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丹麦哥本哈根10,903 条分享
Worth a short detour; picturesquely situated by a lake & easy to discern, only a few meters from the parking spot. It's a bit fascinating to discover such a big, medieval structure, many 100s of years old, in a pastoral setting like this. Explanations in Danish and English.

Free access, of course, round the clock.

Maybe consider a hike in the lake area, we didn't have the time, but there are (signed) options.

if you're coming from or going to Farum, the route to Farum Station and Hovedgade/main street via Nymøllevej - Farumvej - Ganløsevej will show you nice glimpses of ~valley-like, beautiful landscapes, which is not what one usually associates with the otherwise rather suburban/modern-looking Farum area.
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Lasse Tripsen
丹麦腓特烈斯贝442 条分享
Smukt gammelt tårn lokaliseret lidt udenfor Ganløse. Ligger på en høj bakke med en smuk udsigt ud over Badtrup Sø. Et besøg værd og kan kombineres med en tur rundt om Bastrup Sø.
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丹麦弗雷登斯堡215 条分享
Ruinen er ikke stor og meget nedbredt. Historien er heller ikke klokkelar men beliggenheden langs Bastrup stien gør det til et oplagt stop, hvis man er cyklist eller til fods på stien. Udsigten over søen er flot og der er ikke langt til den nærmeste primitive overnatningsplads med shelter. Bastrup stien strækker sig fra Buressø i Vest til Farum i øst. Stien passerer mange søer og andre flotte landskaber.
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德国慕尼黑94 条分享
We had booked our lunch in the Parlament Tower Restaurant. The food was excellent (mainly open Sandwhiches with interesting and colourful artistic arrangement), the service very friendly (especially to our small child which was in our company) and the room with high ceiling and full of statutes was very pleasant - a view over the whole city if you went to the windows.
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拉脱维亚里加3,576 条分享
A little known fact about the Danish parliament and palace buildings is that they are mostly publicly owned, meaning that anyone - locals, travellers, and tourists - can go up the tower free of charge.

They limit the groups to forty people at maximum though, so the wait time can be quite long. This does have the bright side of making it nice and simple at the top with fewer crowds to detract from the experience. They send the rgroups up forty at a time, instead of just letting people go up and down as they wish; so you could get lucky and go up right away, or you could be unlucky and have to wait for an unspecified amount of time. My partner and I waited 45 minutes one day before giving up, and the next day when we decided to give it another try we were let up in fewer than 30. The wait time is also increased by the increased security presence and bag searches just inside the main entrance - surely they could do this whilst people wait in the queue?

We were shepherded up to the roof straight away rather too quickly, I think, but once we were at the top we had free reign over the place including the lower floors and the small museum that were skipped over on our way up. There is a guide book handed out which is nice and informative, in both Danish and English. However, it is a shame that, in regards to the view, they only give you the name of the buildings and landmarks instead of a description on what they are for. It is also shame that the main room at the top is mostly modern white panelling, at least as far as the visitors can see, instead of the historic structure.

The museum and statue room was quite interesting as well, though the "art installation" (holographic pidgeons doing holographic poos and dropping holographic feathers whilst sound effects play) was nothing more than an irritation whilst one tried to enjoy the history.
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比利时那慕尔833 条分享
Attention que cet avis concerne le RESTAURANT en haut du clocher !

Lors de notre arrivée, la surprise est de taille !!!
Se restaurer dans un bel endroit, qui plus est où le gouvernement se réuni, et à une hauteur impressionnante (un ascenseur est présent)
Il faut d'abord passer comme dans un aéroport, dans un portique de sécurité, placer ses affaires personnelles dans un appareil à scanner ... bref on a l'impression de prendre un avion ...

Le repas est bon, goûteux mais le choix reste limité.
Les vins sont très bons, avec un vieille vigne par exemple en apéritif ...
Le service est par contre correct, mais il ne respecte pas les règles traditionnelles : on ne fait pas gouter le vin, on le sert directement ... les filles ne sont pas servies les premières ... etc. ... Cela ne nous choque pas bien entendu, mais on le remarque assez vite.

En début de soirée, on peut sans frais, monter au plus haut niveau du clocher, et admirer la vue splendide ... incontournable !
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Bent P
丹麦Tranekaer82 条分享
Man aner historiens vingesus, når man står på ruinen. Menes at være fra 1100-tallet.
Udsigten er ubeskrivelig.
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英国曼彻斯特624 条分享
This is the tallest tower in the city. Opens at 11am and is free to visit. You enter through the huge doors and join the queue for the lift. There are two lifts to the top where there is a viewing platform giving you views over the city and as far as Malmö on a clear day. It can be very cold and windy at the top in winter. Worth a visit.
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Fernanda Povoas
巴西圣保罗118 条分享
I know, unfortunately, I haven´t been there in a sunny day, but it was an amazing experience see the city from the tower... You should go, especially if you are on a beautiful day.
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意大利Province of Savona30 条分享
Una location affascinante, nella torre del castello sede del parlamento, nel centro di Copenaghen. Una vista bellissima sulla cttà. Unico neo, bisogna prenotare in anticipo su internet e dal cellulare si riesce soltanto dalla pagina in danese. Dalla pagina in inglese manca il tasto rosso per la prenotazione. Il ristorante è veramente piacevole e accogliente, il personale molto gentile, la cucina è danese tradizionale (almeno a pranzo) ma accurata e ben presentata. Noi abbiamo scelto il menu del giorno e ci hanno servito due smorrebrod molto buoni scelti dallo chef, uno con carne secca e uno con carne cruda, birra e un thè (a scelta si poteva avere anche il caffè lungo) con un cioccolatino. E' molto bello e rilassante sorseggiare il thè a fine pasto seduti sui gradini davanti a una grande finestra da cui si vede uno splendido panorama di Copenaghen. Il pallino in meno è soltanto perchè abbiamo avuto difficoltà a prenotare, ma per il resto è stato un pranzo perfetto, e spero di poter ritornare in futuro
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