Hermit Trail

Hermit Trail(大峡谷国家公园)

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新罕布什尔州莱巴嫩219 条分享
We took the shuttle to Hermit trail/point and walked back to the Grand Canyon Village. Outstanding views and an easy walk.
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2022年3月 • 好友
Absolutely world class.

Did it on a sunny 60 degree day. Hiked to the river and out, 9.5 hrs moving time.

Certainly not for beginners - you will be tired when you reach the bottom, and you’ll have 8.5 miles uphill to hike out.

Very few people here, certainly not the tourist-fear you find at viewpoints.

A chance to experience more than the view from the top.
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路易斯安那州新奥尔良632 条分享
Hermit's Rest is a great place for a Grand Canyon picnic at the end of the Rim trail in Grand Canyon National Park.
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Ohio48 条分享
The trail is easy to walk, but also has great bus service with very friendly bus drivers. The views were great and the different stops offered different angles on the canyon. The Bright Angel Trail was nice, but Hermit Trail offers better views of the canyon.
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弗吉尼亚诺福克382 条分享
While in the park, take the time walk this trail. Like other trails, views are stunning and you won't be disappointed.
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Eric H
9 条分享
Great trip camp at bottom was bit hard to locate but we managed. When we got to the Canyon edge the wind nearly blew us and our big backpacks away. Came out of nowhere blasting us with sand, had to take cover.
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22 条分享
My wife and I finally obtained a permit to hike the canyon after many denied requests. We had a 3 day backpacking trip down the hermit trail with 2 nights at Hermit Creek campground. Day one we hiked down the Hermit trail. The switchbacks on top are steep with many large steps to go down they can be daunting at times. We use hiking poles which are helpful. We cached water about 2 miles down at the advice from the backcountry office. The ranger said not to rely on the Santa Maria spring. However when we got there the spring was flowing at about a liter per minute. We did filter some water and refilled our containers. If we would have known the spring was flowing we would not have lugged the several extra pounds of water down the steep switchbacks. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. The resthouse is a neat little stone structure with benches and a trail log book. We continued down the trail and after the spring there is a long traverse with very little elevation change. You start getting some great views from the different points on the trail such as lookout point and breezy point. There are switchbacks and a several hundred foot descent just above lookout point. The next big challenge is Cathedral Stairs which is an area of steep rocky switchbacks and a long descent. I enjoyed this area the most as it has some great views and I found the switchback construction amazing considering it was first created over 100 years ago. After the cathedral stairs there is a long, sustained tiring descent to the Tonto platform. I found this the least enjoyable as you are hiking on loose gravel and it is more like a desert. You soon reach the junction of the Hermit and Tonto trail. We went west and in about another hour we reached the Hermit Creek campground. The campground has about six small tent sites and one large group site. The campground is nothing fancy, but adequate and It also has composting toilets which looked to be fairly new. There is easy access to water behind the group campsite. The remainder of the day we rested, explored the Hermit creek and went in the water to cool off. It took 6 1/2 hours to reach the camp, and that is with several breaks and lots of picture taking. The days are short this time of year and by 7 PM is is dark. About 5 of the 7 sites were full the first night. Visited with hikers from all over the world.

Day 2 we slept in and went exploring the ruins of the old Hermit camp and then followed Hermit Creek down to the Colorado. There are remains of the old trail, but sometimes you just have to follow the creek bed and you eventually will end up at the river. It is brushy and slow going in places, but an enjoyable hike down to the Colorado. We spent several hours at the river having lunch and checking out the beach areas around hermit rapids. We did not see any rafting parties. The hike back up to the campground was actually easier because we seemed to be a able to stay on the actual trail more of the time. The canyon just below the campground was beautiful. Later in the day we had a visit from a backcountry ranger who was very nice. She checked our permit and gave us some hiking tips to make sure we were ready for the big climb out the next day. One person who was with a guided tour had to be taken out with a helicopter due to a knee injury sustained on the hike down.

Day 3 we arose early and had a good breakfast because we knew the hike out would be tough. We left camp in the dark as the ranger told us it was going to be hot today. We slogged through the long inclines to the foot of the cathedral stairs. I was taking it slow as I knew it was going to be a tough day. Climbing the cathedral stairs was not as bad as expected and before we knew it we were at Breezy point. We took a break and then headed up the long traverse. It is a good idea to hike this trail in the morning because the trail is on the side of the canyon wall and you can hike in the shade most of the time. Soon we were back at the resthouse and took 1/2 hour break. We continued on and picked up our water cache. Unfortunately we dumped most of it, but just used enough to wet down our shirts and hats as we were now in the bright sun. The final climb out is a BEAST with long steep switchbacks up the canyon wall. The footing is good however and often you are walking on large rock slabs. We made it to the top tired, but not exhausted and we went to get ice cream. It took 7 1/2 hours to get out and we took 2 longer rest breaks and many shorter breaks. Not bad for a late 50's couple.

A few observations.
1) If you have a gate code for hermit road make sure it is correct. We had an outdated code and it caused a lot of hassle and to have a later start than we wanted.
2) Start early and you can do most of this hike in the shade.
3) It is good to have an easier day before the day you hike out.
4) We hiked in early October and the temps were nice, but warm at the bottom. I personally would not consider this hike at all in the summer.
5) I still have not found a definitive answer to whether or not Santa Maria spring is a year round reliable water source.
6) You need to be in good physical condition and do some training before you attempt a hike like this. It is strenous, and you are basically on your own. We did encounter a ranger, but on the Hermit trail that is probably rare.
7) The trail is in basically good condition.
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密歇根Williamston1,930 条分享
Went down to Dripping Springs. Trail can be rough and rocky in some areas. This is no casual stroll, which is probably why you see relatively few people on it. But if you want solitude and a challenge, this may suit you. Just bring enough water and keep track of the time. Last bus from Hermit's Rest is an hour after sunset. If you miss it, you have a 7-mile walk back to the village. Made it back with 15 minutes to spare, thanks to a mad scramble at the end. I think the bus driver was somewhat surprised to see anyone out there. We were the only ones for the last pick-up. Use the All Trails app to track your progress.
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弗吉尼亚72 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
Wonderful views! Worth the extra time to get here. Not very crowded area as most people seem to stay close to the "tourist-frequented" areas.
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澳大利亚悉尼164 条分享
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Take the red route shuttle bus from being angel trailhead to Hermits Rest. From here take the trail down into the canyon and follow the signs to hermit creek trail. There are two other trails along the way but stay on the hermits creek trail to Santa Maria Springs and the shady house. The path begins very rocky then opens into a lovely small meadow with beautiful wild flowers before turning rocky again about half a mile from the shady house. Seeing it come into view is a welcome relief. There are no toilet facilities or water so take supplies and be sure to write in the visitors register. Rest well because the hike back up is strenuous as you climb back up over the rocky trail and elevation increases until you're back at the top. The change in elevation is 510 meters. It took us 2 hours to get there, we rested for an hour and 2 hours back up.
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