Great Head Trail

Great Head Trail(阿卡迪亚国家公园)

Great Head Trail

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Amazing Views of Acadia
Park Loop Road was busy so we decided to park off Schooner Head road which was a great choice. From there we made loop that took you to sand beach and Great Head. The trail offers amazing views of Sand beach and the rugged Maine coastline. It is of mild to moderate difficulty and takes about 1-2 hours.
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密歇根482 条分享
Fantastic Views
This trail is rated as a moderate hike - I agree. As active seniors were able to navigate the trail and rocks with relative ease by using our trekking poles. We started at the Schooner Head Road parking area. The views are stunning!
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佛罗里达坦帕1,264 条分享
In Over My Head on Great Head Trail
We parked at the Satterlee parking lot rather than at Sand Beach to cut out walking across the beach to get to this trail. The parking lot is small but we arrived early enough to get a spot easily. I was concerned the number of cars would mean crowds on the trail, but that turned out not to be the case. This is another trail that is popular with locals so we witnessed people coming and going frequently.

Where the path splits, we see most people going left, so we chose to go right. There were spots of beautiful fall foliage and we are lucky enough to see 1) a chipmunk who pauses for a moment to allow for a photo and 2) watch a squirrel climb a tree by the trail where he precedes to peel bark off and shreds it, my guess is to add to his nest.

We continue to walk this portion. We take a side path which ends up down near the marsh and stream at Sand Beach. The tide is coming in but there is just enough dry area to allow walking to the beach and then to go to the trail head. We admire Beehive before climbing up the granite steps from the beach. Being out of shape, I find climbing these steep stairs a bit strenuous. At the top is a round stone wheel – perhaps from an old mill.

Once we are back up on the trail, we take a right and walk a short distance were something stops us cold – a boulder scramble. No way was I going to be able to my fat 60+ year old body with bad knees up that thing! At this point, we decide to head back to the car as we are in need of a restroom break and lunch. We decided to return to Great Head and hike the other side of the trail. Again, we were in for quite an experience. At first, we missed the split and walked the same direction as we had in the morning (counter-clockwise). Once we realized we were going the wrong way, as we doubled back. I happened to look down through the trees to what I thought was a meadow down below the trail. (I was later to realize this is the grassy meadow was just below Bee Hive.) I saw pointed ears! As I watched through my telephoto lens, the animal raised its head. It looked like a German Shepherd. It stood up and the fur was red but it was way too large to be a fox. It was an Eastern Red Coyote! I got off about four shots before he walked away.

We start to go clockwise on the trail (left side closest to ocean). This section starts out level and then there are boardwalks, granite steps and root steps with some incline but still easy to walk. This section goes through beautiful green forest with the water out to the left which can be seen through portions of the tree. So pleasant to hear the waves crashing. We watch a woodpecker pecking away at a fallen tree. Only a couple guys pass us on the trail so it is pure bliss.

The trail gets steeper. Right below the summit, we encounter a granite section that I am not sure I can climb up. I didn't want to quit so somehow I find foot holds and get up to the summit. Saw the ruins of the old teahouse. The view out over the water is gorgeous.

A young guy and his girlfriend come up from the other direction. He makes it look easy. At first he thinks we should go back down the way we came, but then thinks the way he came up is do-able, though he warns of boulder scrambles. Having never hiked this trail, I accept his advice and assistance down the first two boulder sections.

If you are an inexperienced hiker, overweight and have bad knees – NEVER EVER ACCEPT THE UNKNOWN no matter what someone says. Trust your gut. I think what drove me to go down the way most people go up was wanting to see the view of Sand Beach.

