of it will burn your skin. And be careful when you feed baby shark, they are baby with sharp teeth 😅. And sometimes there are baby stingray near the beach, watch your step.

We absolutely will come again.
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Ольга Г
俄罗斯45 条分享
2019年3月 • 家庭
Благодаря запрету на ловлю рыбы, ее там великое множество, самых разных размеров и расцветок. Есть акулы, скаты, черепахи, мурены и много всего интересного.
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Destination: None
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2018年8月 • 好友
It is relatively easy to reach Taka Bonerate, comparing to other secluded/virgin beach or island in Indonesia. The snorkelling and diving site is still good.

The baby black tip shark is a delightful scenery in the morning. We got the front bungalow, meaning we could see the sunset while lounging at our terrace.
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荷兰Linschoten166 条分享
2018年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Vanuit zee zie je al een 20 -tal schepen in aanbouw liggen. Het is interessant om te zien hoe men deze schepen handmatig in elkaar zet. Tegenwoordig echter wel met hulp van het nodige elektrische gereedschap. Sommige schepen staan lang te wachten op afbouw ivm problemen van leveranciers of geldverstrekkers. Het is een aardig plaatsje om doorheen te lopen. Het is echter onthutsend om te zien hoeveel plastic troep in de haven en aan de stranden drijft. Dit is trouwens voor geheel Indonesië een sterk toenemend probleem.
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印度尼西亚141 条分享
2017年10月 • 好友
We had a very long travel time to get here, it was a night of bus trip along with two hours of ferry boat trip and then a night of boat trip... well yess... imagine by your self.
I spent two nights in this islands, took four logs of diving and stayed in Rajuni Village...
All I can say is you'll be pleased with the underwater experience, it's the third biggest atoll in the world.
Underwater visibility was clear... corals were amazing... met lots of exotic sea creatures.
Well yess... all those time spent to get into this place was well paid.
I suggest to take a plane to first get into Selayar and then get into Takabonerate by boat (I guess no better choice for this).
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法国巴黎92 条分享
2017年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Le paradis existe !
Peu de touristes.
Eau bleu limpide.
Multitude de bebes requin en bord de plage a Tinabo besar.
Des petites iles authentiques avec une population locale accueillante.
Le reve.
Le calme...
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2017年11月 • 家庭
Taman nasional dengan pemandangan bawah laut yang menakjubkan, surga untuk para penyelam. Keragaman ikan dan biota lautnya amat sangat memanjakan mata, spot untuk snorkling dan diving yang tersebar luas. Anda juga dapat menyinggahi beberapa pulau di taman nasional ini, seperti pulau Tinabo, Selayar dan lain-lainnya.
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olyvia e
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2017年9月 • 好友
I did snorkling at Taka Bonerate, it was very beautiful. We've been handled by the ranger of Taka Bonerate, They persuade us to try a discovery dive. I'm not pro in swimming, i still wear my life jacket while snorkling, so how could i dive? I said it to one of the rangers, but they were very helpful. They explained to us so patiently, informed us that we can see more beautiful views down there. Then me and my friend did it and it was for free.

Coral & fish are very various, i also saw a giant shell, local people call it with "KIMA". It take years to grow, i heard they only grow 2 centimeter in a year. So, I think this kima is very old, maybe hundreds year? I only bring a standard camera for underwater, But the truth is the underwater view is very amazing. Then the dive site is famous for the nudy branch, sometimes divers will choose to experience a night dive in Taka Bonerate.

I stayed at Tinabo Island. I admit it that the facilities are less enough for the tourist. You should take bath with salt water. If you are a backpacker, you won't be disturbed with this kind of situation. The electricity will be shut down at 12PM. I suggest you to sleep outside in hammock because our room "nudy branch" is very small, and the air circulation wasn't good enough. When i arrived there, a new facility was added, such as air condition but only in a large bungalow, and the electricity will be shut down at midnight. So, pointless i think.

Food not very various, mainly you will eat fish everyday. If your are from outside Indonesia, you need to beware of the chili. This is a special chili from Selayar Island, chili is very small but it will burnt your tounge. I bought this chili for my mom in Jakarta after we arrived at Selayar. Yes, most of Indonesian reallyyyyyyy loves chili.

Then, i also went to "Tarupa Kecil Island" to meet a local tribe, Bajo. These tribe is very famous, they live nomadically. They only stay at this island maybe 2-3 months then move to other island. When we arrived at Tarupa Kecil Island, our guide climbed the coconut tree and we enjoy the coconut fruit to relieve our thirst. We pay nothing for the coconut but our guide pay it to the local people.

Then i also visit sandbanks, called "BUNGIN TINABO". We could see a lot of seagulls in here but when we landed in these area, the seagulls flew away. We took some pictures and others only laid down on the beach.

Be friendly to local people, they will be very happy to explain everything they know about Taka Bonerate. Actually, they only wants you to decide that Taka Bonerate is a good place to visit and maybe one day you will come back to Taka Bonerate for sure. I made a new friend there.

No internet connection, you need to change your network to 2G network. Only works for phone call in very limited time, we can't predict when the signal is strong/weak.
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MaiJanfad M
Port Moresby23 条分享
2017年8月 • 家庭
We went to Taka Bonerate by plane from Makassar, South Sulawesi and stayed at the Tinobo island resort. It was gorgeous! Everyday, 24/7 we swam with 100s baby sharks mostly black and white tips.

The island is a small island which can be circled in 1 hour walk. The resorts has several air conditioned (AC) rooms and can accommodate about 10-20 people. It has camping facilities which accommodates more than 20 people.

The island does not have fresh water facilities other than rainwater storage and carted drinking water from neighboring islands. Everything, including foodstuffs have to be brought in by boat. Electricity runs from 6am till 00:00.

There is daily regular public boat that connects it to the surrounding islands and mainland Selayar.

At night, the milky-way is crystal clear and it is gorgeous!

We did snorkling and diving and were disappointed by the level of destruction to the (once) beautiful coral reefs and gardens. There were visible signs of coral destroyed through fish bombings!

During out stay, we met with Indonesia sea police patrol officers who have just apprehended fish bombers and loads of explosives. They also confiscated a boat.

Taka Bonerate is in dire need of help! The fish bombing has to be stopped and for this the people of Selayar and Indonesian Government need help!

Please go and visit the Atol and voice your concerns on what you see.

Snorkling and diving in the mainland Selayar is gorgeous! This is a separate review.
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