Crystal Vibrations
Casa del Sol Centro Comercial #11, 波特雷罗 哥斯达黎加

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法国巴黎2 条分享
Tremendous love in countless forms
2012年11月 • 独自旅游
If you find yourself in the Potrero area, Crystal Vibrations is a shop you cannot miss! Whether you are interested in exploring crystals or simply seeking a probing conversation, Adam and Steve will cater to your needs, always with your best interest in mind. The walls filled with sacred geometry, smell of Nag Champa, and heartfelt smiles upon walking in the door set a comforting ambiance to an already friendly community. Recently, I personally experienced a crystal healing session with Steve; his tremendous love for all that surrounds him made for an emotional, progressive experience. I highly recommend exploring this alternative form of healing, inevitably evoking an awakening of your mental, physical, and spiritual states. Stop by as a favor to yourself. You will not be disappointed, only lifted in spirits.
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Misty Y
tamarindo, costa rica2 条分享
Healing the planet, one soul at a time!!
2012年9月 • 好友
I highly recomend having a visit in this unique and powerful shop. Adam and Steve have brought an uplifting and enlightening concept to accencuate the natural beauty that surrounds us here in Guanacaste. If you are looking for alternative forms of healing for your physical or mental state, these guys will lead you in the right direction. Let them open your heart and mind..........Pura Vida
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Potrero, Costa Rica1 条分享
Excellent all around,
2012年11月 • 独自旅游
The shop is a spiritual oasis in small town Potrero, offering a variety of experiences. I've personally had a crystal healing session and felt 100 pounds lighter -- as if my burdens were lifted. Their positivity is outstanding, always welcoming and kind. I highly recommend this place if you're just looking for that missing "something". More than likely one of the two kind gentlemen will help you find it, whether it be singing bowl meditation, energy healing or your very own missing crystal, they can help! The store is also home to beautiful artwork. The sacred geometry on the walls is enough to inspire your creativity. I think this place is absolutely lovely, and everyone I've introduced there has thought the same.
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犹他州帕克城11 条分享
Rebalancing at its best
2012年11月 • 好友
adam Lanka from Crystal Vibrations is such a treasure for whoever crosses his path. Whether your experience with him was in the grocery store line or in a session, his commitment to living his truth inevitably allows him to open you either a little or a lot; it's up to you. I chose a LOT and it was well worth it.
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Flamingo, Costa Rica2 条分享
Positive energy and vibrations.
2012年12月 • 好友
We have been recommending that people go visit this new hidden gem of a store in Potrero. When you walk inside you are greeted by hundreds of beautiful crystals of all shapes and sizes from around the world and you can feel the positive energy emanating from the location. They also have massage, paddleboard rentals, group meditation, energy healing and a host of other activities that are sure to put a smile on your face.
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