Castle Trail

Castle Trail(恶地国家公园)



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Hal G
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This is somewhat desolate though it has quite varied topography. It enables one to come up the backside of the Saddle Pass trail and avoid the steep trail. I came back the next day and ran along the trail. It was a good run.
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Tricia B
威斯康星340 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
We hiked Medicine Root/Castle Trail starting off on the north side of the trail first where we saw some coyotes and deer. We were glad we started off with the Medicine Root part of the loop because it was less interesting than the last half of the trail that looped around to Castle Trail. It was definitely worth the little side trip to Saddle Pass; the views were stunning. However, don't expect to be alone because many people hike up the steep trail to Saddle Pass from farther down the road. The loop we took did not have a strenuous incline. It was a pretty easy 4.3 mile hike but bring plenty of water because it gets hit with very little shade. To get to the trailhead parking, we turned on Old Northeast Road.
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俄亥俄668 条分享
To be fair we only hiked a small portion, but it definetly looked like a very interesting trail. There are warnings at the beginning you should be aware of like having enough water, having a pick up person, etc. The landscape is very open without much shade. I hope the trail is clearly marked along the way, because it looks like one could get easily off trail if not. We really enjoyed our small portion of the trail. My teen said it was his favorite part of the Badlands. I could tell he and my young adults had a blast with the freedom to explore in this spot.
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美国11,496 条分享
the official guide said it is a 10 miles/16 km (round trip) trail, it takes about 5 hours to complete the whole trail, and the level of difficulty is moderate. It is the longest trail in the park begins at the Door and Window parking area and travels five miles one way to the Fossil Exhibit Trail. Relatively level, the path passes along some Badlands formations. We took some photos on both end of the trail, and it looks that the scenery is quite good, but we have no time to walk through the whole trail. So if you don't have much time to walk thru' the whole trail, it's also good to walk a little bit at both end, can see some Badlands formation, it's also good.
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印第安那布卢明顿275 条分享
This hike was my favorite of out two week trip in the area. We started out early morning along the Medicine Trail route, off of Old Northeast Road. The trail connects up with Saddle Pass overlook and loops with Castle Trail back to the starting point . We saw deer, Bighorn sheep. The trail was quiet with few people about, so was beautiful and serene.
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Christopher P
密苏里杰佛逊市216 条分享
As you can tell from other reviews, this trail is part of a network that covers quite a lot of the park. I just did a short up and down hike starting at the Castle Trail trailhead and climbing up as far as the junction with the other trail. It is a fairly steep climb, but nothing too technical. Once on top of the ridge you have all sorts of options for scrambling up higher for even better views, or just for the fun of climbing around on big rocks. Great fun.

I was there at about 7am on a Sunday morning and had it almost all to myself.
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Pat D
宾夕法尼亚Imperial59 条分享
This is the longest hike in Badlands NP. We did the Notch Trail at sunrise and got back to the car just as a downpour started. We hit the trail, (which is directly across the road from where the Notch and other trailheads are) immediately after the rain halted. The first few miles were a muddy mess but with the sun the trail dried up quickly. Bring water and some calories. We were fortunate that there was a nice breeze and it wasn't too hot that day. This is an out-and-back hike with the mid-point being the Fossil Exhibit Trail. There are restroom facilities there if needed. Retrace your steps and enjoy the day. There is also the Medicine Root Trail that loops off of Castle Trail and reconnects with it after a few miles. I read that it wasn't worth it so we didn't try that option. You may wish to consider that option however.
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新泽西东布伦瑞克796 条分享
2020年7月 • 家庭
There is a snake skin laying around to let you know the snakes are real in the area. We saw one on the trail come out of the hole and head into the grass. Not a fan of snakes, so some pictures later we had to get out of the grass to more open rocky areas.
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Deb M
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2020年5月 • 家庭
We wanted to do the 4 mile loop from Northeast Road allowing us to take Castle Trail for 2 miles and Medicine Loop Trail for 2 miles. We missed the trail from our car and had to turn around because it’s not very obvious from this road. There’s no real parking area, just a slight and unmarked cut out on the shoulder. We were the only hikers at 8:00 am, though we passed a couple of more on our way out. Mostly flat, pretty easy trail. A great cross section of the Badlands. Muddy in some parts, and even though it’s flat, extremely slippery and hard to avoid. We really enjoyed the hike.
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田纳西Germantown21 条分享
Hiked 8 miles one day starting at the eastern end of this trail, and 4 miles the next from the other end. Just a magnificent experience, with so much variety in the rock formations
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