Tiger's Leap

Tiger's Leap(Khandala)


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Very nice place to visit specially in the month of October and November once rain is over. Green valley view with fresh cool air in the evening. Road was a little cloudy in the begging however road trip is exiting.
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印度孟买128 条分享
Amazing view. One should visit and explore the place. There are many place like Tiger's leap one should visit.
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印度孟买74 条分享
good views , scenarios, location where you can enjoy evening , sunset with friends , family , also if you plan for stay its also good option to go with green fog guesthouse its budget stay hotel hardly 15-20 min drive from this place near aamby valley, check their website for more details ,, season started 17 degree temp.. enjoyed this place also stay at green fog guesthouse
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Dhaivat Shah
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It's nice place as the view of the valley and very good location for photography lover. The area needs to be cleaned up a lot and tourism needs to be regulated. The ground is full of bottles crushed into paste which is indeed dangerous.
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印度浦那2,025 条分享
This turned out to be the mind blowing place of our one day trip of 9th November 2019. Nature at its best. It is the one of the best place for Nature Lovers.

How to reach from Pune:

A) Distance: 87 km

B) Route: Pune to Lonavla via old Pune Mumbai road

C) Directions:
Tip: It is on the Bhooshi dam or INS Shivaji route.
After crossing Lonavala bus stand junction drive further till next junction at Kumar resort. Take left turn from this junction & proceed straight till you come across very 1st right T junction. Take right turn then the road is straight till Tiger Point passing Lonavala Lake, Bhooshi Dam & INS Shivaji.

Distance from Kumar resort to Tiger point is 13 km.
Tiger point is also called as Lion point.

D) Free entry

E) Parking
Ample space
Rs.20 for bikes
Rs.50 for cars
Rs.100 for bus

E) Food Snacks:
Plenty of food snacks center available

F) On Tiger Point / Lion Point
It is a mind blowing place offering breathtaking views of mountain valleys.
It has fence near the mountain edge for safety purpose.
One hour is more than enough to spend at this place plus Echo point 100 meter away.
There are two gates for the Tiger point. Upstream gate or very first gate & downstream or second gate. From downstream gate, echo point is at 150 meter distance.
Even though I mentioned one hour, one may feel to spend more time just watching the spectacular views at his place.

G) Photos
It is the most photogenic point hence each & every one will be busy in taking selfies or photographs.
Do watch photos on tripadvisor plus in this review to know what you will see there.
You should be lucky enough to have the clear sky to get the best photos.
Unfortunately the sky was less clear during our visit.

H) Best Time To Visit:
Monsoon with clear sky
Rainy season with clear sky
June to January month

I) Trip plan
Following was our plan of one day trip:
Gaatha Mandir at Dehu
Shirdi Saibaba temple at Shirgaon
Bhaja Cave
Karla Cave
Tiger Point
Rajmachi Garden
Sunset Point

Nature lovers please visit this place immediately without any second thot.
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Vaibhav P
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2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
It is located on the peak of lonavala and surrounded by hills. The view of nature can't be explained in words. If you are planning to visit lonavala, don't miss it. Prefer to visit in the monsoon season.
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印度浦那237 条分享
have that peaceful time with nature lap with mountains all around and greenery. Please do not litter as many people have spoiled the soundings
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印度孟买141 条分享
The view from the top is mesmerizing. Specially when you travel during the monsoon season, the greenery and clouds make you fall in love with them.
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Sachin K
纽约州Plainview5,835 条分享
2019年8月 • 家庭
There is an old saying that the best things in life are free and Tiger’s Leap Point is one of them. It is also referred to as Lion’s Point. This is an excellent spot for taking some awesome pics of nature and highly recommended to visit just before sunset to see the amazing natural display of colors in the sky.
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印度孟买1,384 条分享
"TIGERS LEAP POINT" also called "LIONS POINT".The point got its name due to its shape of a pouncing tiger when viewed on a bright day.Entrance to the main park was closed to tourists as it had rained heavily a few days ago which posed a danger to tourists and i had experienced the same while riding my motorcycle up this inclined hill.Tourists including me entered the park by jumping over the small park barricade and once inside this was the only view visible in the thick mist and fog enveloping the entire hill terrain.I have photographed the main viewing platform for tourists and there is a sheer steep drop of 650 meters ahead in the mist. Barricades are erected along the boundary of this hill-top to prevent accidental falls.This point is famous for its Sunrise and Sunsets on clear days.
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