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2023年1月 • 独自旅游
Yesterday I did the snow hiking and forest cafe activity. It was a cold and snowy day in the forest. This made the area beautiful and peaceful. We walked through the forest and looked at different animal, tracks and markings. We looked at the different trees. The guide was prepared with books and English information to show me what wildlife generally were in the area. We sat and had a cup of tea. The guide made the walk fun by doing snow, angels, and making snow fall down heavily by shaking trees. My husband and son was skiing, so this made perfect activity for a non-skier of moderate fitness.
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Vanessa Y
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2018年2月 • 夫妻情侣
The next day we decided to go dog sledding! It was fantastic! I had never experienced anything like it. We got to meet and greet the dogs, first ... meaning we are total dog lovers, so we let them jump all over us ... and smother us in sloppy wet kisses (optional). They're adorable and well-trained ... then, we helped the dogs into their harnesses and learnt about the sled. Kaz taught us how to operate it - mentioning all the do's and don'ts, thoroughly. We each had a test run first, behind the snow mobile, to know how to balance, use the brake and ride smoothly etc. Even our (75 year old - young?) mother had no trouble riding the sled!! Rather than just wearing sunglasses, Kaz thought snow goggles would be better for me, so he lent me a pair of goggles. (Kaz takes care of absolutely everything!) One by one, we had our turn up and down the track. Off we went, racing down the road thru the trees ... each of us did a huge lap (about 2 kms?) along a powder snow road ... we were heading to the North Pole for sure - okay, I'm exaggerating! But, that's what it felt like ...
The scenery is absolutely beautiful ... there were no horrible buildings, no tacky signs, no traffic - nothing, but pure white sparkling snow - peace and quiet. We stopped at the end, briefly - to take some photo's. The staff took some terrific photo's of each of us! (A big lense is essential!)
Afterwards, we helped the dogs out of the harnesses. We had brought the dogs a bag of healthy organic doggie treats, which were devoured in record time - less than 1.5 seconds. (Note to self - next time take 2 bags!)
It was SOOOOO much fun ... we will definitely do it again, some day soon, I hope.
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Piggy M
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2018年2月 • 家庭
Never try snow shoe hiking before. The tour guides spoke good English, and they helped us to put on the gears in the lodge. They have jackets, pants and boots, so we don’t need to worry if we have the right costume.

They led us to a low mountain nearby, and told us about the stories of the mountain, the animals and the plants. It was a very educated hiking all the way to the top. We made stops to enjoy and take pics of the beautiful scenery, and so the hiking is no tough at all.

Then we had a great excitement sliding downhill. The last, but not the least, we had our tea inside an igloo. We saw that a lot from pictures and tv, but first time been one! Tour guides and us had a good chat in igloo.

Entire trip was amazing!

I found this school from internet and I just emailed them. They had a quick response, and they provide advices that how should I get there. They could do pick ups from JR station.
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Vanessa Y
日本东京810 条分享
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2018年2月 • 夫妻情侣
As I don't ski, I wanted to enjoy winter in Minami Furano, so we went snow-shoe trekking. The staff were excellent and handled everything so efficiently ... our flight from Tokyo was delayed and we thought we would not make it in time (12:30 p.m.) for the tour. We rang ahead and they said they would wait until 2 p.m. They also advised us to have lunch, first. (This was the smartest idea! We were hungry ...)
The guide, Kaz, was friendly and so helpful ... he explained everything so well and even though I was wearing short snow boots, he recommended I change to their boots, which were so much warmer and better. He knew exactly what we needed and took care of everything. My husband also changed into their ski wear ...
Kaz took us on a magical tour of a low mountain ... nothing was rushed and it was easy for my (77 year-old) mother-in-law to join us. We all had heaps and heaps of fun!!
Kaz explained many things along the way ... and we had so much fun learning and walking - sometimes sliding on our bottoms down and around the mountain - it wasn't anywhere as hard as I thought it was going to be.
Kaz planned several stops along the way, so we never got tired. He was always so quick to help out and even carried things for me ... (I got so hot - overdressing for the cold - so he offered to carry my scarf and gloves.)
We had a wonderful warm cup of cocoa and coffee ( there were a few other choices, too) at the top, with some freshly baked bread! It was a wonderful treat. The quietness and the natural beauty was indescribable. I can't wait to go back again, one day ...
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Thank you Vanessa for posting. I am glad that you enjoyed the tour. Also, Thank you for introducing various events during the tour. I remember it well. I had fun. Also, please come visit us when you all came to Hokkaido. You can also enjoy a canoe in the summer. I am looking forward to the day we can meet next time. Kazuya Niino
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2017年8月 • 好友
On 28 August, my travel agent helped me contact this company for booking 4 places of dog sledding tour on 28 Dec (morning session). We were told that booking hadn't been opened and we should contact them again on 2 Oct.
Our travel agent followed the instructions and sent email to this company on 2 Oct at Japan local time 00:15 to book the places. No response was received thereafter.
My agent emailed the company again on 5 Oct morning for confirmation. In that afternoon, they replied saying that 28 Dec has already been fully booked. We were very shocked as the tour could be fully booked within 15 min! But after clarification, the company admitted that it overlooked our booking email.
Our agent kept chasing the company. On 6 Oct, we were told that repeated customers and those who failed to book last year would have an advanced booking arrangement starting from 1 September.
Oh my god! If we had been told of this secretive, advanced booking arrangements for a group of selected customers on 28 Aug, we'd have definitely look for another operator at that time. X'mas is peak season in Hokkaido. I could not confirm a similar tour from another operator now, even I had a 4-month in advance planning.
In the operator's final reply, we were told that the dogs need days-off...fully understand, doggies need rest... But the most ridiculous thing is, they planned in September that 28 Dec will be a day-off for their dogs! Then why didn't they indicate it in their English website nor notify us through email? How come?
In one reply, 28 Dec is fully booked... in another reply, 28 Dec is dogs day-off.... it doesn't matter what the truth is, our plan has been completely ruined....
P.S. We didn't make multiple bookings to different operators in advance because we thought that we should honour our promise and we don't want to occupy places that we couldn't fulfill...
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新加坡新加坡1 条分享
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2017年1月 • 家庭
I have done dog sledding at other places and this was the only time I had horrifying experience. My parents and I were on one 3-man sled behind, while my sister and her boyfriend were on the 2-man sled in front.

