Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat(Sparta)

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Brooklyn S
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2021年6月 • 家庭
This place is amazing to visit and very calming. All the art is beautiful! Though, this place no longer exists! It burned down, and the owners moved. It's now a wedding planning company.
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Betty S
加拿大Delhi1 条分享
We go on day trips and this is one of our favorite spots to visit. I read unkind comments about the owner. We have never had a problem with him, never follows us around. Maybe some people look like they will pick up something and walk out, you never know. The gardens with all the characters made out of everything imaginable are incredible. We love to sit in the different garden sheds, look at all the decor to buy for the gardens at home. Hopefully they will rebuild, we will really miss the place this summer.
Thanks for such a nice place to visit
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加拿大汉密尔顿16 条分享
We have frequented Winter Wheat many times over the years and our young son loved the displays and folk art. Often we'd find items for different holidays in the store and the candles were loved by many people in our extended family.
We are so sad to hear of the fire that destroyed the store before new years and hope to see the owners be able to re-open one day.
Mike and his partner were wonderfully caring and always were kind and generous with our boy when we visited.
If it re-opens I suggest you make a visit if you're in the area!
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Kim C
London, Ontario, Canada4 条分享
Every year I take a group of people with developmental disabilities to Winter Wheat. There are 4 staff and 6 people supported. We all spend lots of money and look forward to going. This trip this man was so inappropriate! To this day I am not sure what happened. He started ranting about "the last thing I need is one of "those people" going into the bathroom and walking in on someone! We were treated so rudely, we left. I will never spend one cent there as long as such a rude, nasty man owns it. The cashier was lovely and was very embarrased and apologetic. This is a beautiful, wonderful place. It is a shame about the owner.
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加拿大Woodstock1 条分享
2019年10月 • 好友
I do enjoy visiting this business as it is enchanting and beautiful. But I absolutely can not stand the man that owns this place! He is creepy and follows my mother around the store, saying inappropriate things. This has happened on more than one occasion. I also noticed that he watched you in the parking lot through his back door entrance.. when we entered the store he coincidentally appears to follow you around the store!
Not impressed! Also not surprised at the numerous other bad reviews of this man.
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2019年10月 • 好友
We always make a point to take out of town guests here. They are never disappointed and many photos are taken! The shop is a hit with all the unique things for sale as well as the folk art. Definitely recommend taking your guests. Our family has gone many times as well, there is always something new and creative
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Sue V
肯塔基Alexandria3 条分享
2018年10月 • 好友
This reminds me of a 7 dwarfs' abode, tucked back in the woods, with trails to a little cottage to sit & enjoy cookies & beverage of your choice. We bought one of Lucy's paintings. Being raised on a farm, I especially enjoy the man, in overalls, milking a cow with cats all around. A peaceful place for a leisurely visit.
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Pat L
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What a wonderful unique find we loved great place to meander excellent staff who were very helpful without being pushy we all made purchases then were shown where therelttle teahose is we had coffee and cookies a delightful finish to our day
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Wylie Coyote
加拿大安大略省10 条分享
Enjoyable and relaxing walk through the trees viewing the unique displays. Clothing was lovely in the store. Something for everyone. Can't remember if there is a ramp into the store area but someone in a wheelchair could easily enjoy the outdoor paths.
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Sue W
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We were very impressed by all the beautiful items for sale. Ready to purchase some items. There were six of us. But the owner was so rude to us that we asked if he could be a little nicer. He said if we didn't like to get off his property. Not a very nice way to treat your patrons.
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