Comunidad Agroecologica Juanilama

Comunidad Agroecologica Juanilama(圣卡洛斯)

Comunidad Agroecologica Juanilama

Comunidad Agroecologica Juanilama
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Juanilama, 圣卡洛斯 哥斯达黎加

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2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Quieremos decir una vez gracias para todo. Estamos muy encantados. Eli, su compañero Jackson, su Hermana Jamie y su amiga Sandra estan muy soriantes y agréable.
Gracias por la visita de le reserva agroecoligica. Esta magnifica y muy interesante.
Buena felicidad a todos.
Cecilia y clement de Paris.
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Emma B
英国Henfield75 条分享
Great fun
2019年5月 • 好友
A lovely chance to support a local community. Highly recommend the walk to the waterfall and a swim. The ladies also demonstrate how to make soap, use recycling for everyday items. The meal is tasty and the homestays are very welcoming.
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Jean-Marc H
英国米尔顿凯恩斯54 条分享
Mad morning ...lots of fun
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Organic self sustained farming community run by some wonderful Costa Rican ladies. Very welcoming and proud of what they’ve achieved in terms of self sufficiency and tourism without over commercialising. An opportunity to learn about farming, local plants, crops and fruit. Then build and fire, make corn-cheese fritters, crush sugar cane, make Juanilama tea and eat a garden feast you prepared from the ground up - very cool indeed.
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哥斯达黎加圣卡洛斯11 条分享
La vida en el campo
2018年6月 • 家庭
Un lugar donde se demuestraa el verdadero agricultor y cómo es la vida en el campo..
Lleno de gente buena y trabajadora..
Aquí se ve la forma de ser la idiosincracia y las bellezas naturales de la zona norte de Costa Rica.. se recuperan tradiciones y costumbres..
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Paul D
3 条分享
An unforgettable authentic experience in a rural corner of CR!
2017年1月 • 家庭
We had a truly amazing time at this unique rural corner of Costa Rica. We had asked our travel agent to set us up with a farm stay experience with a local family. She delivered and exceeded our expectations, when she booked us for 3 days and nights at this place. We stayed in the home of a wonderful family. We had our own room with plenty of room for all of us and our own bath. The unit was very clean, comfortable, secure and quiet, except for the roosters, to which we grew accustom. As it turned out, our host family had a grandson and nephew that were almost the same age as our 7 and 4 year old. It was perfect, as they kept themselves occupied for days. Our 2 year old loved keeping up with the older kids too. This allowed for my wife and I to relax, read and enjoy the time. The kids didn't speak English, which was perfect, as we wanted our children to learn to communicate in Spanish. They had the time of their life, and so did my wife and I. Our host family was so gracious. They prepared fantastic fresh meals for us -- breakfast, lunch and dinner, and usually some tasty snack in between. They had their chickens trained to lay their daily eggs on a pillow right outside the window. Brilliant! They allowed us to help in the preparations when we chose. They even cleaned our shoes and did laundry for us, totally over and above expectations. On the days we were there, we saw cool wildlife, hiked to waterfalls in their reserve, saw composting techniques, showed us how to create some beautiful art creations using recycled materials, and really cared for the land and each other. We went to the houses of some other villagers where they showed us their environmentally friendly farming techniques. We made cheese with the milk we 'squeezed' from the cows, we cut and pressed caña and drank the sweet cane water, we ate hearts of palm, drank coconut water, sipped delicious coffee, drank noni, and other sweet treats. They hosted a community dinner for our family the first night and had a piñata for all the kids the second night, complete with dancing. On our last night, they had a farewell get together, where all of the community came out to thank us for visiting and supporting their beautiful rural eco-tourism project! We felt so special. My family agreed unanimously that these first 3 days were the richest, most enjoyable of our entire 5 week journey. Thank you, sweet people from the Juanilama community! I highly recommend it to anyone now looking to just be a tourist.