Without any warning, the dogs of the first sled sped off and within less than 10 metres, the sled hit block of hard snow and flew to one side. My sister and her boyfriend flew off the sled to the side of the track. The guide was not able to control the dogs confidently. From the stationary sled behind, we watched in worry. My first reaction was to run to the front to check out if my sister and boyfriend were alright. But my guide beside me shouted that I should stay where I was, even though our sled was still tied to the truck. It felt as if they were afraid that we would cancel, so they wanted to quickly sled them off to prevent us from cancelling.

Meanwhile, my sister and boyfriend were struggling to get up, and at the same time, being shouted at by their guide to run back to the sled that was dragged a few metres in front. There were no steps taken to check if they were alright at all. At this time, their guide was also trying really hard to calm the dogs down, but to no avail. I decided to go and check on my sister and boyfriend anyway.

Their pale green faces said everything. We needed to cancel. There was no way our parents could take a fall like this. When told of our decision, the guide gave an aggressively shocked look, as if it was ridiculous for us to want to cancel. Upon insisting for a few more times, they said that we had to pay in full. It was a horrifying moment with the out of control aggressive dogs as well as aggressive guides who had no concern for our safety. We agreed to pay in full as we just wanted to get out of there.

We walked back into the house a few metres away and changed out of our winter clothing. Out of courtesy, we apologised for the inconvenience caused but the only reply from the guide was "Tour over" and got shown to the door.

Throughout the entire experience, there were no concern for our safety, no apology or even signs of them for the accident.

For your safety and the mood of your holiday, just don't, even if it means you have nothing else to do in this area.
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Dear Sir, Thank you for visiting our Donkoro Trip Adviser site and leaving a comments. I am Customer Service Manager of NPO Donkoro. I am very sorry for my reply was late since I did not notice the sign of the comments. We will be pay much more attention for not happening again. I am so sorry about what happened on your Dog Sledding Tour, that was expecting to be a wonderful experience but it became a horrible memory. I am very afraid to say that this tour you have attended seems not to be our company. You might have visited not Donkoro but the other dog sled company. There are several companies in Hokkaido. In fact, on our dog sled tour, we do not run 2 teams together at the same time since it would be dangerous if we do in our course. And we do not tie the sled to truck, we use "step on type" brake and anchor to hold the sled before starting. I really hope that your sister and boyfriend were not get injured, are they still okay now? I am not sure which company you have booked but we would like to apologize as one of dog sled companies in Hokkaido for they have done to your group . Since we do also have a dog sledding tour so we could imagine how guides were in a panic and how much you had shocked from this accident. However we believe that we, who deal with dogs, need to control risks even these are from live animals. We are so sorry again, for you could not get a memorable experience. I really hope that you still like husky dogs and visit Hokkaido again in a near future. Sincerely.
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日本伊丹市161 条分享
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2016年2月 • 独自旅游
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Terri T
香港154 条分享
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2013年12月 • 家庭
Have you imagine doing dog sled in Asia? If you are planning to visit Hokkaido, then this may well be worth visiting. We were in Hokkaido during the New Year holidays this year (2014). As it was a family holidays, apart from skiing, I also planned this dog sled adventure. It was about an 2 and a half hour drive from Sapporo. You can chose to do a half day tour in the morning or afternoon, or if you are up to it, a full day tour. We joined an afternoon half-day tour. The place is set in a farm, family run type of business, apart from dog sled, they also do other outdoor activities, like snow walk, rafting depending on seaons. We first get to play with the dogs, getting to know them and the owner introduces what each one is good at etc. He will then teach how you control the sled, such as how to break, turn or slow down. The dog sled duration is not long, the track is about 1 km there and back. The experience was fun and we all enjoyed it. We were travelling in two, pulled by six doggies. Sled was not difficult to control and we learned that the heavier it snows, the faster they ran!

The owner is a good man, although speaks limited English but he tries very hard to make your adventure worth while. There is a fire to keep warm before the adventure starts, free tea and coffee too. There are suitable clothing like jacket, trousers, gloves, beannie and shoes if you are not properly enquipped. It is free of charge!

The only negative I would say about the adventure was that the dog sled track is rather short, if it was longer then it would of been better. Also they are quite difficult to book, specially in high seasons, so if you are planning to visit, better to reserve early. There is a calendar of status on booking on there website but is Japanese language, to make life simple, you can email them and make enquiry.
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