We come to a section that appeared to have no natural way down – no obvious foot holds. I climb down backwards figuring what you can’t see is less scary. We encounter more boulder scrambles, some of which are lateral (didn’t required climbing), but by this time it’s mid-afternoon, I’m getting tired and my right Achilles tendon and calf are aching. I pick my way carefully through fields of granite and low plants. Hikers are coming up the other direction – families with kids including one Ugg-wearing pre-teen on her phone looking totally disinterested in the spectacular beauty around her and a couple dogs – all who made it look so easy. I come to another boulder scramble to go down and I freak out as the fear of heights. Even two guys who look more overweight than I am are climbing up with ease and one helps others up. There is a little tree growing out of a small crevice but I do not want to use it for grip should I damage it. Finally an older lady comes along on her way up and says “Just slide on your rear!” which works.

Despite the pain I am in, when I see the view of Sand Beach below, and without getting too close to the edge of the, take a few photos.

So much for a moderate hike! For those in shape & used to hiking, this is a great trail and is beautiful once you are up. Be aware of any physical limitations you might have before doing this hike. If you have young children, beware of narrow trail sections that are close to cliff edges/sheer drop-offs to the rocks below. Kids love the granite boulder scrambles. The lower sections of the trail that wind through beautiful forest are good for those who can't do the climbing.
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Michele M
马里兰Millersville20 条分享
Stunning views & fun trail!
This was my FAVORITE hike in Acadia. The trailhead is at Sand Beach, so after about 9am, you'll be parking along the right side of Park Loop Road. It is moderate in difficulty, with a bit of rocky climbing at the start and a few stretches here and there, but no dangerous cliff edges. I think it's about 400 ft total climb, with much of it offering gorgeous ocean views, each one more beautiful than the last. I had so much fun on this path!
There were a few families with young kids who seemed a bit stuck on the rocks, so it may not be great for the littlest kids < 8 years.
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伊利诺伊州查塔姆1,217 条分享
Worth it for this excellent hike!
2021年8月 • 家庭
This is NOT for kids under 8 or so. We really loved this walk and only saw maybe half a dozen other people, despite it being high season. We parked at the lot off of Schooner Head Road, and I recommend that. Sand Beach parking was crazy full.
This trail includes scaling and climbing rocks, both up and down. It's worth the effort!
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弗吉尼亚Mechanicsville459 条分享
Fun hike
2021年7月 • 家庭
Our family really enjoyed this hike. The trailhead is at the far end of Sand Beach. The views on the hike were beautiful. There were few others on the hike, which made it even more enjoyable since some areas of the park are so crowded.
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伊利诺伊州Woodstock156 条分享
Fairly easy enjoyable hike
2021年7月 • 家庭
This hike was a beautiful, sometimes somewhat challenging hike. But it was perfect for the family - even our two dogs loved it and never had a problem climbing up or down the rocks.
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南卡罗来纳奥兰治堡48 条分享
Beautiful View with a small steep grade
2021年7月 • 家庭
This hike was extremely fun and we even took our 10 month old in our hiking backpacking. She loved every minute of it. It wasn’t obnoxiously crowded but it was popular. Difficulty was a 6/10 with some steep ascent at the beginning and then it levels off with a few more boulders to climb throughout. There were very few places that gave me some difficulty with my 10 month old on my back.

Views were stunning and it was well marked. We did the short option and took our time. Take a water with you for sure though. If you have difficulty pulling yourself up boulders, I would take advisement to go slowly or not hike this trail.

Would recommend… but don’t hike in Chacos or anything opened toed. Loads of rocks and boulders.
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新罕布什尔州Dover172 条分享
Great hike but watch your route
We love hiking and I would say we are somewhat experienced hikers. There are two routes you can take. One is super easy and flat to great head. If you want to do a full loop though, it is a pretty challenging hike up or down on the blue trail. The views are completely worth it, just be prepared with good shoes. The NPS should label the challenging part of the hike a bit better.
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马萨诸塞马尔伯勒102 条分享
Family Friendly
Easy stroll along the water to check out Thunder Hole and Otter Cliffs, then walked across Sand Beach to Great Head for a bit of a challenge. There were many parking lots along Park Loop Road, but they began getting busy around 1-2 pm (when we were heading back to the car).
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