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Fernanda R
55 条分享
Una experiencia Rural
2016年5月 • 好友
Un lugar lleno de grandes riquezas naturales, ubicado a tan solo 40 minutos de la fortuna en carro, una experiencia diferente del turismo actual, ya que es meramente RURAL en armonía con la naturaleza, con tres comunidades rurales muy cercas: San Bosco, San MArtin, Juanilama. Rodeados por una gran reserva NATURAL. La gente es muy HUMILDE, trabajadores, las comunidades son muy tranquilas. Vivimos grandes experiencias además de visitar la reserva natural, hicimos tours de bicicleta, visitamos diferentes fincas y vivimos experiencias de ordeño artesanal, hicimos queso, hicimos TAMALES con la misma gente de una de las comunidades con diferentes vecinos, hicimos parrillada l última noche con un guitarrista del pueblo... Es un lugar para conocer de la cultura costarricense, san Carleña, no es para fiestas locas.. La verdad es que lo recomiendo... Vale la pena conocer...
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Fabriela v
Fabriela v
哥斯达黎加圣卡洛斯22 条分享
La auténtica experiencia rural
2016年5月 • 夫妻情侣
La experiencia es bella, es una reserva operada x la comunidad, es un lugar para conocer realmente la cultura y apreciar la belleza natural,no es un lugar para fiestas es un lugar para descansar y entrar en armonía con La Paz interna. Realmente está ubicada en un pueblo meramente RURAL. Los invito a q disfruten de esta gran experiencia..
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哥斯达黎加圣卡洛斯3 条分享
No orientado a nacionales
2016年3月 • 家庭
Es una reserva adminstrada por una asociacion. Un sendero muy largo que llega a una pequena catarata del rio. El sendero en malas condiciones sin mantenimiento. Muchas gradas muy altas y con mucho desnivel no apto para ninos o adultos mayores. No te da informacion en la entrada. El sendero se divide en 3 ocasiones y no hay rotulos para guiaral visitante. Al final la dichosa catarata tiene arboles caidos y no hay espacio para tomar un refrigerio o sentarse. Hubiera preferido devolverme de la entrada. Al final no todos pudieron llegar a rio. Deverian dar mas informacion. A los turistas extrangeros lesdan un tour que incluye ordenar sembrar un arbol y preparar cajetas. No lo recomiendo. No hablan ingles
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Paul M
加利福尼亚旧金山25 条分享
A wonderful and authentic taste of rural Costa Rica
2014年12月 • 家庭
Juanilama is a small rural farming community, far off the beaten path, about 1.5 hours northeast of La Fortuna. Our family spent 1.5 days there, and it was an absolutely wonderful and charming experience, one of the highlights of our trip to Costa Rica. The people are so warm, welcoming, and friendly, and it was great to stay with a family instead of in a hotel. We enjoyed a beautiful hike through the surrounding forest, leading to a stunning waterfall and swimming area; a hands-on tour of the dairy, including feeding and milking the cows and making cheese; and an awesome tour of the farm, led by our machete-wielding host Felix, which included a closeup look at the growing and harvesting of pineapple, sugar cane, coconut, rubber, corn, yucca, and the stinkiest fruit known to mankind, the Noni (known for its many medicinal compounds and properties). The farm and dairy tours were followed by an al fresco tasting of foods made from the farm products, such as fresh cheese, fried yucca, fresh coconut juice, etc. DELICIOUS. We were also treated to a dance performance by the children of the community. We felt so welcome, and we really treasured this experience. Muchas gracias a Jamileth, Sandra, Felix, y todos los ninos!

Note - you or someone in your group will need to be able to communicate comfortably in Spanish to enjoy this experience, as nobody speaks English. You can book through ACTUAR, the Costa Rican Rural Tourism Association.
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哥斯达黎加圣卡洛斯8 条分享
Convivir con el campo
2013年2月 • 好友
Nunca he visitado el lugar,pero la informacion que tengo es una comunidad rural,donde tendra la oportunidad de conocer la finca y lo que produce,desde ordeñar una vaca,montar a caballo,pezcar la deliciosa tilapia,hacer queso,conocer como se siembra,saboriar las comidas tipicas,descansar en un ambiente tranquilo y relajado,es ideal para visitarlo en familia,que le gusta la vida en el campo.La gente es muy calida y amable.Estas son las referencias que tengo
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