Reversing Station

Reversing Station(Khandala)

Reversing Station


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sushant singh
印度Kalyan105 条分享
Sunset point
2020年5月 • 夫妻情侣
This place is popularly known as subset point. It is near to rajmachi. It's is basically located in Khandala. Best time to visit this place is in monsoon.
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印度班加罗尔411 条分享
Reversing station
2019年7月 • 好友
The place is not much great and it's not a view point but its of to vist one time and to see the roads and the nature
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Nitesh Rajput
印度新德里224 条分享
Sunset Point
2018年10月 • 家庭
Also popularly known as sunset point because of exquisite visual of sunset. The place is very refreshing especially during the light rainy season. You can get a nice view of your photo shoot here.
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Sumoy Sen
112 条分享
Sunset Point, Khandala
2019年1月 • 家庭
This place is also called Sunset point; it is just 200 meters away from Monkey point or Rajmachi Garden in Khandala. You don't have any specific place for parking as it is on the highway but you can manage to park your vehicle at the roadside without hampering the ongoing traffic. Plenty of fast food stalls like corn, kulpi, cucumber and other stuffs are available.

The road here turns sharply and a bit down the Khopoli ghats start so from this place you can have a wonderful view of the expressway going like snakes. Accompanied by beautiful sunset view if you are visiting during the evening. The monsoon time will give you a greenish view whereas the winter will offer you a different view altogether. You will get amazed by seeing the roads crossing across the ghats. But careful about the ongoing traffic specifically if you visiting with kids.

After sunset you will see the beautiful vehicles lights along the ghat roads down the hills.

It's just 2-3 kms from Khandala railway station and just 200 meters from Rajmachi garden. Plan to reach there around 5 pm to witness the sunset and a glimpse of night views after the sunset.
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印度Vapi543 条分享
Good photography point
2018年2月 • 好友
This lovely place is nice to visit for it's view of Mumbai Pune Highway.. completely curvy view.. can enjoy sunset too..
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Real Indian
226 条分享
Very beautiful during monsoon
2018年9月 • 家庭
This place is very beautiful, once you are out of your car, u will never wish to leave this place and get into your car. There are some stalls for tea and snacks.
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32 条分享
Nice view when its rain
2018年6月 • 好友
I Really enjoy here nice weather will add excitement in trip also Evening sun set is show topper. love to be here again
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Mayank T
9 条分享
An average place.
I listed in Feb (an off season), so I did not find anything great about this place. But you definitely get a good view of the Express ways from here. In monsoon, the experience is far better.
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Manoj K
31 条分享
Reversing Station Overview
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Reversing Station is a remote tourist place, situated in the picturesque hill station of Khandala. This deserted site was used as an office by the railway department in the past. At present, it serves as a popular leisure spot and viewpoint of the region.

This vantage point offers a perfect vista of the Duke's Nose, which is a high cliff and a famous trekking destination. Outside tunnel number 26 of this station, a large advertising board of Amrutanjan is present.

This spot, known as the Amrutanjan Point, is famous for the beautiful views of Khopoli - an industrial town - it offers.
Photo Opp
Offering fabulous views of surrounding regions, the Reversing Station is a perfect spot for photography. Tourists can click numerous snapshots while spending leisure time at this place.
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shree g
Pune344 条分享
Fort and cave
2017年10月 • 家庭
This is near Rajmachi Point, Khandala. It involves an arduous climb of 11 km from Malavali station. This place housed prisoners in Shivaji's time. The design resembles the fangs of a scorpion. The fort has three gates designed to counter enemies in a surprise move. Outside the fort, there is an enormous cave.
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