Suvarnadurg Fort

Suvarnadurg Fort(Harnai)

Suvarnadurg Fort

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Fort in the Sea, not being maintained but worth visiting
The fascinating Suvarnadurg Fort is located in the sea about a quarter of a mile off the coast from Harnai port. A rocky island, Suvarnadurg is about 8 acres big with stone wall bastions. There is no landing jetty at the Suvarnadurga fort. However, the landing is on the shores of the sandy beach of the rocky island near Harnai. It is approx 30 kms away form Dapoli towards north, near Anjarle. By road, Dapoli can be reached from Pune in three different ways via Khandala, Bhor or Mulshi. Distance for Pune as well as Mumbai, both is approx 200 kms. It is just 5 kms from Aade and 3 kms from Anjarle. At harnai, we took boat on sharing basis with one more family of 03 persons, total being 6 persons and amount contributed 600 by each family, to save time. Per person charges were 165. We spend approx an hour at the Fort.
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anjan s
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2 Forts : Suvarnadurga and Goa Fort
2019年3月 • 家庭
We went to Harnai in last week of March on our trip to Dapoli. The Jetty Service to Suvarnadurga was closed due to High Tide. We drove to the other fone named Goa Fort which is on the banks of the Sea. This Fort, just as the Suvarnadurga, has not been maintaned well. The views of the Sea and Suvarnadurga was aswesome in the midst of Stong Sea Wind and view of High Tide. Although its very easy to reach by Car, the Fort, it needs to bemaintained in a better way. People will not mind paying a Ticket Price for the same.
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Huge and charming
2019年7月 • 独自旅游
The area covered by the fortress is vast and one has to take either a horse-pulled cart or an e-rickshaw to complete the tour in a day. The magnificent "rangmahal", "hawai-jalshaghars" and "jhaalorghars" are some of the most eye-catching beauties.
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Fort in the middle of the sea
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Sadly, this magnificent fort hasn't really been maintained well enough or advertised enough.
Definitely one of the highlights of a Dapoli trip.
Get onto a boat from tht Harnai beach for dolphin spotting & get off at the fort to view this historical marvel.
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Mohit G
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Ill-kept heritage
pains to see such magnificent 'dharohar' of the past to be lying in shambles. The journey to the fort was more adventorous than the visit. Its only a phoenix.
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One of Shivaji's sea forts-
2018年5月 • 好友
strategically located at the mouth of the biggest fishiing harbour- has 3 sweet water tanks .. adventurous boat ride to the fort- getting off in waist deep water.. half perimeter walk way near rampart wall...
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Awesome amazing fort
2017年5月 • 家庭
Yes I loved it. We came here on the boat and landed on the island that had the fort. When we reached here we were the only tourists on the island and the fort. It really felt as if it belonged to us :-)
The fort is vast and offers views of the sea all around. We walked over it, there is a pond inside and berry trees along with weeds.
The wind, the view and the fort itself was a great experience. On the way up there is a hanuman idol.
Great experience!
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Rajarshi Chakraborty
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Outstanding fort in middle of the sea
2017年2月 • 家庭
Suvarnadurg is a fort of historic importance and is in the middle of the sea which is about 15 mins by ferry from the harnai port. We took a ferry which costed us 1000 to n fro for 5 adults and 1 kid. The sea was wavy and we did have butterflies in our stomach. Once you reach there it's beautiful. The boat stops at the beach of the fort n u walk up the stairs which are easy to climb and see the sea around from the watchpoints. The views are mesmerizing. Strongly recommended to anyone visting dapoli. Budget a 2 hr time for this not to be missed attraction.
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Manasi S
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A cute Sea Fort
SuvarnaDurg is a 15 minute ride from the Harnai jetty, around Kanakdurg. Not as grand as its royal cousin Sindhudurg, yet Suvarnadurg does have some beautiful points of highlight of its own.

The Fort entrance is grand. Just on the left had side are 2 canons, depicting that the Fort was used as by the Maratha Navy during its war conquests. The Fort is flanked by 3 land forts which are visible from the Harnai bunder which are Kanakdurg, Fattehdurg and Goa durg.

Inside the Fort, there are 3 Algae filled green lakes, ruins of a temple and a chor darwaja. The boundary periphery wall is still intact so you can take a walk around the circumference and some of the fort windows give a stunning view of the sea lashing against the boundary walls.

A few stray bones of goats indicate that this fort is also a sacrificial ground for some locals however the fort is well maintained in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

A visit to this fort should not take you more than an hour and a half int total. Ideal time to visit would be during sunrise, since its not all that hot yet and the beautiful sun rays radiate on the fort walls.
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Skip if you dont have time
Not so great experience of mine although the fort offers some good spots to click pictures. There are two issues I faced while reaching the Harnai Bunder:
1. approach road through the village is very narrow and is blocked due to trucks from the fish market
2. there isnt much parking space outside the fort

My advise is to go to this place if you have ample time and want to explore multiple places. Prefer driving a small car or take local transport. the road to harnai bunder also connects to anjarle and offers scenic views but goes through narrow village roads - so be careful.
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