Okinawa Prefecture Karate Museum

Okinawa Prefecture Karate Museum(西原町)

Okinawa Prefecture Karate Museum

Okinawa Prefecture Karate Museum


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Kieran B
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The 1st original Karate / Kobudo museum in the world. The Okinawa prefecture Karate Kobudo museum is situated on the 2nd floor, above the Hokama Karate Dojo (International Kenshikai HQ). This is a fully working Dojo, with weekly classes for local students and private lessons for visitors (Y3,000 by request).

Many people visit the museum while training is taking place down stairs and this creates a fantastic atmosphere.

Hokama Sensei is a 10th Dan Karate Hanshi (Goju Ryu) and 10th Dan Kobudo Hanshi (Matayoshi Kobudo). Now 75 years old, he has been training since he was 7 years old!

As well as being a world class martial arts master, he is recognised by the Japanese government as a historian. He has written over 30 books on martial arts history. He is also a master of Shodo - the art of Japanese calligraphy.

Custom Shodo is available during your visit. Mr Hokama will write anything you like i.e. name of your Dojo, childs name etc. on wood or paper. You can either bring your own item, or purchase at the museum.
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Singapore, Singapore11 条分享
Nice to go through the history of karate n it conclude that all are of a single family since the art started
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Singapore155 条分享
2019年2月 • 家庭
We went there because my son does Russian martial art and keen to explore all forms of martial arts.
Also he did a year of karate when young.
It was amazing to find out that karate started out from Okinawa.
We were meant to spent a very short time here and move on to other tourist sites.
In the end we spent a whole day and skipped alternative plans for the day.
The Soke was extremely friendly and welcoming. You pay 300 yen each for admission and 100 yen for photography.
He had so many awards from all around the world for his work in promoting karate.
We spent 6500 yen in getting him to do various calligraphy pieces on rice paper and wooden planks to bring home as special gifts for individuals.
Must visit for anyone being martial artist enthusiasts.
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日本犬山市52 条分享
2017年12月 • 家庭

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Wade I
弗吉尼亚亚历山德里亚85 条分享
2017年12月 • 好友
This Karate museum is maintained by Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei, a Goju Ryu practitioner. He gave a personal tour of the museum that has many artifacts, pictures, and books about Karate to include styles other than Goju Ryu. The artifacts show many Okinawan weapons and training devices. Hokama Sensei also invited us to view a class he was teaching where the students were four advanced black belts ... two from Russia, one from mainland Japan, and the other from somewhere in Europe. Hokama Sensei's use of pressure points was demonstrated. Great, fabulous visit! Hokama Sensei is a treasure.
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Kieran B
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2017年11月 • 独自旅游
For anybody serious about karate and kobudo this is a must! Hokama Hanshi is recognised as an international expert for good reason. I have over 25 years martial arts training and each visit gives me so much to new information!

Beautiful calligraphy and if you have the chance to go on one of Sensei's history tours you should take the chance.

The only karate museum in the world. Kaikan is a nice exhibition centre but this the real thing. The 1st and only karate museum in the world!

I cannot recomend enough, if you cannot get here meet Sensei at an international seminar!
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Frankfurt35 条分享
2017年10月 • 好友
Alleine die Begegnung mit Hokama Sensei hat den Besuch schon gelohnt! Ein absolut charismatischer und gebildeter Mann, seine körperliche Fitness und Karatekünste sind einzigartig. Wir haben den Besuch des Karatemuseums verbunden mit einem Samstagabend-Training zusammen mit seinen Schülern und anderen 'Karate-Pilgern' aus allen möglichen anderen Teilen der Erde. Auch wenn die praktizierten Techniken nicht im mindesten etwas mit unserem (Shotokan-) Karate zu tun haben, so war es doch eine einzigartige Erfahrung. Vorher hatten wir noch etwas Gelegenheit, beim Kindertraining zuzusehen, auch das war sehr interessant. Der Eintritt in das Museum kostet 300 YEN und die Teilnahme an seinem Training 3.000 YEN, es war sein Geld wert. Die Kontaktaufnahme funktioniert ausschließlich über das Telefon!
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Marty B
澳大利亚悉尼87 条分享
2016年11月 • 好友
This is the most extensive Karate Museum in the world, Hanshi Hokama is a wealth of knowledge and is very friendly and approachable.
He also hold lessons for visitors. This is the ultimate destination for any true Karateka, you wont be disappointing.
Visits to the museum or training must be pre arranged through his website.
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意大利那不勒斯90 条分享
2016年8月 • 家庭
Abbiamo raggiunto la struttura dopo aver telefonato, il maestro Tetsuhiro Hokama è stato molto disponibile ad accomodate le nostre esigenze. Al nostro arrivo era in corso una lezione con allievi dagli USA. Ci hanno accompagnato nel "museo" e fatto assistere ad una parte della lezione.
Questo non è un museo classico ma piuttosto un mix fra una palestra ed una antica casa, con foto, cimeli, attrezzi e spiegazioni sulla storia del karate, in particolare del karate di Okinawa. Su tutto pervade una atmosfera magica. Se siete appassionati di questa disciplina, questa visita è un must!! Guardate su youtube i numerosi video del maestro Hokama, probabilmente il più grande maestro vivente e capirete di cosa stiamo parlando!!
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意大利比萨414 条分享
2016年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Il museo si trova leggermente fuori naha ma è facilmente raggiungibile con il bus partendo dal capolinea di Shuri della monorotaia. in attesa dell'apertura di un museo pubblico del karate, prevista per marzo 2017, è l'unico museo sulle arti marziali. Il prezzo di ingresso è 300 yen e il proprietario del museo è un maestro di karate oltre ad essere un esperto calligrafo. Si consiglia la visita.
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