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Shona S
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2016年10月 • 好友
We have hired Darvin every year for the last few years, sometimes twice a year. Sometimes with another couple and other times with our family, kids and grandson. We leave Consejo area and go to Bacalar Chico for a day of fishing and a shore lunch. Darvin dives for conch and makes us the best civiche. We even got to buy lobster off of some men in a small boat and cook it on an open fire on the beach. Then in the late afternoon we head to San Pedro and are usually pretty beat from the sun and fun. The next day Darvin picks us up for fishing in the morning and off snorkelling at Hol chin and shark ray alley. We either stop at Caye Caulker for touring, shopping and more swimming at the split or just hang out and have refreshments. Sometimes we stay at Caye Caulker or go back to San Pedro. It's so nice to have the availability to mix it up depending on what our company likes. The last day we usually fish or snorkel again and then head back to consejo by late afternoon. Darvin has alway given us professional service and is a good and safe captain with the knowledge that is required for a successful and fun filled trip.
We have hired other tours from the island and were disappointed, usually because the hired hands weren't very savoury. One captain drank the bottle of rum minus a couple of drinks that our party had. Then when we weren't looking he traded the only nice trigger fish WE caught to the Rasta dude for some weed. Uncomfortable to say the least.
The other tour was the same disappointment , while we snorkelled second mate got so stoned that the captain had to do everything solo. His second mate passed out. My husband had to help tie up the boat..
So who do we trust? DARVIN and only DARVIN!
Over the years with Darvin, we have caught a 36 lb, 24 lb and 18 lb barracudas , many many red snapper, trigger fish, we saw a manatee, dolphins, sting rays and each time is a different and wonderful adventure.
We look forward to booking with him again in January
Shona and John
Mayan Seaside and
Winnipeg Canada
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马里兰Port Deposit119 条分享
2015年12月 • 好友
Great fishing, fun for all! Darvin is the best. Mark sure you order fried chicken from Maria for your trip.
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加拿大哈利法克斯22 条分享
2015年3月 • 好友
We hired Darvin for two different trips. The first was shared with 2 other people. We toured around the shores of Consejo. Able to see the beauty from the see. And also able the see the development, as we were looking at land in the area. We stopped at a beautiful place called Orchid Bay for some drinks, and and a little swim. What a beautiful property. And a Bar that had swings.!!
We went by an old Mayan Village. He would have pulled the boat in for us to go walk around, but we chose to view it form the water.
Then we headed out to another beach location. Cerros Sands. This was a beautiful beach bar. Family run, It is also a property development. It first glance I was put off by it being so treeless. But the warm welcome and fun conversation set in.
Darvin always made sure we comfortable and had what we needed. He knew the areas well, and we had a fun time.
The most fun at times was being out on the boat. His wife cam along with us that day, and she was great company.
This was a great trip, and I knew we were in good hands with Darvin. If you are going to be in Corozal or close by, I would recommend a trip with Darvin. He will customize what you need.
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Mick S
加拿大多伦多43 条分享
2015年1月 • 好友
Darvin offers great tours, I've been on two fishing trips and unfortunately this year the weather did not comply! If you are in Consejo and you would like to either fish or do a day trip to Cerros Ruins, go with Darvin!
Will head out with him, each time were visiting in Consejo!
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俄勒冈波特兰1 条分享
2014年11月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I are looking for property near Corozal and we were introduced to Darvin Torres through Lynn at the Almond Tree Resort. I wish we had got together with Darvin earlier in the trip, because we would have hired him for another day or two of fishing and touring properties around the area. ...looks like we will just have to go back and spend some more time.

Thanks again Darvin.

Tim & Heather
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加拿大圣艾伯特46 条分享
2013年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We were staying at the Cerros Beach Resort and our hosts Jenny and Bill suggested that we take a boat tour of the Belizean coral reef. They contacted Darvin Torres from Nautica's tours. He provides tours to Bacalar Chico for snorkeling, diving and fishing. He also provides island hopping trips and water taxi service to Chetumal. Since it was off season we contracted his services for the whole day and received our own private tour of the coral reef. He picked us up at Cerros Beach resort in the morning and took us through the hand dug Mayan canal that acts as a border between Mexico and Belize. We had a private tour of the ranger station were we paid our park fee. We were able to see the Manatee in the zone. When we were snorkeling in the coral reef we actual had a chance to see and swim amongst the Manatee. The water was crystal clear and the coral reef was absolutely spectacular. For those serious snorkelers I would suggest bringing your own snorkeling gear. For lunch Darvin took us to the the island and provided lunch with a freshly cut coconut. After lunch we went out and Darwin caught some bait fish with his net. All afternoon we toured around the reef and fished. We managed to catch a Barracuda and brought it back to Cerros Beach resort were Bill cooked it up for dinner. If you are ever in Corozal we highly recommend coming up to Consejo and taking a half or full day tour with Darvin. Well worth the money. During the tourist season it will cost less if you share the boat with another couple or two.
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