Torugart Pass
Torugart Pass

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Di Y
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This is a special border pass strictly controlled by both sides. It is NOT open to individual travelers, which means you cannot simply hire a random car and reach the border. You would need to either

1: Hire travel agencies on both sides to make the arrangement (we used Kubat travel on KZ side, and they have a partner on China side. Note, not many travel agencies in Kashgar have the permit to do this business. Total cost around 450$ per car).

2: Use the bus from Kashgar to Bishkek (only runs on Mondays and not sure if open to third-country citizens).

There are many checkpoints along the way on both sides. Some of them may take longer than your thought. But we are prepared for that, and we didn't have any issue with any of them.

After crossing into KZ, the scenery is breathtaking. One surprising thing is that Chinese side has internet infrustructure built all the way to the border, you can get high speed 4G signal even at the final border gate.
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Mike J
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2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We had planned to cross the border from China to Kyrgyzstan at the Torugart crossing but were not ready for the numerous checks on the Chinese side, We had three cameras between us and had taken in the order of 5000 shots during our vacation in China and the police guards at one of the check points had to see every one of them!!!! Then they decided to check our cell phones too. Our passports were checked a number of times as was our baggage. As a result the journey time from Kashgar was far greater than we had anticipated and we only reached the actual border in time just before the three hour mandatory lunch break. The only saving grace was that the mountain scenery en route was good. Apparently according to another reviewer the journey in the opposite direction is no better. You have been warned.
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Mary T
阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯2,728 条分享
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
This is one of the border roads out of Xinjiang into, in this case, Kyrgyzstan. We counted 13 different instances of passport and luggage checks on the Chinese side prior to exiting the country and there was a lot of waiting and questioning! So we were sort of psyched out and didn’t take many pix. But the scenery in the pass is impressive: lots of colors, snow and majesty, particularly on the Chinese side of the border. Shame you can’t enjoy it more by making a leisurely drive, stopping for photography snd just breathing it in.
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意大利罗马2,613 条分享
2018年8月 • 好友
Salita verso il Torugart Pass (3750 m), la porta per il Regno di Mezzo. Dopo le formalità doganali kirghize, la guida kirghiza ci ha accompagnato per un pezzo fino alla cima del passo, all’interno di una zona neutrale di sette chilometri, quella che divideva i due giganti d’Asia (Russia e Cina), due mondi. La strada oltreconfine è tutta un cantiere, segno della modernità cinese che avanza.
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Peter R
澳大利亚Buderim2,348 条分享
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
This was an interesting pass to come through and initiall it was snowing lightly at the border but as we decended into the valley the weather was much warmer
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德国埃森36 条分享
Unbedingt machen, kostet ca. 300 - 400 USD bis zur Grenze und 50 USd bis Naryn, oder 70 bis Tash Rabat extra.
Die chinesen lassen sich viel Zeit. Problem ist, dass um 13:30 h Peking Zeit Mittagspause ist und dann läuft gar nichts. Grenzkontrolle findet 100 km vor der eigentlichen Grenze statt und dann wird noch 3 mal der Pass kontrolliert. Unsere Fahrer ist dann in so schnell nach oben gefahren, dass er wieder um 13:30 durch die letzte Kontrolle zurück war. Daher konnten wir keine Foto-Stops machen. Die letzen 5 km ist Niemands-Land, auf chinesisscher Seite mit zwei hohen Zäunen, wie damals in der DDR und überall Kameras. Dort stehen auch viele europäische LKW's zur Einreise.

Bitte unbedingt beachten, dass die Chinesen die Schliessung erst vorher bekannt geben. Bei uns war nur der Montag (20.8.) offen Ab Dienstag bis zum nächsten Montag geschlossen wegen des moslemischen Opferfestes (21.8.18).
Die kirgisische Seite ist dann ganz entspannt und esgeht ganz schnell. Einreise für Deutsche binnen 15 min, da visafrei.
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加拿大2,158 条分享
2017年8月 • 好友
The Torugart Pass is not a tourist destination at all unless you like border crossings, paperwork and bureaucracy. If you are headed into China I suppose it is a hazard of your travels but if you don’t need to continue into Chinese territory then only go as far as Chatyr Kul Lake, have lunch and a dip and turn back. Lots of congestion on the road as well with buses and trucks. Scenery-wise the pass itself is decent enough but there are other better ones in Kyrgyzstan.
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印度西里古里68 条分享
2017年9月 • 好友
We always knew land crossings are not easy, but going from our night halt at an yurt camp at Tash Rabat was quite pleasant. The pass is not distinctive, just a gently rounded hump. The really tiresome bit comes after your Chinese transport comes up to the border fencing and you are allowed to walk into China. There were innumerable checkposts between Torugart and Kashgar and we got inexplicably detained at some of them. The road was long and boring and our guide, a very indifferent fellow, failed to find any place we could stop for a rest and a bit of food.

I would imagine it would be much better to cross the Torugart in the other direction if it has to be crossed at all.
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德国汉堡189 条分享
2016年10月 • 好友
Der Pass selbst ist unspektakulär - eben "nur" ein Grenzübergang. Nervig und besonders zeitraubend sind die Formalitäten, besonders auf chinesischer Seite!! Zwischen Kashgar und dem Pass gab es 4 (vier!!) Pass- und Zollkontrollen, danach auf kirgisischer Seite Richtung Naryn 3 Pass- und Zollkontrollen!! Da kann keine Begeisterung aufkommen, zumal die Chinesen das Grenztor während der ausgiebigen Mittagspause (bis 14:30 Uhr) auch noch geschlossen halten.
Die Landschaft in unmittelbarer Grenznähe ist nicht sonderlich reizvoll, beeindruckender, farbiger ist das Tien Shan-Gebirge auf chinesischer Seite und schneereicher, sanfter geformt auf kirgisischer Seite in jeweils größerer Entfernung - so bei Sonnenschein Anfang Oktober. Eine gewisse "Entschädigung" für den Grenzstress.
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华盛顿奥林匹亚393 条分享
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Trying to get from Kashgar to Naryn is quite an ordeal. But once you get across the border, a fabulous place awaits. The drive down the valley on the Kyrg side is breathtakingly beautiful. It compares to the Alps and the Rockies in grandeur.
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