Holme Cultram Abbey

Holme Cultram Abbey(Abbeytown)

Holme Cultram Abbey


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Rita P
英国林肯265 条分享
Stopped here whilst on a Solway tour. the medieval abbey certainly has a lot of character and has free entry, however, you can make a donation if desired. It is well worth a visit if you are in the area and doesn't take long to get around.
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Barbara R
英国黑潭260 条分享
we were on our way to Maryport when we saw a sign for this place.The diversion was worth a look round as specially for anyone who can climb the spiral stairs to the gallery.A nice museum which was interesting.The memorial stone of Earl of Carrick is on display ,the father of Robert the Bruce.Car parking on the road out side the Abbey(free) .Toilets .Plus tea rooms .Some very old grave stones outside the Abbey.Sad to read the story of some one who set the place on fire and took half this lovely place away in the fire .However glad to see with effort this is back on track to visitors .
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英国黑潭347 条分享
Stopped here after seeing the road signs. It's a good abbey. There is a nice bit to walk up a narrow spiral staircase to overlook the inside of the abbey. It's free to enter and there are some parking spaces by the side of the road. Also, a tea room. Quite a peaceful area and worth the look in.
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英国普利茅斯340 条分享
This is a very unusual Abbey, very old and empty, almost desolate. It is in a very sleepy village and, when we visited, there was no-one there, tea shop abandoned, silent.
There is a good, small museum exhibit space telling the abbey story.
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gerard a
法国Pertuis1,143 条分享
C'est bien dommage de ne voir cette abbaye que de l'extérieur, et toujours un peu en colère de voir les églises fermées. Quoiqu'il soit le bâtiment est superbe, il ne reste qu'une partie, mais vaut le coup d'oeil..............
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Margaret R
英国Ampthill155 条分享
The limited number of reviews tells a story, but I hope that more people soon visit Holme Cultram Abbey (now the parish church), which is a wonderful haven of peace. The monastic heritage is described in a delightful exhibition adjoining the church (and the toilet is open for visitors even when the cafe is closed). Definitely worth stopping here.
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英国切斯特70 条分享
This Abbey is not on any of the mainstream tourist trails and is not even particularly well sign posted from the main road through Abbeytown. However, it is well worth searching out for a number of reasons.
First, the remains of the Abbey are now the local parish church which means that the site is actively religious in a way which most British monastic sites are not.
The exhibition, attached to the Abbey, is excellent too.
Finally, the Abbey is a survivor and we admired this tremendously. Although originally founded by Scottish Monks from Melrose Abbey in 1150, it suffered from repeated Scottish raids after Cumberland became part of England again.
Somehow, it managed to survive Henry VIII’s dissolution of the English monasteries in 1538 and then in 2006, seventeen year old Shane Walker, from nearby Silloth, caused £2million of damage in a drunken orgy of destruction when he set the building on fire. No doubt he was very proud of what he did!
What you can see of the Abbey is much smaller than it was at its peak when it was actually bigger than nearby Carlisle cathedral. However, it’s still very impressive with six of the nine bays of the centre of the original Abbey in use. Being an English Abbey, there has been a lot of restoration work over the centuries but the Norman arch over the west door is largely untouched.
There’s no doubt that some of the Cistercian Monks were pious but Holme Cultram was also a seriously big business. Estimates put the Abbey’s flock of sheep at in excess of 6,000 and this was such an important cash crop that nearby Silloth was developed as a port so that shipments of wool could be made to Flemish weavers.
Admission is free but we were pleased to leave a decent donation to protect the Abbey’s future. Parking is free of charge right outside the Abbey.
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英国Egremont529 条分享
A lovely place to visit in the Cumbrian pastoral countryside. The Abbey has a long history and even after the attentions of Henry VIII a lot still stands. Look inside for the lovely stained glass and tasteful restoration.
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Outstanding Old Abbey still in use as the Parish Church for Abbeytown Presents being Restored after a Devastating Fire now thankfully well on the way to its former Glory Well Worth a visit open every day from 10am - 4pm
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ken c
英国因弗内斯66 条分享
Holmcultram Abbey used to be a Cistercian monastery in what is now the village of Abbeytown in Cumbria, United Kingdom. The abbey was founded in 1150 by monks from Scotland and dissolved by Henry the V111, of England, in 1538. After the dissolution, of the monasteries, it continued to be used as the parish church. The abbey-church is on the sea coast of the Solway Firth, which has lots of wild life. It is off the beaten track this abbey, but worth a visit, and it has an interesting history, for in June 2006 it was set on fire, by a young man who was imprisoned for his arsonist activity. We saw it just after the fire, in 2006 and it was very sad to see a very old building having suffered a fire. The building was ruined, and the locals have done well to resurrect this building, it looks well again but it took them nine year to get it back to a parish church.. There has been an archeological dig in the grounds and it has discovered other parts of the abbey. When the fire took place, the original records of the monastery, including the cartulary, a medieval manuscript, was destroyed. There is a tea room and shop at this place. The roads are narrow so drive slowly, but if you like history, it is worth a visit. We got to this place off the B5307 road in Cumbria, UK.
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