Mauna Loa Scenic Drive

Mauna Loa Scenic Drive(夏威夷火山国家公园)

Mauna Loa Scenic Drive


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So much diversity within the park
You really should have a car when you visit the Big Island. There is so much diversity, even within the Volcanos National Park.
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John P
纽约州纽约市1 条分享
Great view, sketchy drive towards the top.
View and experience-wise, 5 stars. Amazing. The problem is the single lane part of the drive, especially if you are driving around sunset, which was recommended by locals and guidebooks alike. It is very switchbacked and there are only pull offs every few hundred yards or so, much of it with trenches or jagged lava rocks on the side...if you meet another car one of you may need to back up, which was a scary proposition at dusk for us in a crappy rental car.
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法国94,387 条分享
Une superbe route qui permet de profiter de magnifiques points de vue sur le Mauna Loa, et de prendre une grande claque liée à la magie de la Nature.
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俄勒冈Cottage Grove156 条分享
One of our favorite roads on Hawai'i
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Every year on our visit to the Big Island we take the trip up Mauna Loa Road to the lookout. We were amazed this year at the recovery in the Ohea forest after the fire in 2018. We went through last year just after the road reopened and there is much new growth, especially young Koa, among the blackened trees. The view up top is always well worth the drive up.

Single lane and rough the last couple of miles, drive slow and with Aloha. You never know when the vehicle you meet going up or down is me!
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Craig J
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Great road and spectacular views.
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Good fast road with spectacular views. Now used as the fast road from Kona to Hilo. See the observatory on the way
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Northern California1,290 条分享
Gorgeous place!
Totally worth the time and ride. This is a wonderful place to visit, yes it’s bumpy, but it’s fun! We enjoyed everything. Would do it again!!
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马萨诸塞列克星敦45 条分享
Different colors showing different time of the eruption
We couldn't do Mauna Kea as the TMT protest was going on and decided to go up Mauna Loa and it was a interesting drive. New for most of us, and the drive wasn't difficult, though one has to be cautious at turns and sliding up, as there are lots of blind spots. It's hard to see. But we started early, around 8AM and hardly there was anyone on the road. It is very easy to see cars coming at a far distance and get prepared to pullover to give way to the people working at the weather station or other hikers trying to get to the top. Amazing to see how different flows are in different colors and texture and each one represents different eruption.
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Adam P
纽约州Glenmont84 条分享
Not Worth It
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
The ride to the Mauna Loa Lookout is not worth it. The vegetation is beautiful, some of the moss on the trees makes them look red, and the burnt trees are very unique. Aside from this, the road is not well maintained and has many potholes. We did it in a Ford Mustang convertible and were worried about getting a flat most of the ride. The lookout is nothing special and was a huge let down. Unless you plan on hiking to the top (the sign said it takes 3-4 days of hiking) do not go. Better off paying the $25 parking fee at the national park.
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Suzanne D
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A twisty drive but pretty
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
The tree molds were interesting as well as the beautiful green undergrowth coming up under the burned trees. The drive gets down to one lane and is curvy but not too terrible. Our two wheel drive, 4 cylinder sedan did fine but had to go slow over pothole areas.
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荷兰Schiedam439 条分享
Enerverende rit
2018年12月 • 独自旅游
Je moet deze rit lekker op je gemak doen. Onderweg stoppen bij de verschillende sightseeing dingen. Op die manier ben je rustig 5 tot 6 uur onderweg.
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